Tutorial: Printing with Styrofoam – Angela Smets Prints

Angela Smets was nice enough to make a tutorial in German for Munich Artists.  I will be making a version with no audio for our Trefu.Life website.   If you are interested in taking a workshop with Angela Smets, let her know. She loves creating workshops and helping creatives learn new skills.

If you are interested in coming to my tiny studio to create a tutorial, please let me know at emmy@kyfio.com   Your tutorial will be uploaded to our Munich Artists Youtube page, shared on this website and on Trefu.Life.

The video remains the property of Munich Artists but we link to your website so people can find you to do offline workshops.  If you have a problem with that, don’t visit me or offer to create a tutorial.

You are welcome to do the tutorial in German or in English and we are open to any kind of workshop that I can film from an overhead shot.