21 Day Hello Art Challenge Has Begun

The theme for this challenge is Hello, Beginnings and Welcome.  We have a Page for this art challenge and we will be sharing our images on Facebook in the Munich Artists group and our BCA Munich Artists Challenge group.

The purpose of the Munich Artists challenges are to provide inspiration and add a bit of fun to our days. This means that Munich Artists wants you to use the list as a guide.  If you get inspired and go in a different direction not directly related to hello, we don’t care.  In fact, if you do the complete opposite of each topic each day, we will applaud your refusal to conform and your creativity at taking the topics and flipping them into the deep and dark recesses of your brain.  If you do either of those things, you will need to explain a bit so that your fellow artists can understand what you are doing but so far, everyone seems to find it cool when an artist goes off tangent.

For the next 21 day,  I’m encouraging you not to plan so much because planning too much drags you down into an area where fun has a hard time surviving. Munich Artists believes it is possible to be professional and have fun at the same time.

The daily topics for this challenge are:

  • Day 1 – A beginning
  • Day 2 – Boxes representing the beginning of something.
  • Day 3 – Welcome Home
  • Day 4 – Welcome the day
  • Day 5- Welcome the night
  • Day 6 – Hello kiss/hug/handshake
  • Day 7 – Beginning of a book/newspaper/magazine
  • Day 8 – Beginning of a relationship
  • Day 9 – Beginning of a meal
  • Day 10 – Hello to a stranger
  • Day 11 – Hello to myself
  • Day 12 – Space to begin something new
  • Day 13 – Welcome to my mind/brain/soul
  • Day 14 – Beginning of the end
  • Day 15 – Beginning Line. (text,visual art, idea, etc.)
  • Day 16 – Words that are Welcoming.
  • Day 17 – Time for Hello
  • Day 18 – olleH, emoclew – words in reverse.
  • Day 19   Hello Work
  • Day 20  Beginning of the blue hour.
  • Day 21  Say Goodbye to Hello.

Because our website changed format a bit, we will be talking about the challenge on Facebook and Instagram and will be referring back to the challenge page instead of daily challenge posts so that the visual front of our website isn’t overwhelmed by challenge posts.

The challenge began two days ago so you still have time to catch up. As always, we will be happy if you participate and there are no bad feelings if you can’t do all 21 days. Do as much as you want and share your work with us on Facebook. I create a photograph each day and I look forward to seeing what you decide to create.

The 21 day Hello challenge is a great opportunity for you to create an art piece for our 500 artists Say Hello Event. If you are interested in joining our event, please let me know by emailing  emmy@kyfio.com. If you don’t know about our April 23, 2016 500 artists say Hello event, please read the open call page.