Sommer in der Stadt – Munich Artist Bernhard Rusch

Bernhard Rusch’s book of poetry has just been published by Schraegverlag and he was kind enough to give us a poem to share with you.

Sommer in der Stadt

Träge kommt die Sommernacht ins Haus

Die Laterne summt ihr stilles Lied

Autos schleichen matt, die Luft ist heiß

Immer denk’ ich dann an dich, ich weiß,

Dass der Sommer sich wie du verzieht.


Einsam schalte ich das Radio aus…


If you would like to purchase a copy of Bernhard’s poetry book, you can go here.

Artsy Things to Do in Munich – May 29 – June 12, 2016

Radio silence is over!   I took off a week because we are going to blast you with content for the next three weeks and I thought we both needed a bit of quiet before the storm.

Today, we are sharing things for you to do for the next two weeks. If you are a member of Munich Artists and sent me an invitation by email I’m apologizing right now if I forget to post it here.  As I have told you many times, I love Facebook events. They make life easy for me.  Please consider using them.

SUNDAY – May 29, 2016 – June 18th  

Installation Odeonsplatz Subway Station – Will God Leave Me Alone? 

TUESDAY – May 31, 2016

Dada Dahoam – This event is open but you need to register so if you want to attend you better email them at get your name on the list.

The exhibition is organised by Bernhard Rusch, founder of Applaudissement and there will be artwork by several Munich Artists on the walls. Bernhard will be talking about the 100 years of Dadaism.  If you have not seen the state archive, now is your chance. I will be at this event taking some photos because I love Dadaists especially when they like organizing things!

Re-Constructions: Colours – Vernissage starts at 1900


Curator Lulia Grandinaru is having an opening for her new exhibition at the Galerie am Maxmonument located at Thierschstr. 42.  Heike Ratfisch and Roman K. Aivazian are the artists exhibiting abstract and expressionistic paintings.  If you want to read more, Lulia has a short description on her Facebook event written in a very artsy way.

CARMEN CUBANA STARTS TODAY.  I will be seeing it on June 1st.  I’m looking forward to a modern version of the story even if it means I have to venture out after dark.

THURSDAY – June 2nd, 2016

  • ArtMUC Begins.  Here are the hours so you can schedule some time to go take a look.  I will be there on Wed for the press tour and will share some photos with you so you can do a little planning.

Thursday, 02.06.2016 / 19:00 – 22:30 Uhr
Friday, 03.06.2016 / 12:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Saturday, 04.06.2016 / 12:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Sunday, 05.06.2016 / 12:00 – 18:00 Uhr

What artists will be there?  I have no clue really.  So far I have invites from Ines Seidel Bianca Artope, Martina Kolle & Betty Mueller.  I will share more information on Thursday. I do know that ARTMUC digital is curated by Betty Mueller so that will be super fun for me cause I’m a digital kind of girl 50 percent of the time and I like Betty Mueller’s work so I imagine I will like how she curates.

  • Werkshau Kunstrefugium

Ingrid Mueller shared this exhibition with me and told me if the weather is beautiful, Nymphenburg Schloss is the most awesome place to be.  The vernissage is on Thursday and starts at 1830 – 2100.  This is not a hop and a skip from ARTMUC but it is a hop skip and a leap across town. (Geranienhaus Schloss Nymphenburg 41.)

Here are the artists showing their work.



    Applaudissement – An Art Magazine

Bernhard Rusch a/k/a Elwood started an art magazine with friends a few decades ago and then, like many busy people, put the idea away as he focused on work and family.

Lucky for us, Bernhard Rusch, a Dadaist, decided to resurrect his shelved publication.  Since, I’ve known Bernhard, he has printed two issues and I have a few issues to share from the last run. (If you want one, please email As Bernhard prepares for the next issue, I thought I would share some photographs of the magazine issues I have at the office.

This is the first publication is dated 1988.

This issue is not for sale. It is a limited edition from 1988. That purchase prices is for the 2015 issue that I still have in my office (If you want one.)


A page from inside the first issue.  The issue is photocopies stapled together. Obviously an artist on a tight budget. On these pages, we have words by Joachim Lischka and artwork by Elwood.

