Friday in August. What Artsy Thing Will I Do This Weekend in Munich?

Nina Schmid – Produce photos for Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge

What to do. What to do.   Here are a few things that you can do over the weekend.

Friday August 7, 2015

fountain fest viktualienmart
fountain fest viktualienmart

Annual Fountain Festival at Viktualienmarkt. – Starts at 1100 to 1700

Decorated Fountains and Singing Musicians.  ( I love Munich in the Summer. This is definitely a reason to be at Viktualienmarkt at 1100 today. I will take some photos and post them later!

A Walk in the Park Exhibition – Schloss Nymphenburg 43, 80638 Munich, Germany

The two painters Barbara Schricke and Florian Weingärtner show recent works in geraniums house in Nymphenburg Palace Park. The contrast between the abstract (Schricke) and figurative painting (tenants) of artists, both with studies among others, Markus Lüpertz, shows very different positions in the debate with color and canvas but also with the translation of experiences and emotions, and the appearance of these. Thus creating the two painters an interesting tension in the light-flooded exhibition space of geraniums house, right next to the Castle Cafe at the Palm House of the Nymphenburger Palace. Opening the exhibition is open daily from 10-18 clock. The artists are alternately present. Vernissage, Friday, 08.07.2015 18-20 clock associated with the invitation to a sundowner.

Showing the Unsayable. Artists as Warner and Wiitnesses – First exhibition at the New National Socialist Documentation Center “Show the unspeakable.” 120 works by well known and unknown artists.

City Museum  – Stadtmuseum – New York 60s – Sepp Werkmeister – From 31st July to 27th September 2015  St.-Jakobs-Platz 1 80331 München

An exhibition just opened at the Munich City Museum “Muenchner Stadtmuseum” As a street photographer, I’m super happy to see an exhibition of Sepp Werkmeister’s work from the 60s and 70s.  The museum always has interesting photography exhibitions and I’m sure this one will be just as Fab.  I plan on going next week. Because the weekend is going to be so warm, I would suggest seeing the exhibition and then having a cool drink in the outdoor cafe found right outside the museum doors.

Saturday August 8, 2015

arte caliente fest

Art Caliente Fest

SO.CAL Drink & Dine is hosting the event Which unites local and Latin American artists.

Three young filmmakers will present Their Short Films – two premieres and a piece selected at the Cannes Short Film Corner 2013. The art exhibition will feature artists from Germany, the United States, Chile, and Colombia.

Gastronomy, arts, and music meet to create in intercultural environment with film in the afternoon and food and drinks at night. Arts, California cuisine, and cocktails together make a perfect evening!  € 5 with a frozen cocktail.

PROGRAMOPENING EXHIBITION ARTISTS: Andreas Hirsch, Alejandra Hernández, Brigitte Pruchnow, Emmy Horstkamp Jessica Dettinger, Manuela Illera, Miguel Canal, Santiago Figueroa, 

SHORT FILMS 17h LOS VIAJES DE JUNIMARÉ El Sueño Del Chontaduro Mama film / 21 min / 2015 (BOG) A SOLAS Valentina Romero & Esteban Rivera / 30 min / 2013 / (BOG) RIOTLoida García, Ariadna Lagarsi & Javier Grajales / 15 min / 2015 / (BAR) DJ GONZÁLEZ 100% vinyl! (Kúmbale, electropical label)

Munich Radlnacht starts at 1700 at Odeonsplatz.  Thousands of cyclists will be touring the city starting at Odeansplatz.  The tour goes around the old town ring which is about 12km.   This is an excellent opportunity to take your camera and photograph bikes, people, Munich and a summer evening.   I will share with you some of the photographs I take after the Art Caliente Fest.


cindy sherman red

Goetz Collection
Oberföhringerstr. 103
81925 München
Tel. 089-95 93 96 90
Fax 089-95 93 96 96 9

  • Thursday & Friday: 2 – 6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Here is the Press Release:

