Artsy Place – Das Kleine Kunsteck

For our installation series, we are using a window at Das Kleine Kunsteck in Haidhausen.


Das Kleine Kunsteck is owned by Barbara Süßmeier, a Bavarian-born artist working and living in the Haidhausen neighborhood.

Barbara likes what Munich Artists is trying to do with our collaborative work and we love that she is trying to build an art practice in Munich.

Building any business is a challenge but Barbara has many years of experience in business and a great passion for her artwork. A few years ago, Barbara decided to start changing her focus from numbers to oil and she mapped out a three-year plan to change from accounting to art.

With her idea firmly grounded in business, she opened a studio location in Haidhausen.


original and limited edition print by Barbara Süßmeier


After working in her space for a year, Barbara realized that people were a little hesitant about going into a working artist’s studio if the door wasn’t wide open.  “If the door is open, people will walk in for a chat, but if the door is closed, there is a fear that they are disturbing the artist.”


To help relieve this fear, Barbara came up with the name “Das Kleine Kunsteck” for her space. To help pay for her space, Barbara decided to create small gift items that people could purchase for presents.  She currently has the following  in her space:

  • Hardcover binders (painted with oil motifs)
  • Postcards (using her prints from her original art)
  • Keychains (using her prints from her original art)
  • Inspiration cards (using her prints from her original art)
  • Baby shoes (painted with a special paint.)
  • Notebooks (using her prints from her original art)
  • Diaries (using her prints from her original art)
  • Calendars (using her prints from her original art)
  • Limited edition prints of her larger art pieces.



Every time I visit Barbara’s studio, she has a new product she wants to create for the laden part of her space and her goal is to have the neighourhood think of her space and Das Kleine Kunsteck when they need a gift.


Because everything in the space is her own artwork, I asked Barbara why she was not using an artist’s name or just her name for the studio space. “I’m really proud of my name and I want people to know that I’m the artist for my larger art pieces but I also don’t want them to worry about coming into the studio.  The Kleine Kunsteck helps relieve that fear.”


Pillow for Dance School


Barbara doesn’t take commissions but she is willing to discuss putting her artwork onto a suggested object such as a pillow. In a recent project with a dance studio, Barbara created the dance studio logo and then created pillows with her artwork.  The dancers at the studio also requested some of her artwork on notebooks and other paper products and has been working on new notebooks for the dancers.

Although Munich Artists shared the news that it takes ten years for a Munich gallery to start breaking even, Barbara was nonplussed by this information.  “I’m determined to make this work. ”  This is the second very determined person Munich Artists has met in the last few weeks and we are very impressed by the amount of determination cropping up in the Munich creative sector.

Munich Artists is very thankful for Barbara and our new window spaces at Elsässer Str. 19


Say Hello Insallation #2, Das Kleine Kunsteck Munich, Germany


If you would like to visit Barbara,  her store hours are:

The small Kunsteck
Elsässer Str. 19 Munich, Germany

Wed, Thu, Sat: 12:00 – 18:00 hrs
Fri: 12:00 – 20:00 hrs
Sun / Tue / Tue: Closed

If you want to see what is in the Munich Artists Installation Window, you can just walk by anytime day or night. Barbara leaves a light on at night which tells you how much she enjoys hosting Munich Artists in her space.