Munich Stories – Our September Project

Today I had a great conversation with a Munich Artist by the name of Masha Baur who came to visit Frauenstrasse 18. It was a nice mid afternoon break from LifeLines in Red art production.

Surrounded by lots of wet ink, Masha showed me her current projects and we talked about some of her collaborative work with a writer living in Canada which she called the November project. I loved her November project so much that I asked if we could do it as a Munich Artists project but, in a different month.  Masha agreed to be one of the illustrators for this project which we will be doing in September and calling Munich Stories (or a similar domain name… I have to check what we have.)

The stories and their illustrations will be created from September 15th to October 15th.

Details of this project:

I will be picking 3 writers and 3 artists who will then each pick a writer or an artist they want to work with for the project.  If I ask you to write and you don’t know artists, you can pick one of the 100 Artists Say Hello Artists.  There will be no photographic art in this project.

The artists and writers will each create two pieces of artwork each week for the month for a total of 8 pieces of art.  All the artwork and stories will be combined into a book, and published under our Kyfio UG publishing ISBN. After costs, the involved artists will share 60 percent of the proceeds from the book which we will publish before Christmas.

There will be 30 topics.

Each week, the artist teams will pick two topics.  The artist will create an illustration from the first choice and the writer will write a story based on the second chosen topic.  In the middle of the week, the artist and writer will swap artwork and then create their second piece based on the piece they got from the other artist.

This means you will have 3 days to complete a piece and at the end of the week you will have four completed pieces of art, two visual and two written.

We will be printing this book in an A4 portrait magazine style so artwork must fit this dimension.  The story length is maximum 1500 words.    All participating artists will sign a contract allowing me to publish the book and , if we make any cash off of the artsy book, we will share it 60/40.  Artists together receiving 60 percent, me as the person doing all the backend work gets 40 (well kyfio UG gets 40 percent.)

I’m looking forward to seeing how this works!

Note: Five more days before we start guest posts. If you sent me one, I am uploading them tomorrow so I will email you with a thank you and tell you the approximate day it will be published. If you do not get an email from me tomorrow, please email me.

Until then,  I may try to write everyday to make up for the  2 week silence…. I have so much information to share… so much and time just slipppppppppps away into LifeLines which is what I thought would happen and why I’m doing the staycation.

Be prepared to create when you get back from VACATION.






Day 7 – Take Off Your Hat and Stay Awhile – Munich Artists Photo Inspired Challenge

day 7- hats
day 7- hats

This is an illustrated images found in the creative commons on Flickr.  The creative commons on Flickr offers an interesting archive of photos offered to the public by different cultural institutions from around the world.  Sometimes you need to refer to the originating organisation and sometimes you don’t.  Check the rules for each image on Flickr before using them on the internet or in your art projects.

Did you enjoy creating an image with the beach and the mailbox?

Here are the Galleries from Day 5 and 6. If you would like to participate in the challenge, please check out our challenge page.  If you would like to share your completed artwork with us, please join our Facebook group.

Day 5

Day 6

Day 5 – Lets Take Our Imaginations to the Beach

This is a great composition for adding elements. I can’t wait to show you what Munich Artists decided to do.  I will post the galleries for day 4/5 on Sunday because today after I finish this post, I will be offline to finish a few non art related projects.

If you would like to join in with our challenge, you can read the rules and find the photographs on our challenge page.  We are sharing some of the work on our Facebook page and our Instagram feed. we have also set up a closed group for the challenges.  Please remember that all the photos we are sharing with you are in the creative commons. You are welcome to manipulate the photo in any way you want.

So far, creatives are working both offline and online creating collages, and mixed media artwork.  If you would like to see examples of what the artists have been creating, you can see the galleries at the end of each day’s challenge (except today).

Day 6 -public-domain
Day 6 – Girl at the Beach

Day 3 Munich Artists Challenge – Spinning Wheels Go Round Even in the Rain

Welcome to day 3 of our 30 day challenge.  Here is the image for today.  A ferris wheel.   

It is a wet and soggy day in Munich and as I walked passed my neighbour’s car, I saw this little guy making his way through the raindrops.  I decided to use him for the digital collage today.  This was done on my iphone 6 plus using snapseed for color and Multi expo to combine the two photos.

Yesterday, Munich Artists created some great images using the hands. Here are a few examples:

Day 2 Munich Artists 30 Day challenge – Photo and Illustration Inspiration

day 2-hands-with-green-pine-needles

Day 2.  Can you see them? All nestled together in a pair of protective hands. The image above inspired me to illustrate this idea of trust and protection and I will be working on this after I finish working my day job.   I’ve set myself a time limit of one hour to finish an art piece each day that is offline. My digital art pieces have a time limit of ten minutes. I could spend hours tweaking colors and layers in photoshop but I wanted to challenge and encourage you to take a coffee break and create a piece of digital art.  By sharing artwork that I do in ten minutes using iphone apps, you can feel free to play with your photos while sipping your coffee and sharing your mini masterpieces with me on social media.

Please remember that when you create artwork using iphone apps some of the images are small in size and will not reproduce well when printed.  If you want to import the images into photoshop, you will be limited on how large you can make a printed piece.  If you are going to spend hours working on a digital piece, make sure the resolution and file sizes are appropriate for your intended output (digital web presentation, printing, publishing offline). Because I know the files are too small to use for large digital art pieces, I set myself a time limit of 10 minutes so that I’m happy with the art piece and don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time.