The staging of female role models is the central theme of Cindy Sherman’s work, in which the American artist explores stereotypes of the collective visual memory in a media-driven society. With her photographs, Cindy Sherman (born 1954 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, U.S.) has had a lasting influence on 20th century art. Much like an actress, she portrays herself in different roles before the camera. Although Sherman’s photographs are self-portraits in the traditional sense, they do not reveal much about the artist’s personality. Rather, her primary concern is the deconstruction of gender roles and stereotypes. Sherman developed early in her childhood an obsession for disguise and masquerade, which she further pursued at the Art Academy in Buffalo. The artist became known with her black and white series, Untitled Film Stills (1977-1980), in which she embodied stereotypical female characters from fictional scenes of the 1950s. Later, she created large-format color photographs, which explored topics such as fashion photography, fairytale characters, horror scenes and society ladies. The Goetz Collection has extensive work groups from nearly all phases of Sherman’s artistic career. With approximately 60 works, the retrospective, which was designed in close collaboration with the artist and is presented in the Gallery Building, provides an excellent overview of her entire work.

Sunday August 9, 2015

It is going to be warm this weekend I plan on creating art. If you are stuck and don’t know what to do in Munich on a Sunday, go to the Museums between visits to the cafes and beergardens.

It’s Friday. In Case You Have Not Made Plans, Here Are Lots of Artsy Things to Do

It is going to be another sweltering weekend so it will be hard to be indoors.  If you are determined to see art and be with artists, you can do the following:

Friday July 17, 2015Party at Chilli Gallery Neuhausen. The party starts at 1830.  Nymphenburger Str. 151, Munich, Germany

If you would like to see some of the drawings that Munich Artists created during the 30 day challenge, stop by and say hello.   Neuhausen is very easy to reach by U1 Ubahn.

3_ Food from Childhood

Jahresausstellung Klasse Oehlen A01.05  (the whole academy is having their yearly exhibition) Akademiestraße 2 – 4, 80799 Munich, Germany

Opening times for exhibition:

Eröffnung: 17. Juli 16 – 21 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 18. – 26. Juli
Montag – Freitag: 11 – 21 Uhr
Samstag + Sonntag: 14 – 21 Uhr

kunst akademy austellung

SATURDAY July 18, 2015

Strassenfest Kreittmayerstrasse with #OldBraunfels  I don’t know how much art will be here but Ken Knowles is part of Munich Artists and he will be playing his music at the festival on Saturday from 1500 to 1700.

ken knowles

Indoor Outdoor Somerfest at the Haecki Market. Saeulenhalle Muenchen. Arnulfstraße 62, 80335 Munich, Germany  This is the first time they are doing this market. There will be art for sale, food and music. Munich Artists will not be there because I’m busy making books and cards but April Mcgee will be selling her jewellery there and there will be other Munich based artists selling their wares.    One of the organizers for the event is Nuraan Arnold.  Go check out the event. Hopefully with the high ceilings, the space will stay kind of cool to match the people hanging out outside/inside.


SUNDAY July 19, 2015

Japanfest!  If you love Japanese things you will enjoy the Japanese festival in the English Garden by the tea house. Location: Japanisches Teehaus Kanshoan, 80538 Munich, Germany. The event starts at 1100 and goes until 1800.   Ramona Romanu will have her artwork on exhibit with the German-Japanese Society.   Go check out her Geishas and Koi fish.

Ramona Romanu Geisha painting

If I missed an event, sorry!  I’m dragging through my Facebook event calendar for events to share with you.  If you have an event, you can email the invitation or announcement to  Next week, we will try to get this out on Wed.

Have a great weekend and try to stay cool.

Events starting today – PlanYour  Weekend Accordingly 

Birgit Abt – Abstract Art Installation and Exibition @ Steinstrasse 59.   Here is a link to Birgit’s website. 


The Weider Fabrik.  Angela Smets and Simon James have their Studios open for you to see their new works and buy some great pieces for your collections.


Artists at Wieder Fabrik
Artists Working at the Wieder Fabrik – Photo shared by Simon James

Elke Reis I Liz Walinski I Verena Friedrich Will be having an exhibition until July 12th.  Their party is tonight. Here are the details:

“zwischen Himmel und Erde” – Malerei und Objekte
 Ausstellung geöffnet von 3.7. – 12.7. , Sa, So. 12-20h
 Vernissage am 2.Juli’15 von 18-21h
 @künstlerprojektLOT62, Schleißheimer Str.62, München
 Die Vernissage findet im Rahmen der Gemeinsamen Abendöffnung der Galerien in der Maxvorstadt statt. Außerdem ist die Ausstellung im Rahmen der Offenen Ateliers ‘Kunst im Karrée Schwabing”  am Wochenende vom 11./12.Juli’15 von 12-20h geöffnet.  das KünstlerprojektLOT62

Ray Moore has an exhibition starting this evening.  If you are not out at the Wieder Fabrik or in Schwabing, this is an option for you.  Munique Art, Schleissheimer Strasse 26, 80333 Munich, Germany




Long Night of Architectural Offices is tomorrow.  Here is a link to more details.  The offices will be open from 1800 to 2200.



