Oktoberfest Museum Exhibition – Beer – All About the Thirst

Munich Artist Maximilian Lueckenhaus invited me to the Oktoberfest museum to see his artwork showing with a group of talented artists in a comic book exhibition.  The book for the exhibition can be purchased here.

Below are a few snapshots I took this evening (I apologize for the horrible lightening and glare.)  If you have time, I would suggest you pay the four Euro and go to the tippy top floor of the museum to see the artwork.  Please do not be confused when you walk into the space and see a pub. Just turn to your left and you will see what looks like a closet but is actually the entrance to the museum. You will spiral your way up through the building and through many small rooms and find yourself in the attic space which is housing the comic book exhibition.

The address for the Oktoberfest museum is Sterneckerstrasse 2. 80331 Munich, Germany. The museum is open Tuesday – Saturday from 1pm – 6pm and they have special fees for families and groups of more than six people.