UPDATE: Einstein Kultur – October 16, 2016 – 1300 to 1800


On Sunday we are meeting at Einstein Kultur  Einsteinstrasse 42, Munich 81675 for our second 500 Artists event.

We are lucky to have the four halls of Einstein Kultur for the day to get together, meet, share stories, talents and some good food.

Here are the images of the space:


I chatted with Einstein yesterday and I will get the keys at 1300.

Food and Beverages

We can bring food, NO DRINKS.  Drinks will be for sale at the einstein Bar (including coffee.)  So, bring food/plates/utensils and some cash for drinks.

Munich Artists has arranged this space for you to hang out and develop creative friendhsips/collaborations and a playing cards sculpture.


  • Writers and word performers – we will have a microphone available in the first room where the brown seats are available.  We will have a video looping in this room between readings.
  • Musicians  –  We have two musicians scheduled to play.   If you want to play guitar or sing, we would love to have you come along.  The two musicians that we have are a jazz musician and a classical guitarrist and the room shown above with the piano is where we will have the speakers set up for their musical performances.
  • Light Artist – Elasse will be doing a light performance and will be doing light portraits at Einstein Kultur.  Either in room 1 or 3.
  • Card Sculpture – Room 3  is for our card sculpture.  We will be using small wooden clips and white cards to create sculpture.


The deck of party cards must be purchased to enter the event.  The costs of a set of party cards is 15 Euro.  The price of the party cards (with a tin box) increases in price after this event (They will be 18 Euro MwSt when we put them into the stores and at Haeppy Art.)

There is no check room for valuables and we are not responsible for your stuff, so make sure you bring only what you need for the day.  We do have liablity insurance so if you stub your toe we are covered.

Why come visit us on Sunday?

The artists chosen for the Munich Artists Playing Cards were chosen from artists at our 500 Artists Say Hello Event.  we   We want to continue encouraging collaborations between artists in Munich.  You are welcome to come on Sunday and see if you can find artists for a creative collaboration. You will need to work with 3 other artists for 500 Artists Under Cover.

If you already have a group working on a project, you are welcome to come tell us about it and maybe your project can be added to our list.

2017 List of Events for 500 Artists

  • 500 Artists Draw Lines – January 2017 – This is a two day event where we will be creating a large abstract collage (200sqm)on day 1 and then on day 2 we will be contour drawing around the edges of the abstracted shapes.  When we are done, we will cut up the art piece into pieces and distribute them to the artists participating. (Cost = materials)
  • 500 Artists Say Hello March/April 2017 – This will be a one month exhibition of a cube sculpture where artists will submit a cube and we will make a sculpture out of their cubes.  (Cost = materials)
  • 500 Artists Under Cover  July 2017 – This will begin in April 2017.   Artists will be asked to work in groups of four (4) to create an art piece on an umbrella. The umbrellas will be printed and we will have a gathering under the umbrellas on July 1, 2017 and taking aerial photographs of the umbrellas.  We will select umbrellas designed by the artists to be in our trefubox store.
  • 500  Artists Tell Stories  October/November 2017 – we are publishing our first short story collection this year called Munich Stories.  Next year, we want to expand this to be a fine art book fair to run at the same time at literature fest so that artists can share their work with people who love books.


If you have any questions, you can email me Emmy@kyfio.com     Look forward to seeing you on Sunday!