Munich Artists Say Hello Open Call – Deutsch (German Version)

Now in German. (Thanks Holger!)
Hallo Munich Artists! Es ist mal wieder Zeit, allen Munich Artists Hallo zu sagen.
  • Datum: Samstag, 22.April 2017
  • Ort: wird noch bekannt gegeben (in München)
  • Zeit: 14-18 Uhr (vielleicht auch länger, kommt darauf an, wieviel Spaß wir haben)
  • Gebühr: 50 EUR
  • Deadline to have artwork at Frauenstrasse 18.  April 4, 2017
Dieses Jahr werden wir mit einer Holzkiste arbeiten – dieser spezifischen Holzkiste. Ihr könnt die Holzkiste für unter 3 EUR in den diversen Münchner Kunstgeschäften kaufen (z.B. für 2,84 EUR bei Gerstaecker). BITTE NUTZT AUSSCHLIEßLICH DIESE HOLZKISTE. Baut Euch keine eigene Kiste, die Holzkiste muss exakt 16×12,5x4cm sein.
So, was sollt Ihr mit der Kiste machen? Es gibt grundsätzlich keine Vorgaben, was Ihr mit der Kiste machen müsst. Macht, was immer Ihr wollt!
Jedes Kunstwerk, das Ihr aus der Kiste erstellt, darf jedoch nicht größer als diese Holzkiste sein. Ihr könnt jedoch diese Kiste bearbeiten wie Ihr wollt – und macht die Kiste zu Eurem Kunstwerk.
Für die Fotografen unter Euch: Ihr könnt die Kiste fotografieren und damit weiterarbeiten oder aber die Kiste als Rahmen für Euer Kunstwerk nutzen. Auch für Euch gilt: das fertige Kunstwerk darf nicht größer als diese Holzkiste sein. Wenn Ihr also Euer Foto druckt, dann darf dieses Foto auch nicht größer als diese Holzkiste sein. Sollten wir einen größeren Raum bekommen, dann kann es die Option geben, ein zweites Foto mitzubringen. ICH MÖCHTE EUCH JEDOCH BITTEN, DIES ERST NACH RÜCKSPRACHE MIT MIR ZU MACHEN!
Alle fertigen Kunstwerke (Holzkisten) werden fotografiert und auf unserer Website und im zum Event dazu gehörenden Buch (Look Book) veröffentlicht. In Abhängigkeit von unserer Event-Lokation werde ich aus den Holzkisten zudem eine Installation kreieren. Sollten wir keine passende Lokation bekommen, dann werden wir die Kunstwerke im Mai und Juni in der Frauenstr.18 (wird dann komplett ausgeräumt) ausstellen.
Anmeldung für den Event bei email –
Die Anmeldegebühr bitte an folgende Bankverbindung überweisen:
50 Euro
Stadtsparkasse München
IBAN:  DE88 7015 0000 1001 9508 70
Bezug: Munich Artists/500 Artists Say Hello 2017
Here is a post from last year’s  500 Artists Say Hello event.
Here is a little video of 500 Artists Say Hello

Fill the Void – E. Horstkamp & Munich Artists Art Happening for August 30, 3016

Munich Artists wrote about Lueckenfuelle last week and then I emailed Maria, one of the visionaries, who suggested we do something before the spaces closes in September 2016.


I decided that I would create with Munich Artists “Fill the Void,” an art happening to fill the space and say farewell to the creative meeting point that will become a construction site in the next few months. (2 week turnaround… lets see how many people we can unearth during the holidays and drag out of their living rooms from the surrounding apartment buildings.)

Important Details to know:

Date: August 30, 2016

Location:  The corner of Rottmannstrasse and Schleissheimerstrasse, Munich Germany ) Very close to Stiglmaierplatz Ubahn just the other side of Dachauerstr. you will see a triangle park. the empty lot is behind it. You will see HNRXs big sausage high up in the air.

Time: 1900 to 2100 (I will be filling balloons earlier in the day so you are welcome to come and help me if you want but you don’t get a balloon until 1900.)

Action:  Artists/creatives fill a void.  I want to visually show how artists and creatives in Munich fill the void.  Artists love empty walls, empty spaces and are the first to see the potential for changing something with their creativity.   I want people of Munich to get to know the artists of Munich and to know that we can help fill that void in their lives with our energy, our art and ourselves.  There are thousands of us here, step away from your art practice or day job for two hours and let everyone know that you are a creative in Munich.


