Munich Artists Installation at the Off Festival Munich June 19 – 21, 2015

Today is day 2 of the Off Festival.   Munich Artists will be represented by Dora who will be bringing our installation back to Arnulfstrasse 62 starting at 1800.  The exact address is:

Die Säulenhalle
Arnulfstraße 62
80335 München

Dora and Ursula Singer Represented Munich Artists during day 1 of the festival.  The two Munich Artists invited people to get down on the floor and doodle and draw their dreams with them.   Here are a few photos from Friday’s installation:

Day 23: Munich Artists Lent Challenge – What Is the Thread Running Through Your Work?

Artist Demotivational: When the idea you dreamt about becomes a reality you will fall into a depression because your reality can never be as perfect as the dream and that sucks big time.

Entrepreneurial Motivation:  Keep going until your reality meets the dream.


Day 23 is a day filled with charm or so says my number app on my iphone.  According to the app, the number 23 means that the answer to my prayers is within reach and I just need to keep a positive attitude so that I get the best outcome possible.  That is exactly how I feel about creating artwork.  The idea is there and if I keep plugging away at it, eventually my dream and my reality with meld into one.

Today, look through your artwork and decide what is the thread that runs through your work. The thread doesn’t have to be in every piece but there should be something in the body of your work that identifies you as the artist.  Just like your signature, your artwork should carry a distinctive style that is all your own.   The thread can be a theme, a colour, a shape, a specific way you apply your materials or it may be an actual thread.  Figure out what it is and let us know. You can tag us on Facebook or Instagram with #munichartists or like our page and then add our name to the post so that I get notified and can respond.



Day 15 Munich Artists Lent Challenge – Make a Duplicate

Artist Demotivation:  You think your idea is new? Artists have been doing that for centuries and you labeled it craft.

Entrepreneurial Motivation:  There are no new ideas just new versions of the same old ideas.  Think about how Germans love insurance and find a new way to offer insurance and tap into the German’s need for security.


Duplication.  Insurance allows a person to replace something that was lost or make sure they don’t lose something they already have.  Insurance offers a sense of security.

There is no security for artists and no insurance that guarantees that an art piece you are creating will turn out the way you want or when it is created that anyone will want to buy it.

Today lets play with the idea of security by taking an idea and creating it twice.  Artists throughout history have done this, taking an idea and replicating it over and over again.  If you are not sure how, you can do this using an overhead projector, a light box or like famous artists from the past, a camera obscura.

Camera Obscura

Day 10 Munich Artists Lent Challenge: Walk a different Direction and Snap a Photo

Artist Demotivational:  Germans believe that you can walk everywhere no matter what the distance and this mentality extends to buying art.  They want to see if you can walk the distance so stop whinging that they don’t buy your art, strap on your sturdy practical walking shoes and show them that you can trek with the best of them and make the distance.

Entrepreneurial motivation:  Germans are practical, methodical and willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for their health.   How about creating a better pair of walking shoes with replaceable soles that don’t look like ugly old lady shoes.   Germans will buy walking shoes because they have lots of places within walking distance.

I once asked a German what would be the German translation of walking distance and they told me that Germans do not have that phrase because everything is within walking distance.   Today, go outside and walk in a different direction and see if you find some new composition or motivation to create a piece of artwork.   Share with me how it makes you feel to go in a different direction.  I walked in a different direction today and found a fountain of rust.  Here you go. My treat.