Printing Using Rhenalon Plastic Sheets and Oil Crayons (Hand Press)

Gabriela Popp shared with us a printing technique yesterday at her studio.


Gabriela Popp – Artist and Art Therapist in Munich, Germany



Printing Supplies Needed:


1 Plastic sheets. We used .5mm  They are thicker than the plastic sheets used for overhead projection.



paper!  This was thin paper which was soaked in water and patted dry.



Water Soluble Oil Crayons – Any Brand.  This is the brand we used.
A sharply pointed etcher/embossing tool.  A piece of paper underneath your work and a photograph or art piece you want to use as your inspiration.



Detail shot of what you are doing.  The scratches you make in the plastic will hold the wax which will be transferred through the hand pressing process.



Finished scratching on plastic sheet
cover all the lines with the oil wax and remove all wax that you do not want on your print.


The wax in my scratch marks.  I had to go over a few lines after my first print because the scratches were not deep enough.



Covering the surface with oil crayon.




After going over my lines a second time, I used a pink wax crayon and printed.  I left the middle smudge to see what it would look like (experimenting during workshop)
This is after I put the damp paper on top of my drawing and started pressing.


For this press, I experimented using different colours




my workshop neighbour, Cut &  Tear, did this etching.
This is how you press the crayon wax onto the damp paper.



Here Gabriela Popp is wetting the paper.
Gabriela then took the paper and put it in between newspaper to take out some of the water.



  • As soon as you put the damp paper on your printing surface start pressing gently so that you don’t rip the paper. If you want to look the paper will dry and it will not take the print so well.
  • I tried spraying water directly on the plastic sheet and then putting dry paper on the plastic. The image does transfer. I left the image at the studio will add the photo tomorrow.
  • It takes a couple of hours to do this process.  Not sure yet how many prints you can make. I will be putting the plastic through a press tosee if it will work.


Day 18  Munich Artists self portrait challenge – paper

I laughed when the photos started coming in.  Here is Gabriela Popp wearing a paper hat and hiding behind her morning read. I thought about making myself a paper smock but decided to bury myself in paper instead.

  Brigitte Hoppstock chose to share a Haiku  

I will add more photos after lunch.

If you are doing our 30 day self portrait challenge, the themes are on the challenge page.

Have a great day gathering paper and snapping photos. Maybe it will spur you to do a bit of good old fashion German cleaning.(Germans clean 2-4 hours a day. I would rather make art.)

Day 14 – Self Portrait Challenge – Dress Up

Dress up. What does it mean for you?  Jeffrey Ely sent the image below:

jeffrey ely - munich artists - day 14
Jeffrey ely – Munich Artists – day 14 – Dress Up

But other Munich Artists saw Dress up in a different light.

Day 13 and Munich Artists are into Music Big Time.

Day 13 and Munich Artists dug deep into their treasure troves and dusted off instruments, records and even some cassette tapes.  If you want to follow along with our 30 day photo self portrait challenge, you can find the list here. 

Today the weather is beautiful outside. If you want to take a little excursion, go GEMA’s office in Haidhausen and take a selfie with enormous instrumental sculptures in their courtyard outside.  I’ve never been inside so I don’t know if they have sculptures inside.   Directions are below our music photo gallery.

Gema where are you?  In Munich, GEMA’s instrumental sculptures are located here.  Rosenheimer Str. 11, 81667 München. It is behind the Gasteig heading into Haidhausen.  There are a few sculptures so go have fun snapping photos.

photo by Alessandro hansschnier

Alessandro took this shot.

Day 11 and We are Looking for Chairs – My Chair and Me is the Theme.

We are heading towards the midpoint of our challenge and the pressure is on to finish.  Munich Artists are not breaking a sweat and sent in lots of photos today of themselves with chairs.  If you want to join in on the fun, follow the themes on our 30 day self portrait challenge page.   Look forward to hearing about your work on our Facebook page.

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