Issue 11?  There is no date on this issue because artists don’t care if art historians know when things happen. The magazine has a printed cover and is printed before 1993 (which is the date on #16.)

On the inside of issue #11 is an interesting art piece by Gerd Matschke.   This collage took lots of effort and is a style that is really popular right now.  Gerd was ahead of his time or are we behind the times?  

In issue #16, Bernhard went all out and dated all the artwork so I know it was printed around 1993.  IMG_2842IMG_2843

Now we zoom to 2015. In the 2015 version, Bernhard Rusch increased the size of the magazine and the number of artists. We are lucky that in the 2015 version he included quite a few Munich Artists including the cover image by Bobbie Dunn – Komarek and Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow.

Inside the 2015 issue is artwork by Lynn Hardaker and Hazel Ang with writing by Steve Toase, Ines Seidel, Joachim Lishka, Emmy Horstkamp & more (Ask to see the issue at Frauenstrasse 18).

Lynn Hardaker, Hazel Ang, Steve Toase


Ines Seidel
Joachim Lischka & Emmy Horstkamp

Except for the first issue, Bernhard has shared images of artwork on the back of the issues.  On the latest issue is a ink artwork by Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow.

Back Covers of Applaudissement


Bernhard sent me some facts about the applaudissement magazine that I didn’t have and thought would be good for you to know:

Number 11 was from 1990 & number 16th was from 1997 ( a bit later than the artwork).

The first sequence with 14 numbers lasted from 1988 until 1991. A kind of supplement was Number 15 (only two pages) in 1992.  Number 16 was the attempt to start again (with my Parisian experiences). In 1997, my wife published a small handmade book of poems by me and drawings by her.  Gerd Matschke and Joachim Lischka had an applaudissement-performance at our wedding-party and then it was over or it seemed to be forever.

If you are interested in seeing the artwork by the artists named above, please join us on Saturday at the Applaudissement party/exhibition located at Arthaus-Neuhausen Nibelungenstr. 3 (Neuhausen) Munich, Germany.  The party starts at 1900.

Here is a full list of the artists showing their artwork:

Joachim Lischka
Peter Kohout
Max Ackermann
Stefan Schlotterbeck
Heike Wiebke
Gerd Matschke
Jürgen Bauer,
Peter Adacker,
Justin Koller,
Susanne Nawroth,
Iliana Beshkova,
Niko Vartiainen,
Knut van Bris,
Elzemieke de Tiége,
Hubertus Breuer,
Wencke Rowek,
Stan lafleur,
Stefan Maier,
Josef Maria Hader,
Bärbel Wolfmeier,
Christian Engelken,
Maud Gravereaux,
Knut van Brijs,
Tina Schlegel

Day 14 – Self Portrait Challenge – Dress Up

Dress up. What does it mean for you?  Jeffrey Ely sent the image below:

jeffrey ely - munich artists - day 14
Jeffrey ely – Munich Artists – day 14 – Dress Up

But other Munich Artists saw Dress up in a different light.

Day 13 and Munich Artists are into Music Big Time.

Day 13 and Munich Artists dug deep into their treasure troves and dusted off instruments, records and even some cassette tapes.  If you want to follow along with our 30 day photo self portrait challenge, you can find the list here. 

Today the weather is beautiful outside. If you want to take a little excursion, go GEMA’s office in Haidhausen and take a selfie with enormous instrumental sculptures in their courtyard outside.  I’ve never been inside so I don’t know if they have sculptures inside.   Directions are below our music photo gallery.

Gema where are you?  In Munich, GEMA’s instrumental sculptures are located here.  Rosenheimer Str. 11, 81667 München. It is behind the Gasteig heading into Haidhausen.  There are a few sculptures so go have fun snapping photos.

photo by Alessandro hansschnier

Alessandro took this shot.

Day 11 and We are Looking for Chairs – My Chair and Me is the Theme.

We are heading towards the midpoint of our challenge and the pressure is on to finish.  Munich Artists are not breaking a sweat and sent in lots of photos today of themselves with chairs.  If you want to join in on the fun, follow the themes on our 30 day self portrait challenge page.   Look forward to hearing about your work on our Facebook page.

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