Artsy Place – Galerie Freiraum 16 – Giesing

Last week, Petra Amtsberg Hoffmann opened her current exhibition at Galerie Freiraum 16 in Giesing. I promised Petra I would go to her vernissage and at 1830 on Thursday I drove over to Giesing. I parked my car and walked a few blocks to the gallery. It was empty. Looking at my phone, I realised that Petra’s vernissage was the day before and I was on time but a day late.

Luckily for Munich Artists, the gallerist at Freiraum16was at the gallery and welcomed me into her space with a smile and a look of amusement.

Galerie Freiraum 16

Angelika Baumgartner is the gallerist at Oefelestr. 13a in Munich, Germany.  For many years, Angelika used the large space as a design studio but this year, she decided to make a life change which included clearing out her old office and dividing the space into a cosy office and a good sized art gallery.

As an interior designer, making this change was easy for Angelika. Her current office is nestled in a room near the entrance leaving most of the space open for displaying artwork.

As you are well aware from Munich Artists Window installations, we love large windows and Gallery Freiraum 16 has two of them that look out into the neighbourhood. Think of all the possibilities!

Over the last few years, we have visited some areas of Giesing but this was my first time venturing into a residential section for Munich Artists.  In prior posts, I visited HNRX at the graffiti walls, I’ve been to Candidplatz for the murals under the overpass and I visited Petra Beeking‘s open studio.

What surprised me the most about this area of Giesing was how friendly everyone was to everyone else.  Maybe it was the weather or some kind of Giesing magic but I enjoyed experiencing it.  As I walked to the gallery from my car, I saw people standing at each other’s windows talking and waving as people walked by their apartments.  My tiny area of Sendling is waving friendly and I was pleasantly surprised to see that this area of Giesing also welcomed people with open windows and smiling faces.

Petra Amtsberg Hoffman

Petra Amtsberg Hoffmann’s artwork currently covers the walls at Galerie Freiraum 16.  If you don’t remember Petra, she participated in our 500 Artists Say Hello and, has a large property on the East side of town that she is developing into an artsy space called Studio Riemerling. We love Petra’s work  but her artsy space is kind of too far away for a regular visit so Munich Artists was happy to see Petra’s work over the river and under the bridge from Sendling (Where we hang out most of the time.)

Artwork by Petra Amtsberg Hoffmann
Angelika Baumgartner (Gallerist) and Petra Amtsberg Hoffmann (Artist)

After a nice chat about Petra’s artwork,  I asked Angelika what she hoped to create with her new gallery.

Angelika said she wanted to showcase emerging artists and have events that brought artists together.  Munich Artists loved hearing this and we agreed with Angelika that Munich Artists will bring a few projects to Galerie Freiraum 16 in 2017.

We are very excited to have this opportunity and will keep you posted on Facebook and on the website as things develop.

Although Angelika is an experienced interior designer, she is still finding her groove as a gallerist and will give a shoutout if/when Galerie Freiraum 16  is looking for artists to exhibit. (Please do not take your portfolios over there no matter how good they are.)

Petra Amtsberg Hoffman Vernissage that I missed. (Technology is not always my friend.)


Lueckenfuelle – A New Meeting Point in Munich Looking for Art Events (Actions)

Oh Hello. Did you forget about me already?  I’m still on Staycation but Munich doesn’t grind to a halt just because most of the artists have left for vacation. The Art must go on so when you get back into the groove of Munich living, go visit Lueckenfuelle before it gets turned into a construction site.

Lueckenfuelle is located at the corner of Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmannstrasse.  It is a temporary idea space where artsy ideas can become artsy realities.

Lueckenfuelle – Gespraeche in der Stadt – Gespraeche fuer die Stadt (Translation: Discussions in the city – Discussions for the city) is a corner where you can go meet and be creative and share your creations.  This is NOT a graffiti corner so don’t bring your spray cans. The mural created by HNRX was by invitation and shall not be morphing into anything else anytime soon unless approved by Lueckenfuelle.

Here is a photo before the HNRX mural…

13833253_1373360992680872_1881834375_o (1)
Lueckenfuelle – Munich, Germany Art Spot (photo thanks to HNRX)

Here is a photo after the HNRX mural…

13844069_1377149628968675_484247641_o (1)
New artsy meeting spot in Munich Germany  Schleissheimerstrasse/Rottmannstrasse (photo by HNRX)

I could give you all the artsy language of why this space exists but the nitty gritty is that a group of Minga architects decided that the empty lot was a horrible thing to have in this neighbourhood and they decided to do something about it.

IMG_7105_2 (1).jpg
The visionaries for Lueckenfuelle

Maria, Leila, Sophie & Nick are the main contacts for the space and the visionaries who decided that this neighbourhood could have a cool space to meet and share art, conversation and ideas with other Munich residents.

If you are a planner and a creative with something to share, the space is currently looking for art events “actions.

If you  have:

  • An temporary art installations involving film or music or sculpture
  • A idea for an outdoor lecture
  • A book readings, poetry slam, flash fiction evening
  • A public concert
  • An art gathering of super cool creatives
  • An idea not mentioned above that would fit within the confines of a neighborhood corner space and would be interacting with the neighbours in a creative and positive way.

Please take the following into consideration:

  • The neighbourhood has lots of children and young families.
  • The architect quartet made wood furniture in the space that is modular and can be moved around but, it is always in the space. If you wanted an empty corner, you should have made your way over there before they created Lueckenfuelle.   Please plan your idea using the furniture that is in the space.  Don’t be a diva. This is not the neighbourhood for divas.
  • The location is near Stiglmaierplatz. Easy to reach from all areas of Munich. (Subway U1)
  • It is an outdoor space.  Please plan for an outdoor space.  Please remember it is outdoors.  There is nothing to shelter you and your art from the elements. Did I mention it was outside?

Contact:  Please email your idea to

NOTE: International artists and ideas are welcome. Come to Munich and be super creative in this new artsy Munich space. Lueckenfuelle will be happy to receive your email and have you share something that fits with their concept.

Please don’t forget to tell me if your idea gets accepted. I want to make sure we keep this little space filled with creative talent from around the world or maybe just around Munich but around the world would be amazing for me and Munich Artists!