Innerfields at the Munich Artists Window

munich artists innerfields installation 2017 odeonsplatzIMG_9870
Innerfields artists in the window – May 2017

Innerfields visited Munich for ArtMUC and while they were in town and had time, the three artists wandered over to Odeonsplatz and created this amazing piece for me.

When they showed me what they wanted to do.  It was perfect.

I’m so in love with what they made, that I’m thinking of putting MDF over it when we have the next installation so that in between installations, we can show their art piece. (UPDATE: We could not do this because the window owner asked us to paint over it.)

Here are some photos of the work in progress and the final piece.

munich artists innerfields installation 2017 odeonsplatzIMG_5744
Work in Progress – Innerfields May 2017
munich artists innerfields installation 2017 odeonsplatzIMG_6134
Holger and Veit Putting Gold Leaf on the Halo
munich artists innerfields installation 2017 odeonsplatzIMG_2549
Hard at work putting Gold Leaf on the Halo
munich artists innerfields installation 2017 odeonsplatzIMG_1767
Finishing touches to the installation piece
munich artists innerfields installation 2017 odeonsplatzIMG_7657
Innerfields Installation piece. Candles will be added over the weekend to complete the work.  I will update photos then.
munich artists innerfields installation 2017 odeonsplatzIMG_5791
Talking to the Cash Machine visitors
munich artists innerfields installation 2017 odeonsplatzIMG_8321
Even the lights are drawn to her
munich artists innerfields installation 2017 odeonsplatzIMG_5366
Munich is so wealthy that they can afford to toss away gold….so it appears. My feet sans gold.
munich artists innerfields installation 2017 odeonsplatzIMG_5512
Gold debris. In other places it’s just dirt.

Inspired? Munich Artists Shares our Inspiration 2016 Book & the Different Forms of Inspiration


We started a project last year called inspired.  For 2016, we used a piece of artwork by Brigitte Pruchnow as inspiration and artists were asked to make a piece of art influenced by the specific art piece created by Brigitte.

After the artists arrived at the studio to pick up their inspired books, I realized that the artwork meant more to these individual artists than I could grasp through the visual.

When they explained why they created their art pieces, I had a deeper appreciation for their individual art pieces and the book we created.

This lapse between the visual art pieces and the artistic meaning imbued through inspiration made me think about inspiration and how we are affected by the different forms of inspiration that surrounds us.

For the Inspired project 2016, we used this visual art piece by Brigitte Pruchnow.  It is a mixed media art piece shared with a group of artists chosen by Brigitte.

The artists spent weeks creating art pieces and then submitted their work digitally for publication.  The works were combined to create the Inspired book 2016 which was published in December 2017 by Munich Artists.


Active Vs Passive Inspiration

Looking at artwork is a passive form of inspiration.  Looking at artwork inspires us in the same way as reading a good story or listening to music.  In all of these activities, we are not actively doing something to receive the influence, it is just there seeping into our subconscious and changing how we create or explore our creative worlds.

If we wanted to provide active inspiration, creatives need to be creating together and making mistakes together. The process of creating, the process of production would propel the artists forward and in a direction, they may have not been exploring.  The failures would guide them and inspire them to move on towards creative endeavors untapped and unexplored.  This active inspiration can happen alone or in a collaborative environment.

Active inspiration can also be found when artists are actively observing their environments or finding new ways to create out of necessity.  One artist from France, who showed at the Friday gallery told me to relax and work with what I had in my hands. No need to run out and hunt and gather.  I watched and was inspired as he looked around and created a clever fix.  This attitude shows creativity and inspiration by what is there which is they type of inspiration we hope the Say Hello 2017 box will inject into the artists participating.)

Negative Influences

Sometimes artists use drugs, emotional conflicts and physical reactions to spark inspiration.  The problem with this form of inspiration is that the flow of inspiration is dependent on negative influences and the artist requires the negative inspiration to produce and be creative.  This dependency has destroyed many artists and gets in the way of productivity and healthier inspirational influences.

Suggestions and Brainstorming

Conversations can be a passive or active for of inspiration depending on how involved the artists become.  We can sit in a space and listen to what is being said and be inspired to create something  or we can engage in an active discussion over a topic and find ourselves inspired to pursue a new body of work.


A conversation is the inspiration for Inspired 2017.   During an open studio, I talked with a doctor about her practice and why she chose to specialize in Pain management.

The doctor stated that Pain is what helps us feel alive. Without feeling (Pain) we die.  The doctor shared a story with me about a person whose pain was removed, and without being able to feel, the person died.

Her words made me think about Pain. It startled me that the pain I’ve felt in my life has helped keep me alive and it made me think about how past pain has shaped me as a person.