  1. Attendance.  If you are in the Munich area and you can be there on August 30, 2016 from 1900 to 2100, I would love to have you there holding a balloon and talking with other creatives and residents of Munich. You do not need to bring anything but pocket change in case you want to buy a beer or a drink at the local Vietnamese restaurant that will sell it to you for 1,50Euro.  There are tables at the location so if you decide you need to bring food, you can do that too.  The park across the street has lots of places to sit.
  2. What Void do you fill?  “I fill the void” will be written on all the balloons.  If you want, please write how you fill the void on a ballon.  Not necessary but it would be cool if you shared some positive life purpose.  If you don’t have one, you can use on of mine “I fill the void by creating art” or ” I fill the void by sharing positive energy with others.”
  3. Optional – Business Card or Visiting Card or Post Card –  I have a scanner app and i will use it to share your information.  If you are there and you let me take a photo of you with your balloon, I will use your balloon and contact details in my art project.  Here is an example of the “my True Self” happening portrait from our july 18th happening at the Odeonsplatz Subway.  These portraits will be shared at the”My True Self” installation at the long Night of the Museum:
  4. Permission – I’m a conceptual artist and I make videos and photographs.  Please, if you come I want you to be ok with me taking your photograph and capturing you on video.  If you come with children, I will ask permission before taking individual photographs. If your children are in the space during the event, they will have their photograph/video taking with the group. All individual photographs of people will be used for an art project but may also be shared on social media and on the Munich Artists and Emmy Horstkamp websites and may be published in the Installations book I’m creating for the year.
“My True Self” Art Happening Odeonsplatz Ubahn July 2016 mask created by Verena Friedrich worn by Marie Friedrich

After the happening, please keep your balloon and take a spare balloon to give to someone but please do not let the balloons go. I love that idea but we will have a lot of balloons and that won’t be good for the environment if we let them go.

Creating Photographs/ Videos/ Sketches/ Art

You are welcome to take photos of the balloons and videos of the balloons. You are welcome to make sketches of the balloons. You are welcome to dance and sing with the balloons.  After I’m done taking photos of the balloons, the balloons are fair game for your awesome creativity BUT please do not let them go up into the air because, as I stated before, that will make me very sad and may end up in the guts of some poor bird.

If you share your pics on social media Please use  #munichartists and #Fillthevoid when you share your photos.  If you are on Facebook like our Munich Artists page and let us know when you share your photos so we can share the public post. (I can’t share private posts.)


Want to help fund this art happening?   You can email if you are quick on your toes with making decisions.  I would love to have a Sponsored by ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: on the balloons.  If you come after the balloons are created, we can add a card to the balloons and I will let everyone know on the website. Thousands of people will know you helped an art idea become reality.

Want to create an art happening with Munich Artists?  We are open for great locations and money for expenses.  Give us a space and we will make something happen. 







FAQ for 500 Artists Say Hello Event

Hello Everyone!  Here is a reminder of our open call:



Here are some questions people have asked me:

Q: How big can I make my art piece?    

A:  30cm x 30cm framed.

Q: What colors can I use?   

A: Any Shade of Blue, Black, White

Q: Does my artwork need to be framed? No. You do not have to frame your artwork BUT I must be able to hang it on a a gallery hook.  I cannot use nails.  Please make sure it is ready to hang using a gallery system like the one shown in the photo below.


Q: Why do I have to be there on April 23, 2016?   

A: The purpose of the 500 artist event is:

  • To meet other Munich Artists
  • To see artwork of other Munich Artists and pick artist you want to work with on collaborations.
  • To allow curators to see your work.
  • To Allow our project managers to see your artwork.
  • To show us you are interested in larger projects in the future. (Like a 500 artist exhibition where you exhibit art for sale.
  • To have the opportunity to be added to the Munich Art Market.

Q: Does my artwork have to use the word Hello?  A: No.  Your artwork does not have to say Hello. It must be an art piece that represents hello for you.  For example, my art piece is a photograph of rain.  I welcome rain and as a street photographer, rain says “Hello Emmy come out and take some cool photos.”