Anton Kammerl is hosting a photo exhibition for Fotografin und Grafikdesignerin Rosi Offenbach at Cafe Kosmos, Dachauerstr. 7, 80335 Munich, Germany.  July 4, 2015 starting at 1900.


Ahhhh and this is how I will be sharing exhibition information.  Eventually it will be moved someplace else but for now, I need to try and share as much information as possible. 

 This is:


Please be patient with me. If your event did not get posted and I know you, I’m sorry. If your event did not get posted and I don’t know you, maybe you should think about this… I’m located at Frauentrasse 18 @BCAMunich, The Friday Gallery.  Please come by and say hello.



Artsy Events for Feb 19th – March 2015


  • A play in French… Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. I’m organising a group on Meetup to go to the event.  Here is a link to the event page.
  • Interested in some visual art?  Wander over to Robert Weber Gallery for an exhibition tonight. Galerie Robert Weber Gabelsbergerstrasse 70, 80333  For the exhibition, you will need a QR Code scanner installed on your smart phone – it is one of those kind of exhibitions. I’ve tried making people use those things for an exhibition.. hopefully he has better phone reception at his gallery so things work a bit faster than at my QR Code installation at the Provisorium or the app fail at the Long Night of the Museum.


  • Meditative Workshop – Marbling – Here is a link to the event page if you are interested in marbling paper. Costs around 30 Euro.
  • Sophia Mainka has an exhibition. Milchstraße 4, 81667 München.
  • Manuela Illera, a Colombian artist and new to Munich, will be having an exhibition for one week at the gallery am Isartor.  Remember, the gallery is in the entranceway.  You don’t have to go into the dark club/party room because the art isn’t there but if you go to exhibitions to party, wander in and get a few free drinks.  I walked over on Monday to see the current exhibition and liked not having to go inside.  All the information about the artists is posted in the windows including some of the prices. You can visit the windows whenever you want, they are within spitting distance of the Sbahn exit and you can then wander back away impressed with your dedication to the arts.

Munich Creative Business Week

Here is a link to the Munich Creative Business Week  The Friday Gallery is a Creative Spot during the week and we will be showing an art installation by Birgit Abt.

I will be giving a talk about Regional Branding and Social Media.  If you are trying to figure this out for your specific niche, please feel free to come pick my brain but you must RSVP for this event and pay a small fee. I will be filling your head with all kinds of information which might make you dizzy or sleepy or nauseated at how much you don’t know so I need to make sure I have the right number of chairs for this event.

WED Feb 25th  

Regional Brand Development in a Social Media Society is   the exact title of my talk.  Here is a link to the event page. The talk will be at the Friday Gallery frauenstrasse 18.  I changed the date from March 26th to the 25th because I’m going to be giving a speech at an exhibition and can’t physically be in two places at once.  You can email me at emmy@ if you have any questions.


The Behance Portfolio Show.  I will be giving a speech for about 15 minutes.   Here are theartists showing work during the exhibition.The artwork on the announcement is by Moran Haynal who combines his Jewish faith with Hebrew calligraphy to make his artwork.

Kerstin Klein

Moran Haynal

Sara Otterstaetter

Ralph Kretschmann

Mr. Woodland

The topic of my speech for the 26th?  Artists in Munich, their creative inspiration, art production and the challenges of being a foreign/German artist in Munich, Germany from a foreign/German point of view or now, I’m thinking about talking about outsider art.   I will let you know next week.

 FRIDAY Feb 27

Saturday Feb 28th @1400  

Creative Meditation  at  Atelier&Galerie PunktPunktKommaKunst Donnersbergerstraße 48, 80634 Munich, Germany

Mark Your Calendar for March 2015

Schmuck 2015 – March 11 – 17th  Jewellery artists are coming to town! We will have guest artists at the Friday Gallery and also at Kunst-Werkstatt-MUC.  Please feel free to stop by and see some innovative jewellery art.