If you would like to participate in the current 30 day challenge, please read the rules of our Munich Artists challenge page and don’t worry that we already started.  We are flexible.  The point of the challenges is to set the goal to create artwork everyday. Someday you may actually reach this goal.  Luckily, I live in Munich, Germany where artists are inspired to create even during the holiday season and artists like, Michael Pitschke, have been creating artwork everyday for years.

Below are a few of the photos shared in our Facebook group.  I’ve created a group specifically for our challenges and you are welcome to join the group and share your artwork there.  I’ve created a Public Page where I will also share the artwork.   Please remember, any artwork you share with me, will be used for social media and may go into our challenge book series.

Have fun creating.  I look forward to seeing your artwork.

Day 1 – Munich Artists 30 Day Photography and Illustration Challenge

Click on the photo and you will go to the media file. Once you get to the media file, save image to your desktop. (please only do this with photos from this challenge.)

Our 30 day photography and illustration challenge starts today.  I will be posting examples of the two art pieces I create today on our instagram feed tomorrow.  If you would like to participate in the challenge, please read through the challenge page.  If you are an artist in Munich, you can submit your work to our closed Facebook group. If you are an artist from some other region of the world, you are welcome to join the challenge group and post your work there.


This challenge can be difficult or it can be very easy depending on whether you decide to collage two photos using Multi Expo or PicLabHD or if you decide to dedicate a few hours and create artwork offline.   For this challenge, I will be creating a digital art piece and also creating a piece offline.

Our last challenge was a photo self portrait challenge.  I will be posting the gallery of images later this week.  If you want to see the themes for the self portrait challenge, you can check out the self portrait challenge page.

Munich Artists Challenge Starts Monday August 31st

Are you Ready?  Below are the photos for the challenge.  You can download the photos from the Munich Artists Photo Inspired Art Challenge page.

Please read through the challenge.  

We are using creative commons photos so you have permission to use the photos to create artwork without referencing the artist.  There is only one image by a German photographer in the extra photos where you will need to reference the German photographer in the final art piece you create. She is the only photographer you need to specifically reference.  Everyone else has released their rights to the images so you can play with them as much as you want without using their names.   I picked the photos from the Creative Commons on Flickr and from a weekly email I get from Unsplash.   We will be doing this challenge again next year so if you want us to use your photos, you can send them to me and I will put them in a special file for the challenge.

All finished art pieces which are sent to me, may be shared on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest and other social media channels and associated websites.  If you do not want to have your artwork shared, please do not send it to me.  If you have any questions, you can email me at with the subject line – photo inspired art challenge.

Munich Artists 30 day Challenge – Photo Inspired Art – Photography and Illustration Challenge

The next challenge starts on Monday August 31, 2015

Our next Munich Artists 30 day Challenge Begins on August 31, 2015 and will combine photography and illustration.  There are no limitations on the way you use the photographs I’m providing you.  There are backup photographs just in case the assigned photograph does not inspire you.  You can use any of the extra photographs once each during the 30 day Challenge.

The theme for the day is the composition of the photograph.  For A few options include:

Combining different photographs digitally – Take your own photograph and the photograph that I am providing you and photoshop them or, use a program on your smart phone to layer the photos like the image below:

Munich Artists Angela Josupeit Subway
Munich Artists – Angela Josupeit Subway

Combining different photographs collage – Print out the photograph and then use the photograph within your photo composition like this:

Artist Emmy Horstkamp Plan B Dorothy
Artist Emmy Horstkamp – Plan B Dorothy – Collage

or like this:

Ines Seidel
Artist Ines Seidel – Hiding behind myself – Photograph

Combining photography and illustration –  You can either download and draw directly on the photograph that I’ve provided you or create an illustration that combines elements of the photograph and then photograph it.  Examples of this type of artwork include:

Ben Heine

Artist Ben Heine

and Neal Murren

 Because of the flexibility of the challenge, artists can make art that takes minutes or hours depending on their schedule over the upcoming 30 days.  I will try to make a simple piece and a more complicated piece each day.

The Instructions above will be on the challenge page starting on Monday August 24, 2015.   I am providing you with the photographs a week in advance so you can prepare yourself for the challenge.  Please do not post any images before the challenge day.  I want to give your work my full attention and I can’t do that if it shows up out of order.

If you decide to participate in this challenge, your work will be shared on Facebook and Instagram and possibly printed in the Challenge book.  I will not use it for any other purpose without your permission. If you do not want your work used, I would ask you to specifically state that when you post the image in our closed Facebook group or when you email it to me (why would you email me a photo if I can’t use it?  That would be just silly. Don’t email me things I can’t use.)

All the photographs provided for this challenge are in the creative commons so you can do whatever you want with them.  I do have one photograph that is by a German photographer so you will need to reference her name in your credits.  I will use her piece in the extra photos. There are no other copyright restrictions on your final artwork except for your own personal copyright for the finished artwork.

Please remember this is to inspire and challenge you.  I do not accept archival work as a submission but you can use archival photographs for your digital collaging.  You must use the daily photograph or one of the Extras every day of the 30 day photo and illustration challenge.

I look forward to seeing your work!