The Munich Artists Events to Add to Your Calendar

I usually put this in a newsletter but our newsletter is taking a break while I decide how we will disseminate information.  For now, I will be posting our events on Monday.  Next week, Munich art events will be posted on a different site so that we can accommodate more information than our newsletter can handle.


Friday Gallery Exhibitions

  • Andreas Hirsch, “Consanguine” party May 22 @ 1900 @ Friday Gallery
  • Nina Schmid, “Nachts, wenn mich die Muse küsst,” Vernissage Juni 19, 2015 @ 1900, 19.6.2015 – 8.7..2015 @Friday Gallery
  • Gunter Meliton Alu Dibond Digital Kunst, Vernissage Juli 9 @1900, 9.7-23 .2015 @Friday Gallery
  • Katrin Klug –  14.8 –  3.9.2015 @Friday Gallery

Stammtisch (Working/Projects Meeting)

  • May 29th @1900  location TBA  Please RSVP with to attend the meeting   –  This meeting is for artists and art historians who would like to be more involved in organising art events, installations, exhibitions, books and social media, internet web sites.   Meeting Agenda’s and decisons will be posted online the day after the meeting.


Office Warming Party and Art Swap Fundraiser December 12, 2013

BCA Munich Fundraiser


We are raising funds for Doctors without Borders and Munich artists are coming forward with some beautiful pieces for our art swap.  Here are the list of artists who have donated pieces of art for the art swap game.

  1. Michael Pitschke – Watercolor cartoon drawing
  2. Jenny Schminke –  Study of a Bird
  3. Ines Seidel – Mixed Media
  4. Emmy Horstkamp – Mixed Media – Guardian series
  5. Markus Brackelmann – Digital Art
  6. Mahirwan Mamtani “Serigraphs” (silk-screen)
  7. Britta Eriskat  Pen wash on paper
  8. Gunther Meliton – digital art
  9. Katrin Klug  – Body Stencil
  10. Gabrielle Rothweiler – Mixed media
  11. Willi Hoppe – Painting
  12. Rysz Merey- watercolor and ink art piece
  13. Ray Moore -Painting and print
  14. Ulli Schmeling – Sculptures
  15. Cornelia Kloess – Sculpture
  16. Brigitte Pruchnow – Pen and Ink
  17. Andrea Senyk – Photography
  18. Agnes Mayer – Digital Art/ Photography
  19. Angela Smets  – Arcylic painting
  20. Cyril Mariaux – Mixed media monograph

We missed a few artists over the weekend so as their work trickles in over the next two days, I will add the names of those artists to the list.

If you would like to have an opportunity to play the game and get a piece of art from one of these artists, don’t forget to purchase your ticket on event brite.  Here is the link.

BCA Munich Friday Gallery November 23, 2013

Munich is getting ready for the holiday season.  Christmas markets are under construction and the Christmas tree corrals are up.   Are you getting into the holiday mood?  If not, maybe this week’s Friday gallery will help.

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