Her words inspired me to think about creating a book based on the idea of pain and the process of creation.  I wanted artists to delve down and share an emotional experience that influences them and their artwork. I wanted to have artwork that reflected pain as an acknowledgement of life.

For the Inspired project 2017, we will be focusing on this idea of pain.

Inspired 2016 Installation at MA-Window

Starting on Sunday, the 2016 Inspired book is in the MA-Window at Odeonsplatz showing the artwork projected on the wall.


The artists who participated in the 2016 book are:


If you are interested in the artwork created for the book, some of the artists still have their pieces available. Contact the artist directly for more information.  If you would like a copy of the book, we still have a few copies available for 50 Euro.

JC Leopold Installation at Das KloHaeuschen – Grotta di Stalattiti

I love living in Sendling and having the opportunity to see the installations at Das KloHaeuschen.

Das KloHaeuschen #83 will be on display until the middle of February 2017 which gives you two more weeks to see this art piece by  JC leopold.

(Here is JC Leopold’s website. At this time, the website just has his name and address on it so if you want more information click his name above or click right here to go to JC Leopold’s Facebook page. On his Facebook page you will see images of his sculptures and of JC himself.

The “cave” is a place of refuge for men just as the toilet may be and both are moist dark places with maybe a feeling of home?  What do you think?  Here is the description of the Grotta di Stalattiti in German.  Go check out the installation and all the phallic sculptures filling the interior. (or maybe they are just phallic for me as I think about a men’s restroom that used to be a space for men to meet and connect and you know…)

JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen
JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen
JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen
JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen
JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen
JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen




Long Night of the Museum a/k/a Die Lange Nacht der Muencher Museen is October 15, 2016

Don’t forget!   Munich Artists has an installation at Goethestr. 53.  We are showing the white masks created by Munich Artists for the My True Self Happening in July 2016.


Here is a photo from the filming at the escalators at Odeonsplatz:


Munich Artists involved with the My True Self Installation


The artists who created  masks and attended the event are:

  • Dorothea Grimme
  • Katrin Klug
  • Brigitte Hoppstock
  • Allun Turner
  • Gabriela Popp
  • Ines Seidel
  • Verena Friedrich (Marie is in the photo)
  • Christian Sylis
  • Angelica Zeller Michaelson
  • Emmy Horstkamp

(A few artists created masks but were unable to attend for the video shoot and two artists showed up who did not create masks but helped us wear masks.)

For LNDMM, The white masks are displayed as part of the “My True Self” Installation. I originally planned to pile the masks on the floor underneath the video screen but, now, I have them inside a case like this:


I altered my original concept. This happens.  The space where I’m showing the piece does not have WIFI so my idea to have people share images on Instagram does not function.   I changed the concept so that the people look into a mirror and can snap a photo of themselves.  I have the masks on display next to the mirror. They are what a mirror absorbed.  I have a little blurb about the concept and will share that on my art page.

When the artists and I met in July, I took some great video but I will not use it tomorrow. I decided the video detracted from the two other pieces and I wanted people to enjoy looking at the masks and taking photos of themselves in the mirror.  I will use the video in another version of the My True Self installation which uses 3/4 mirrors instead of just two.

The present installation uses masks from the artists (You can see them holding their masks in the photo above.)  The artists will be getting their masks back after the event so this really cool piece above will only exist until tomorrow unless they let me keep it together.

I will share some images of the completed installation on our Instagram feed tomorrow.

If you walk by Goethestrasse 53 tomorrow  take a video or photo of the outside video display.  I created it and want it shared as much as possible.  If you share it on Instagram, please add  @munichartists so that I see it!


The Munich Artists involved in the My True Self project  did not know that the masks would be in the Long Night of the Museum as an Installation.  I did not have the acceptance email until after the event and I did not tell them that I submitted the idea to an open call for artwork because I don’t like to get people’s hopes up.  I feel artists have enough disappointment that I don’t want to add to the pile.

With that said, I hope that you will join us on Sunday at Einstein Kultur to build the card sculpture.  I will be video recording your work on the sculpture with a laptop cam to document the construction.   I have no clue what I will do with the video footage yet.  I may write a story about it or use it as a basis for a story that we can show at a later date but it is at this point, just documenting the construction of our card sculpture.

We  meet at Einstein Kultur from 1300 to 1800.   We get the keys at 1300 so building will start around 1330. At our 500 Artists events, I’m open to listening to ideas and meeting as many of you as possible.   You can ask artists like

At our 500 Artists events, I’m open to listening to ideas and meeting as many of you as possible. It is one of the few times that I’m hanging out at a party.

