Spontaneous Exodus? Leave Now for Berlin and Enjoy the End of Berlin Art Week

If you are already in Berlin, pay attention to this post.   If you are in Munich and can’t believe it is raining again, jump on a plane and go up to Berlin for the end of Berlin Art Week before you sink down into Oktoberfest festivities.

Our Munich Artists at Large  was nice enough to send me some information of a few events that may be of interest to you in Berlin this weekend.  If you are in Berlin, please go check them out. If you are in Munich, think about going up for the day – flights are not cheap but then you would have spent that money on beer so you can call it even (cause you will be drinking all that free wine in Berlin… or is that only a Munich thing?)

Galleries from around the world and from around Germany are presenting solo presentations of artists this week.  Galleries such as Capitain Petzel/ Monika Sosnowska, Pieter Schoolwerth, Klemm’s /Sven Johne, König Galerie/Erwin Wurm, Piktogram/Tomasz Mróz or Sprüth Magers/Andreas Schulze are exhibiting until the 18th.  

POSITIONS BERLIN Art Fair opened on Thursday at 1800 and is known for drawing established collectors and also a young audience for an interesting crowd.  Here is a glimpse at Position Berlin:

artwork at Position Berlin Art Fair

On Friday, twenty artistic project spaces were awarded. The Network of Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives hosted a panel discussion at Bar Babette from 5.30 pm onwards.  Mark your calendar so you remember to visit the Network of Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives next year.  

Over the weekend, check out some private collections such as Boros in Berlin Mitte or Sammlung Hoffmann.  

As we Mingas know well enough,  The capital of Germany has one of the largest art markets in Germany with over half of Germany´s art sales (That is alot of art.)  With 400 galleries, the  Berlin art scene is an established mecca for creative and dynamic people. Don’t you think a spontaneous trip up to Berlin this weekend is just what you need You might not be able to hit all 400 galleries but you can try.

Berlin Art Week runs through the 18th of September so if you are not squished into your dirndl yet, head up there and enjoy immersing yourself in a weekend warrior art trek through the exhibitions and installations before sinking back into the invasion of the tract wearers. 

For more information about Berlin Art Week go visit their website http://www.berlinartweek.de.

You still have time to see:

  • POSITIONS BERLIN Art Fair 15.—18. SEP 2016   Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof
  • Sammlung Boros 17. + 18. SEP 2016  – 10 am – 6 pm
  • Sammlung Hoffmann 17. SEP 2016 11 am – 4 pm Private CollectionExhibitionGuided Tour (might be a stretch).

Thank you Kat for keeping us up to date.  We have been busy with our subculture art scene and sometimes forget about the mainstream.  Will the two ever really merge in Germany?  Will Munich stop being the ugly art stepsister?   I’m thinking it is time we find our glass slipper and smash it over some heads… oh wait, we are supposed to slip it on our foot… I think smashing it would make a better video.

Ok.  I’m done babbling over Kat’s post.  I will go back to working on our Kickstarter for 500 Artists Play cards(Live Now go buy a deck!),  editing stories and formatting artwork for Munich Stories (Book of short stories launches November 12th) getting our My True Self Installation ready for the Long night of the Museum (October 15th) finishing up the inspired book, preparing my installation for Das KloHaeuschen (November 5th) and getting mentally prepared for Haeppy art!  (October 22-23)

Please put these events in your Calendar.  Thank you.