Devanney Claro is the 1st of our 500 Artists Say Hello

Look!  We have our first official Munich Artists entry for the 500 Artists Say Hello event. Because Devanney Claro was the first to submit his work, Devanney  gets to be used as an example of a correct entry for the event.

Below is Devanney’s Hello artwork, his self portrait photograph and his favourite art piece.   Devanney chose to create a monochromatic work because he loves to use colour and he wanted to challenge himself.    Devanny also sent me his word but I will save that for the event.

Devanney will be dropping his art piece and submission fee off at the Friday Gallery tomorrow so I will try and remember to take a photo before we begin chatting, drinking coffee and talking about his upcoming trip to Brazil.

Our second art piece is Jewellery art and it is in the mail on its way to Munich.  The artist lives in Saxony and will be at the event but doesn’t want to make the drive twice. I can understand that, I have a hard enough time driving out to Freising.

What?  An artist that isn’t a Minga. Of course. This is 500 Artists say Hello and as long as the artist is there on April 23, 2015 between 1400 and 1800, and, I don’t need to chase after them,  I’m ok with someone outside of Munich. I want you to meet 500 artists. I want you to have fun. I want you to share your talents.  I want to play with 500 pieces of art.

As you can see, you are welcome to drop off your artwork early at the Gallery but please email me before to make sure I am there and please email me the photos before dropping off the artwork and PLEASE follow the instructions and bring your money so that I have everything I need to make the booklet and the video installation.   Thank you!