Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris Creates 4 Munich Artists Playing Cards


Munich Artists – Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris 

We are very lucky that Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris agreed to use her talents to make four Munich Artists playing cards.  I met Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris at a workshop in North Schwabing where she showed us the marbling technique used in Turkey (She was born in Istanbul.) Süyümbike joined Munich Artists at the Food Lover’s Market and 500 Artists Say Hello and now she is one of the first set of artists to create Munich Artists Playing Cards.

If you would like to see more work by this Munich based artist, please visit Suyumbike’s website.




Our Kickstarter for Munich Artists Playing Cards is over 60% funded. We are so happy that people are supporting this project and would love for you to buy a deck of cards and join us at 500 Artists Play cards.  Funding starts at 30 Euro and gets you lots of good Karma points. If you are a performer, you can also attend by sharing your talents.  Email emmy at emmy at kyfio dot com and I will schedule you a time.

Munich Artists Playing Cards

To help us reach 100%, we added the printer proofs to our backer gifts. The proofs are the only ones we will have from the printer for this deck of cards.  We have 1 proof left if you are interested in this type of collectible.  (First proof of the first product by Munich Artists Playing Cards series will be worth something someday.)  I will post a photo of the remaining proof in our Kickstarter so you can see what is still available.

Guest Post – Artwork by Nino Khundadze

Art is everywhere, it’s just waiting to be discovered…
Abstract one is the best I think. It gives you the choice to discover things depending on your mood, new every time.
It makes you become part of it, the moment you start to stare on it and start discovering, I am no longer the creator, but you are…
Welcome to the world where everything is possible… 🙂

Art in Munich by Berit Opelt

Berit Opelt is the head of Kunst in Sendling and Berit’s art website can be found here.  I  asked Berit to share her current work with us during the month of March.  If you have any questions about Berit’s art work, please ask her.  If you are too shy to contact her, Berit will be with us at the 500 Artists Say Hello event in Munich on April 23, 2016 (She is making a blue piece just for Munich Artists!)

Pursue. Persecute. Truth! Westend, Munich Germany Public Artwork by Cyrcle

I saw this over the weekend and went back today to snap a few photos.  The art piece is on a public building which makes it public art/ mural.

The art piece was created in July 2014.  It spans 500 square feet of a housing facade located at Bergmannstrasse 21, 80339 Munich/Westend, Munich.   Cyrcle is the artistic duo who created the piece in 10 days.  For more information about the art piece, check out the article on positive propaganda.

Persecute public artwork in westend, Munich, Germany
Persecute public artwork in westend, Munich, Germany
Pursue - Public artwork - Westend - Munich, Germany
Pursue – Public artwork – Westend – Munich, Germany

Panorama shots of the building in westend, Munich, Germany where you can find Pursue and Persecute Public artwork that scans the whole side of the building.

Positive Propoganda - Street Art, Munich, Germany
Positive Propoganda – Street Art, Munich, Germany

Nina Schmid and Ray Moore at ArtMUC

Susanne Krauss  took this awesome photograph of Nina Schmid and Ray Moore over the weekend.


Here is a piece of Ray Moore‘s artwork:

Ray Moore artwork at ARTMUC


Nina Schmid’s artwork looks like this (she has three different styles & but I don’t have an example of her erotic art so I can only show you two of the three):

Nina schmid architecture painting




munich artists nina schmid snail on gold globe


Nina will be showing her artwork at the Friday Gallery from June 19 – July 8, 2015.  If you have any questions about the exhibition, you can email me at emmy@kyfio.com.


I know both Ray and Nina so if you love their work, I will help you tap into their art inventory.  Both artists speak English and are productive!

What I’ve noticed is that productive artists have an inventory and their newest and most favourite pieces will be tucked away in their studios, on their bedroom walls or in a big closet because Germans love to hide their valuables in a closet. I learned this cultural tidbit a few weeks ago. I think American tuck their valuables in their bras/underwear or maybe in their work boots.  As an American in Munich, I’m asked quite often about American habits but my multicultural upbringing has been baffled by all cultures (I never know which culture the habit comes from.)

One universal habit for all artists is that their newest works will not be released to the public until the umbilical cord has been cut so the best thing to do is go to the studio and see all the artwork and then put a reserve on the piece you want… eventually the artist will let it go.


Wanting to be one of the dancers – artwork by Suzanna Treumann for January 2015 art installation piece

In January 2015, Munich Artists invited artists to draw on a black line created on the walls of the the Schwere Reiter theater.  the art installation was displayed during the theatre performance “Ground(s) – Diptychon” by Jasmine Morand with David N. Russo.  It was wonderful to have a great group of artists creating art on site but we realised that one artist, Suzanna Treumann, went one step beyond the rest by camping out at the theatre and creating a temporary studio on the floor of the main theatre room.  For several days, Suzanna worked and immersed herself in the life of the dancer.  If you would like to read her thoughts, here is a link to her blog.  Below are a few images of Suzanna’s inspiration and creations.