Q: Does my self portrait have to be a passport type photo?  A: I would prefer a passport photo/cv photo so people can find you at the event. If you are artistic with the photo I will still use it but people may not recognize you.

Q: Do I need to live in Munich?  A: No. Munich Artists is a fluid group of artists. I don’t care where you live as long as you are in Munich on April 23, 2016, follow all the rules for this event and are willing to be in Munich for whatever projects we plan for the next year.

Q: Do I need to be a professional artist?  A: You need to accept “artist” as your identity. If you work in another occupation to pay your bills, I will not hold that against you.

Q: Can I suggest an Idea for Munich Artists to develop? A:  We will have an idea box at the event.  You are welcome to submit an art idea with your name and contact details. We currently have ideas we are developing for 2016. I prefer to know the artist and have them manage the project they propose so, if you drop an idea in the jar, you better be prepared to meet me, manage the project you suggest and work hard to see it realised (help raise the money for the idea and build the team.)

Q: Will there be a catalogue for the event?  A: Yes. I am making an art book for this event. It will be black and white and maybe blue. It will be artsy. Each of you will get one copy and if you want, you will be able to buy more (If you like it.) It will have an ISBN number because Munich Artists has a publisher’s number. If you want to work on this book, you can let me know.

Q: Where do I drop off my art?  A: Frauenstrasse 18 at Munich Artists/Friday Gallery between 900 and 1500. The doorbell says Kyfio UG. You must walk through the green doors and into the courtyard. The Munich Artists name is written on the door in pink pen.

I will post on our Facebook pages the hours each week just in case I have to be away for a meeting.  You can email me and let me know you plan on visiting.  I will be at the gallery on Saturdays from 1300 to 1600.

Q: Where and When do we meet on April 23, 2016? A: Quiddestrasse 45, 81375

Between  1400 – 1800.  The location has the name Kunsttreff Quiddezentrum. Very easy to get to by car and public transportation.

Q: Why Quiddezentrum? A: Because it was cheap, big and available.  We are creating an event not an exhibition.  This event is for artists to meet artists. We can all get there for 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon and get home in time to hang out with our friends and family.

Q: Why is there a fee? A:To cover the costs of printing the book and organizing the event (room rental, person sitting in space, admin costs, gallery hooks)

Q Will there be food? A: There will be no food. If you need something to drink or eat, please bring something with you. (a picnic basket is a good idea.)

Q: How long will the artwork be showing?  About a week.  We have hired someone to be at the center while it is open Thursday through Sunday.  Because of the May 1st holiday, we will take the work down over the May 1st weekend.

Q: What do accepted artists need to bring with them on April 23rd?


  • Yourself.
  • A friend.
  • Food and Drink.
  • Business cards.
  • Digital Portfolio  (optional).
  • Camera (optional).
  • A pen to write notes.
  • Sense of Humour

Q: What is the Munich Art Market? A curated showcase to sell artwork and related services and whatever else seems to work under the name Munich Art Market. (We are flexible if you are.)

(Feature Image by Agnes Mayer for 500 Artists Say Hello)

Munich Artists Event Planning Stammtisch – Friday July 17th

Life - Drawing without an eraser by photo Emmy Horstkamp


Our next Stammtisch will be on July 17, 2015.   We will have mockups of the first colouring book (binder with artwork organised before I send the file to the printer) for comments.  I will talk about deadlines for various book projects and I will take suggestions for the series of colouring books.  The second book will be dealing with street notes left around Munich. If you want to participate in this, you better get cracking!  I posted the #letsplayagame on Instagram. Do you follow our Instagram feed? The game is to print the photo I’m posting online and then tape it somewhere in the city and snap a cool photo.   I don’t care if you leave the image there or take it home with you.  I’m interested in the photograph you snap.  Please if you play this game and send me a photo, you must give me permission to print it for commercial use. It must state this specifically in the email you send me or I will not use it.

The third book subject is up for grabs.  I want these books to be coming out each month starting sometime in August.  The books will be a hybrid “bookzine” because we are making them print by demand and I don’t want to date the content. I was thinking it would be fun to have an Oktoberfest book for September.   What do you think?

