Lueckenfuelle – A New Meeting Point in Munich Looking for Art Events (Actions)

Oh Hello. Did you forget about me already?  I’m still on Staycation but Munich doesn’t grind to a halt just because most of the artists have left for vacation. The Art must go on so when you get back into the groove of Munich living, go visit Lueckenfuelle before it gets turned into a construction site.

Lueckenfuelle is located at the corner of Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmannstrasse.  It is a temporary idea space where artsy ideas can become artsy realities.

Lueckenfuelle – Gespraeche in der Stadt – Gespraeche fuer die Stadt (Translation: Discussions in the city – Discussions for the city) is a corner where you can go meet and be creative and share your creations.  This is NOT a graffiti corner so don’t bring your spray cans. The mural created by HNRX was by invitation and shall not be morphing into anything else anytime soon unless approved by Lueckenfuelle.

Here is a photo before the HNRX mural…

13833253_1373360992680872_1881834375_o (1)
Lueckenfuelle – Munich, Germany Art Spot (photo thanks to HNRX)

Here is a photo after the HNRX mural…

13844069_1377149628968675_484247641_o (1)
New artsy meeting spot in Munich Germany  Schleissheimerstrasse/Rottmannstrasse (photo by HNRX)

I could give you all the artsy language of why this space exists but the nitty gritty is that a group of Minga architects decided that the empty lot was a horrible thing to have in this neighbourhood and they decided to do something about it.

IMG_7105_2 (1).jpg
The visionaries for Lueckenfuelle

Maria, Leila, Sophie & Nick are the main contacts for the space and the visionaries who decided that this neighbourhood could have a cool space to meet and share art, conversation and ideas with other Munich residents.

If you are a planner and a creative with something to share, the space is currently looking for art events “actions.

If you  have:

  • An temporary art installations involving film or music or sculpture
  • A idea for an outdoor lecture
  • A book readings, poetry slam, flash fiction evening
  • A public concert
  • An art gathering of super cool creatives
  • An idea not mentioned above that would fit within the confines of a neighborhood corner space and would be interacting with the neighbours in a creative and positive way.

Please take the following into consideration:

  • The neighbourhood has lots of children and young families.
  • The architect quartet made wood furniture in the space that is modular and can be moved around but, it is always in the space. If you wanted an empty corner, you should have made your way over there before they created Lueckenfuelle.   Please plan your idea using the furniture that is in the space.  Don’t be a diva. This is not the neighbourhood for divas.
  • The location is near Stiglmaierplatz. Easy to reach from all areas of Munich. (Subway U1)
  • It is an outdoor space.  Please plan for an outdoor space.  Please remember it is outdoors.  There is nothing to shelter you and your art from the elements. Did I mention it was outside?

Contact:  Please email your idea to

NOTE: International artists and ideas are welcome. Come to Munich and be super creative in this new artsy Munich space. Lueckenfuelle will be happy to receive your email and have you share something that fits with their concept.

Please don’t forget to tell me if your idea gets accepted. I want to make sure we keep this little space filled with creative talent from around the world or maybe just around Munich but around the world would be amazing for me and Munich Artists!










It is always exciting when a group of artists descend into Munich and get creative.  Here are a few new art pieces from Tumblingerstrasse & Candidplatz.


Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613140729_1024793647575782_1402532494_n
After Stroke Tumblingerstr. Street Art
Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613162343_1024793674242446_603832063_n
After Stroke Tumblingerstr. Street Art
Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613153236_1024793710909109_1670153252_n
After Stroke Tumblingerstr. Street Art
Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613153319_1024793827575764_2143003248_n
After Stroke Tumblingerstr. Street Art
Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613180856_1024793884242425_1291603560_n
After Stroke art Tumblingerstr.
Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613183096_1024798207575326_138240458_n
After Stroke art Tumblingerstr. Street Art by STARE
Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613183187_1024798284241985_112582880_n
After Stroke art Tumblingerstr. Street Art
Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613140863_1024798494241964_1295200534_n
After Stroke art Tumblingerstr. Street Art by Pipsqueak. Please go see this piece before it is covered up. I’m super excited we got to have one of these on our walls even if it is for only a few weeks.


Candidplatz (Area)

Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613161275_1024511157604031_267698151_o
After Stroke art around Candidplatz by HNRX.  This corner is a Trifecta for HNRX. There are three in a row so worth going down under the overpass and check it out.

Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613152884_1024798810908599_1510377410_n


Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613181018_1024799094241904_257735524_n
After Stroke art at Candidplatz
Munich Artists street AfterSTroke Tumblinger strasse and Candidplatz photos may 201613183026_1024799374241876_1651198027_n
After Stroke art at Candidplatz by GZ (Guido Zimmermann)

I will be meeting with artists today and on Monday for mini interviews and shooting more Munich street art created in the Stroke aftermath.  If you are a street artist visiting Munich, please let me know and I will try and come meet with you and share a bit of your story.

If you are an international street artist, you might be able to get wall space from the city to create a masterpiece but you need to do a bit of planning.  If you are interested, read this page and lets get your awesome work up on Munich walls.


Interview : HNRX – European Street Artist

Munich Artists Munich street art HNRX April 201612986750_1011001038955043_632427628_oAn email arrived with a map and a message. HNRX would be painting a mural on a Munich wall and I was invited to visit.

Heading over to the wall, I watched the artist spraying paint from on top of a narrow metal ladder.  Catching his attention, the artist descended from his perch and we stood staring at his work in progress and talking about his life and art.

Why Munich?

I came to Munich because of Loomit.  My first time painting here was in 2013 and over the last few years, I’ve collaborated with several Munich based street artists.  I like the city because it is close to my home in Austria and it is a unique place to work.

How do you find the walls you’re going to paint in Munich?

Loomit invited me to paint pieces at the Kult Fabrik which is like a museum of street art. Some of the pieces are really old and Loomit will let you know what spaces are available for painting.

Munich Artists emmy-horstkamp-munich-march-2016-photo-by-emmy-horstkamp12325900_990924014296079_1611173780_o

In other areas of town, if I’m painting a larger piece, I will  let the city know that I plan to paint the wall and then I send in a proposed art piece.  My original drawing for this wall was vetoed so I sent in another drawing and that one was approved. I never run out of ideas so this kind of thing is never a problem. I feel that to be painting street art, you need to really want to do it and never give up.

For smaller pieces, I look around for a place where I can put a piece and where it may stay awhile.

Munich Artists Munich street art HNRX April 201612991900_1011003898954757_1665111521_o

Do you find it easy to paint street art in Munich?

There are not that many areas around town where you can paint so I just look around and decide where I think a piece would work.   For the current piece, I called the police ahead of time to let them know I was starting my piece and that I had permission from the city but the police still came out to the wall.

At the beginning of the art piece, people are not so friendly. They don’t know what is happening and shout that I’m making graffiti.  The art piece at the beginning is a sketch and doesn’t look like the finished piece but my work is not graffiti, it is art and I spend quite a bit of time and money creating it.

Do you get paid for painting your large murals?

If the work is a commission, I get paid but for my own art pieces, I’m funding the materials myself which is expensive for large walls.  I’m working full time as an artist so I’m actively selling smaller works to raise funds for the large public artworks. The current piece is self funded. The city gave me permission to paint the wall but no funds to cover the costs.

Why do you make such large art pieces?

I enjoy making large artworks and working on walls. I love the texture and the flaws in the wall.  I prefer to have a painting surface that isn’t perfect. I tried painting on canvas and found it unappealing. I love the challenge of spraying on outdoor walls.

I also love connecting with the public.  I would never want to be isolated in a studio full time.  My urban murals ask people to pay attention and offers them some love and freedom.  Although I keep up with current events and I’m a vegan,  I don’t use my art to make political statements, people get enough of that from the media, they don’t need that from my art.

How long does it take you to paint the walls?

For the current wall, it took four hours just to roll the base coat on the wall.  I’ve scheduled 2 -12 hour days for painting the wall near Candidplatz.

Do you have specific themes?

I make art everyday and I have lots of ideas.  Right now I’m focusing on little things that people take for granted.  What they may overlook in their daily lives.  I’m also delving into surrealism.

Are you a trained artist?

My mother is an artist but I learned street art from creating street art and by doing it.  I attended architectural school but I don’t see that as part of my art training.  I found that I needed to let go of the straight precision of architecture to make my street art.  I love making art that isn’t perfect and where you don’t have to follow specific rules – you don’t have that freedom as an architect but in my art, I’m free to make things which are impossible in reality.

How do you feel when someone paints over your art pieces?

I’m making street art.  Usually it is up for a few days before it gets damaged or covered.  One time, I created a piece in London with a friend and the piece was tagged the day after we finished.   My friend was really upset because we spent two days painting the piece but I know that is just part of creating art on the street.

The street is open to all artists. You can’t be angry with other artists for doing to your piece what you have done to the piece that was there before yours.  That is street art. Covering is part of the process.

