A Back Room Gallery – Kunsthandel Anne Uhrlandt – An Artsy Place

Walking through the open front door, I meandered past a jeweler busy at work and found myself in a cozy gray room filled with artwork by Nicolas Confais.

The room is filled without being stuffy and it was pleasant to sit down on a low bank and have a chat with Anne about her project and her aspirations for the future.


It is All About Loving Art

Anne Uhrlandt started her gallery project in 2014 because she missed dealing directly with art.  Taking the plunge, she asked seven artists if they would allow her to represent them and they all said yes.

The seven artists represented by her gallery have very different art practices and range from a recent art school graduate to a well-established modernist. ” I think it is important that my gallery is able to provide a collector with a variety of art to choose from instead of just one art genre.”


artwork by Nicolas Confais (Made from Pig Bones)


Munich Artists doesn’t know much about what is “Normal” for a German gallery so we asked Anne if this was normal.  “Absolutely not.  The traditional way for galleries in Germany is to focus on a specific type of artwork so that they can become known for that area of art.  Carrying a group of artists whose work is diverse is my way.”

For Anne Uhrlandt’s Kunsthandel, the focus of the gallery is threefold: Find the perfect art pieces for collectors; Support artists with her business/art trade knowledge; Curate interesting exhibitions.

This mix is being developed at her Schwabing Space, exhibitions in public spaces around Munich and at a recent showing at the CologneFineArtFair (COFA).


Collaborative artwork between Nicolas Confais and Jakob Weiß


Although Anne enjoys taking artists to art fairs, she decided this year to focus on solo shows for the artists and build up her gallery’s vitamin C (Connections to collectors).

According to Anne, it takes ten years to build up a gallery and she has every intention to keep working on her project until everything clicks and she can afford a bigger space. (The Munich Artists dream!)

With a background working as an art sleuth* for The Art Loss Register,  Anne became very familiar with art fairs and art galleries in Germanic speaking countries. What she didn’t expect was that she would have to change people’s perception of her when she decided to stop being an art sleuth and become an art gallerist.   With a little bit of effort, the change happened and established art galleries welcomed her with hand kisses and open arms.


Anne has a very close relationship with her artists and likes building strong relationships with the artists associated with her gallery.    Anne’s focus is not just on selling artwork but on making sure that the artwork is shown in the best way and that everyone is happy with the arrangement.

Her first solo exhibition in her small gallery space drew a whopping 80 people which she said was amazing. “People were too close to be distant.” Munich artists thinks this is an excellent side effect of a small space and is to be encouraged.  Get closer creatives! Lets not be so distant.


Gallery Exhibition at Kunsthandel Anne Uhrlandt

If you would like to visit this tiny gallery, it is open whenever the jewelry shop is open. If you want to meet with Anne, you can find her at the gallery at the following times: Wed 17.30-19.00 & Sat 13.00-15.00 & by appointment.

  • I made up the title Art Sleuth. Her job was to hunt down forgeries and make sure everything sold at an art fair was legitimate in every way… so you can see Anne’s situation when she moved over to the Gallery side of the equation.


München Good Transfer Gallery – Go Visit Some Artsy Photo Books and Fine Art Photography

Hello!  Munich is a winter wonderland but I’m not sharing photos of the beautiful scenery or of our Trefu Challenge.  Today, I’m sharing photos of my evening at Good Transfer Photo Book Gallery located in Schwabing at Clemensstraße 61 D-80803.


Helmut Hönsch and Christian Schweikert at the Good Transfer Galerie


As an artist who uses photography in her artwork, I was excited to meet Helmut Hönsch and Christian Schweikert at their workshop for photobook dummies (books not people).

The Gallery

The guys are part of a group called LE4EL that does photography projects (usually with a fourth creative.)  The three photographers decided to create a gallery for photography books and small format photo exhibitions using artwork in very small sizes.


Photo in a slide frame at the gallery

The books in the gallery rotate depending on the exhibition they have in the space.  At the present time, the books are like the one below and, if you find one you like, you can just follow the QRCode to the publisher.



The gallery does sell a few books but most of the books are sold through the internet.   The space is small like the Friday Gallery so the space cannot hold a large exhibition nor a large crowd but, the space has a good vibe and a big window to the street.

Helmut is slowly fixing up the gallery to fit the needs of the photography community and will be excited to have you submit your artwork for a potential exhibition this year.  If you make small format artwork and are a fine art photographer, I encourage you to connect with Helmut and Christian.

The two will also be offering workshops and perhaps some printing services with the snazzy photo printer that Christian just purchased.

You can reach the two at info@good-transfer.com

WORKSHOP -Photo Book Dummies

In the middle of last week, a cozy group of photographers sat around the table sharing their photos, book work and book dummies.


Nice square printed photos which are good for organizing book layouts and page order.
This is the size of the work Helmut and Christian are showing in the gallery. Super small. This is a photograph from the Street art at the Kultur Fabrik. The group is creating a book based on the artwork before the space was closed down for the redesign of the neighbourhood.
The guys participated in the Off Festival 2015. Do you remember Isidora and Ursual were there representing Munich Artists.

some books…

This is one of their group book projects.
This is a reference book he had that I thought looked worth having.
I loved this book but tracking time in certain locations was sad. Made me want to write a story.



and the business concept that shares the gallery space.

Helmut’s Business concept sharing space with the Gallery.  Business knowledge transfer and story telling.


My Photo Book Dummies

The guys gave me some very good feedback on my two projects shown below.  The first project is a series where I take photographs of the poles around Munich, Germany. I will be publishing this book in the next few weeks.  The second book will not be mass produced.  The book idea uses my photography, ink and encaustic wax and is my continuing exploration into how I can make my digital artwork precious to me.

Emmy Horstkamp’s photobook dummy
Emmy Horstkamp’s photobook dummy
Emmy Horstkamp’s Photo with encaustic and ink

Christian has also been exploring this idea of taking his photography one step further. He recently purchased a printer and started printing on different papers.


Printed on different paper by Christian Schweikert