November 15th Art Event

We are organising an art event for November 15th (tentative date).  I’m submitting the request this week to see if we can secure the location for the event/exhibition and get Munich’s blessing and cooperation.  Think Stand for your Art but 10x as many artists and no standing but lots of opportunities to have fun which should clarify nothing which is the point… I don’t have permission yet so can’t go into details.  (Because of the size, there will be a cost between 100 to 300 Euro per artist.) We will be making a book from this project and we will have a dedicated website where all participating artists will be showcased.

I need organised individuals willing to be in charge of various parts of this project because it is too big for me to handle alone.  Here is the beginning list:

  • Publicity
  • Entertainment
  • Volunteers
  • Sponsorship/Donations
  • Workshops (8 hours)
  • Sales (Be in Charge of the two sales locations)
  • Book/Catalogue
  • Marketing materials
  • Participatory art  project (2)
  • Food

These are not paid jobs…. just like me, you will be wearing a volunteer hat.  If we get enough sponsorship, there may be some compensation but you can’t take on these roles thinking about that.   It will be really cool and hopefully we will be able to repeat this kind of exhibition on a yearly basis and attract the sponsors we need to pay you for your time.

The event will be juried by artists.  I will be asking established artists to take on this role.  Those artists will automatically be included in the event.  You can suggest an artist you respect to be one of the jury members.  I will select the list of artist jury members to be involved by the end of July 2015.

The theme of this event will be the prismed zeitgeist.  You can read about it on this post talking about prismed zeitgeist.  Artists will be asked to create new works based on idioms that don’t translate from German to another language.  Here is an example:

Tomaten auf den Augen haben.

A more detailed explanation which is being sent to the city will be posted here.  Once our idea has been approved, we will be making an open call for artists to exhibit for the event.  Because it is being juried, please do not be upset if your artwork is not selected. You are welcome to participate in another way.  We will have workshops & participatory art as an integral part of this event and will need artists who love to deal with people interacting with the public. You can hand them as many business cards as you want as long as they don’t end up in the art projects.

We will discuss the idioms on July 17th, how many we should have because this will determine how we organize the artwork.  Also, I need feedback about the location (which will be announced one we hear back from the city).

We are submitting our application this week but I need to know how much “work” an artist is willing to do for a one day event or if they are willing to pay for security to make it a two day event. (Sat/Sunday)  Once we have city approval, I can give more information about the exhibition. For now, please reserve July 17th for the planning meeting “Stammtisch” and November 14 and 15 as the tentative date(s) for the event ( Saturday/Sunday).

Have a Great Monday.  A newsletter shall soon be following.





Submitting a Request for a Permit in the Morning

Do you know the movie “My fair lady?”  In the movie, there is a musical dance scene near the end of the movie where the father is singing about his life and celebrating because he’s getting married in the morning.  Well, we are a bit nervous because this will be our first time trying to get a larger group of artists together and we are celebrating that the paperwork is filled out and a bit nauseous because we are submitting the paperwork in the morning.

Luckily Munich Artists have stepped forward to help manage the crowd and get them in order.  As soon as our permit is approved, I will share the list of captains.  Because we want everyone to have fun but keep things organised, all artists who want to participate must sign up on our online Doodle so we can assign them to a captain. If you are signing up as an art collective or group, please let me know so I can put you with the same captain.  All artists of all mediums are encouraged to participate. Because of the inspiration for this event, there is no sound.  You will need to be able to express your art visually in the form of a photograph, art piece, CD, musical instrument (without playing it.)

If you are an artist in Munich, please join our closed Facebook group for more information or email to get access to our secret page on the website.  Some of the information for the event will be made public once our permit is approved but for now, we need to keep what we are doing a little under wraps.


I ran out of time this weekend to post a page of Christmas markets/popup events.  If you have one, please email it to so that it can be added to the page (photos are appreciated).


Photo of dogs





Join the International Sketch Crawl


On Saturday, Munich Artists will be getting together for a sketch crawl as part of the International Sketch Crawl.   On Saturday (If it isn’t raining) We will be meeting at Frauenstrasse 18 (BCAMUNICH) and heading across the street to sketch Viktualianmarkt for a few hours.  We will meet at 1400.  Please RSVP to Sofia @ Munichartists . com so that we can exchange contact information in case you arrive and we have already headed out to draw. Open to everyone who loves to draw.