Do you make small artwork that people can buy?

I support myself through commissions and selling artwork painted on cardboard. I love using cardboard because it is easy to store and has an uneven texture similar to the walls .  I have a gallery in Innsbruck, Vienna and here in Munich.  I’m also have an exhibition in July at the Die Faerberei starting on July 15th.

HNRX painting details into his pineapple


Note:  The street art festival is happening soon.  If you want to see HNRX’s work down on Tumblingerstrasse, I suggest you head over soon to check them out.  Most of them have already been damaged but you can still see the pieces through the chrome. Here are a few more pieces of this art piece at Candidplatz


New HNRX Street Art Near Candidplatz

I will be posting an interview with HNRX over the weekend (Cause he was nice enough to send me coordinates where to find him.) While you wait for me to finish writing, you can grab your calendar and jot down the following information:

  • Date: July 15, 2016
  • Time: 2000 to 2400
  • Location:  Die Faerberei  Claude Lorrain Strasse 25 RGB 81543 Munich

For three days, HNRX will be selling artwork on cardboard to some lucky Mingas.  Go support HNRX so he can share more artwork on our city walls.

Most of HNRx’s walls are self funded and Munich Artists likes to encourage you to support artists chasing their dreams onto the streets of Munich.

After looking at your finances and setting aside 100 to 1k Euro for the July exhibition, head over to Candidplatz to see HNRX’s new very large art piece.  If you take the subway, you will exit and head over towards the little creek.

Please enjoy HNRX’s work while you can. He is a guest in our city for only a few more months and then he will be off hunting for new game walls in another European city.

Munich Artists Munich street art HNRX April 201612986750_1011001038955043_632427628_oMunich Artists Munich street art HNRX April 201613010109_1011003768954770_1183743358_oMunich Artists Munich street art HNRX April 2016IMG_2988 (1)

London Inspiration – Street Art and Graffiti (March 2016)

Finally!  Today, I’m sharing with you the street art & graffiti that I found during my recent trip to London.(Photos I have not already posted here and on Instagram.)

Before you take a peek, please note:

  1.  I still need to label artists if I can figure out who they are. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Layers upon layers of artwork. No piece is sacred.  A mural is a mural. Street art is street art and street art is temporary.
  3. The street art is not all over London. There are two main zones for street art/graffiti  These zones are filled to the brim with art so when you go there, every corner is a delight to explore. Plan to spend two days looking through those neighbourhoods.
  4. HNRX – I found him in London.  Go check out the artwork we have here in Munich at Tumblingerstrasse and the Kultfabrik. We are lucky to have his work here.  Go enjoy it while it is still up on the walls.
  5. Good. Bad. Great. Mediocre. Big. Small. Paper. Sticker. Paint. Spraypaint. Marker. The artwork is made with different mediums and all of the pieces exist in the same space and covers the same walls. The walls have a texture that is sculptural with pieces extending out into the street. It feels like the walls are talking to you when you walk down these streets – a loud art conversation asking you to join in.
  6. The neighbourhoods where you find the street art in London encourage street art.  In other areas of London, you will find very little street art.  The artists know where they are welcome and they go there to share their artwork and not worry about cctv cameras.  Some of the larger pieces on specific buildings are not commissioned but are created with permission from the store owners.  A nice piece of street art = tourists/visitors/photographs and a positive digital footprint encouraging people to visit.
  7. If you want to go painting on the streets of London, contact Wumi. We showed you some of his work here.  Wumi is really cool and knows where to paint and will tell you where you can get your art supplies and maybe if he likes your work, he will paint with you.

Current streetart Tumblingerstr. Munich, Germany January 2016

Current artwork on Tumblingerstrasse.  If you would like to see the works in person, you can park your car at Tumblingerstrasse next to the graffiti or take the U3 to Poccistrasse and walk a block. Remember Street art on this street is legal and does not stay very long because artists love to create artwork. This street is also curated so contact a street artist in Munich BEFORE you go doodling your way into trouble. If you don’t know a street artist in Munich, head to the other side of this wall and work your magic.

Lando Graffiti – Bowie – 2016
Lando Graffiti Detail photo of Bowie 2016
City Slickaz (below) and HNRX (Above)
HNRX (above)
City Slickaz tag (love it.)
Subtwo Street Art Portrait 2015

Lettering 2015 (There is more lettering but I took a shot of one example)
Marc Sumo Street Artist from Luxembourg (above)?