I remember the artists I meet at our events and when the opportunity arises to share their work or ask artists to collaborate I will first dig down into the Munich Artists trove to find what I need.

Admission to the happening on Sunday  is a deck of Munich Artists Playing Cards which, if you have not already bought a set, can be purchased at the entrance from Holger, my business partner.








Balloons Through Munich and Recap of Fill the Void


Yes I am on a staycation from Munich Artists website but that doesn’t mean that I’m on a staycation from art.  This Hiatus meant that I kind of dropped the ball regarding my own art project. Sorry about that. I thought I told you we were going to play with balloons and drink beer but somewhere along the way I did not get this information on the website.

Fill the Void 

On Tuesday August 30th,  I filled the void at Lueckenfuelle with balloons.  We intended to have 1k balloons but  we had a mishap with one our helium gas tanks so I ended up with 500 balloons at the corner of Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmanstrasse which looked cool but was not exactly what I imagined.  Welcome to the realities of being an artist.

Neighbours stopped by all day and asked what I was doing. I enjoyed meeting the people of this neighbourhood and will plan something for the park across the street in 2017 because this neighbourhood loves artsy things happening around them.

Balloons through Munich

I went back yesterday (August 31st) to pick up my dead balloons and found that 100 or so of the balloons were still in the space and not dead so I started gathering them and realised they would not fit in my car.


I thought about deflating them and then decided to walk to Frauenstrasse 18 with a large bouquet of balloons.

As I started down the street, there was a woman behind me so I tried to get out of her way and she said she loved walking behind so many balloons –  it reminded her of her childhood.   I liked that she was visiting a childhood memory and we exchanged a happy moment with Fill the Void balloons.

Next, I walked down the street and remembered the ring sculpture and decided it needed some company so the balloons and I walked over and I took a shot of the two art pieces together.  When I looked through the camera lens, I realised we had created the letter Q .

I can make a Q out of you.  Photo by Emmy Horstkamp Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Walking past the ring, I saw this salt/sand dispenser and decided we needed a balloon dispenser for emergency purposes.

Emergency Balloons – Sprinkle on any blue day to avoid an emotional meltdown. Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

We continued through Munich and walked through Karlsplatz and down the shopping street resting for a moment on this bench.

Taking a rest downtown and filling a bench.   Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Heading behind Frauenkirche, we did a bit of window shopping checking out the new dirndls for Oktoberfest and the Holiday season.

“We may be too round for you.” Thought the balloon Bouquet.  Photograph by Emmy Horstkamp
Maybe we need to be more green?  photograph by Emmy Horstkamp

We visited Marienhof because I wanted the balloons to interact with the public art piece located in the Hof.  The piece is land art and right now is full of wild flowers so you can’t really see the big holes in the ground.  Here the balloons are trying to fill one of the holes.

This is art Munich!  Filling a land art piece at Marienhof.   Raw Photo by that head at the bottom of the image.

I saw this man writing on a chair and bothered him. I have a few more photos of him but I liked this one because of the shadows.  The man was trying to have some quiet time and I think balloons are good company for quiet contemplation (maybe not Emmy and the balloons but he was tolerant of my shooting photos around him.)

Keeping a solitary man company.  He was not amused.  photograph by Emmy Horstkamp

We reached Frauenstrasse 18  a few balloons short (I gave them to anyone who asked for a balloon.)   Now Frauenstrasse 18  is filled with balloons.

Balloons can’t wait to get home.  Frauenstrasse 18

The Future of  Fill the Void Balloons – We walk more balloons on November 5, 2016

I really enjoyed the balloon walk and since I have more balloons, we will be doing another Balloon walk on November 5th, 2016.

We will have teams of artists blowing up balloons and taking their balloons for a walk and then meeting at the KloHaeusen for a party with all of our balloons.   I want you all to know how much fun it is to walk through the city and interact with Mingas. They really do love balloons.

The 5th of November is the opening of the KloHaeusen Spa installation and since it is an interactive installation by appointment, the 5th is just a party to celebrate the start of the installation and could use happy artists with bunches of balloons.

I want you to see the installation space, enjoy a balloon walk through Munich and sign up for one of the installation appointments (if you are in Munich and want to have a paraffin wax mask treatment.)

If you want to be one of the teams walking from Frauenstrasse 18 to the KloHaeusen, please let me know.  The event is open to everyone.   The groups will walk with balloons and will have to help blow up the balloons they will be carrying.  I will provide the materials and you are welcome to donate to the costs if you want.

You must be open to interacting with Munich and the people in Munich you pass by on the way to Sendling.

