Munich Stories 2016 is off to the Printer

We finished our editing sprint and have sent the Munich Stories book to the printer.

Here is the front cover image:


Munich Stories 2016 – Book Cover designed by Emmy Horstkamp


We ordered a small run and the books will be for sale at the Readery at our book launch on November 12, 2016.  I hope to have one book on display at Maximilianstrasse 33 on December 10th.  The book will sell for 24 Euro and is 152 pages.

You are welcome to email me at to order a copy.

We will expand this project for 2017 to include more artists and writers.  The timeline will be expanded to two months and editors will get one month.  More information will be posted on our munichstories website later this week.   This project is not an open call. Artists and Writers will be suggested to Munich Artists by the current creatives and we will make the final selection.

If you would like to meet the writers or me, you are welcome to come to our book launch organized by Diana Radovan and Lisa Yarger at the Munich Readery on November 12, 2016 from 1900 to 2200.

I would like to thank  Hazel Ang who created the interior layout for the book and Masha Baur and Nina V. Rye for inspiring us to take their personal November project and make it something bigger.