The balloons will be blue and white balloons (Munich Colours.)

I will post this information again on its own post and on my website and I will send out a notice to artists on my Munich Artists Newsletter.   My email is  and if you want to subscribe to the newsletter for Munich Artists, here is the link.

Do you think we can gather a  group together on Saturday around 1400?  The installation opens at 1800.  The balloons take 1 to 2 hours to inflate.  A walk to Sendling takes 40minutes.  So I think we start around 1300 and then walk to the installation space, have a drink and play with hundreds of balloons in Sendling.


Absolute Truth – Munich Artists Summer Installation #2

Collaborations are important to Munich Artists and for the summer we asked artists to collaborate on installations at the window at Odeonsplatz that interact with the people in the subway and/or reflect the subway station space.

For our second installation, Michaela Wuehr and I (Emmy Horstkamp) created the Absolute Truth installation which you can read about on the installation page. which is a photo booth of the absolute truth.

The installation will be at the window for two weeks and we hope you will go check out the installation.  If you are interested in purchasing the artwork, you can let us know. The contact information is on the installation page.

Emmy Horstkamp and Michaela Wuehr in front of The Absolute Truth Installation
The installation is located in the Odeonsplatz subway station near the cash machine. On the other side of the cash machine is the underground garden and to the right you will see a store and a bakery.
Two of the triplets arrive!  Michaela and Martin Wuehr bring the freshly painted triplets to the Odeonsplatz window for the absolute truth installation.


This video doesn’t exist


Munich Artists Project Update June 2016


Toot. Toot. Toot my own  horn.

I own and spend lots of time writing about other artists but I’m also Emmy Horstkamp, the artist.  Keeping my distance and not making Munich Artists my own personal PA system is important but so is sharing my artwork and making sure the artists who work with me don’t get overlooked as I try to walk that tightrope between Munich Artists the group and Emmy Horstkamp the Munich Artist developing the Munich Artists Brand.

This year,  you will be seeing my name on lots of posts along with Munich Artists who are collaborating with me on different art projects including:

The Odeonsplatz Window Installations

My True Self,

500 Artists Play Cards

Inspired art book

Now, let me give you a tiny update about the projects before the posts in the next few weeks.

My True Self Installation Event

My True Self is a collaborative installation between myself and a group of Munich Artists. On July 10th, we will be filming Munich Artists wearing their masks  at the Odeonsplatz Subway. If you are a Munich Artist who is participating, please let me know. I will be making a specific post about this project next week.  If you want to be involved, make two masks as explained in the open call!

500 Artists Play Cards

Elizabeth Hughes is the project manager for the card creation and I’m one of the artists and managing the 500 Artists Play Cards event on November 19, 2016.

14 Munich Artists have been chosen and are creating a playing card deck which will be printed and then used during the event on November 19, 2016.   We ask you to reserve the date November 19, 2016 to be in Munich, Germany for this event.  (We are still looking for a location that can hold 500 Artists sitting down to play cards.)

The cost of this event depends on the location. If we need to take this into a hotel setting, the cost will be 150 Euro per seat (expensive option) If we use a public cafeteria, the event will cost 60 Euro and include a set of cards.  More information will be posted in two weeks as we get ready our Kickstarter campaign. The more funds we raise, the more options we will have for event locations.

Inspired Art Book

Brigitte Pruchnow wanted to create a sketchbook that traveled between artists. The artists would draw an art piece based on the art piece on the page before theirs.  I really liked this idea but managing the project would have taken two years so I altered the idea and now, 28 artists have been chosen to create artwork based on a Brigitte Pruchnow’s first art piece.

The book will be an A4 and will be published later this year.  The book will cost 50 Euro or less depending on how many orders we receive.  If you would like a copy of this book we will be sharing a few images and taking pre-orders later this summer. I will post the list of artists next week so you know who is involved and how many books you need to buy.  We may do a kickstarter campaign for this project so that we can have an exhibition of the original works.






Installation: Leave Me Alone? Emmy Horstkamp Installation

You have five more days to see  the first Munich Artists Summer Window Installation at Odeonsplatz.  The installation vacates the window on Sunday/Monday for the next Munich Artists Window Installation called Absolute Truth by Michaela Wuehr and Emmy Horstkamp.

The current installation was created by me, Emmy Hostkamp,  and is based on a story called “On Death” by Diana Radovan.

I created the installation and then experienced a near death situation with my mother which made writing about planning for your death and not being a burden a little too much like realty.   Neither one of my parents were planners and to create the artwork, I dug into my relationship with my own father and then, after it was installed, experienced my mother’s unexpected health crisis.

I’m feeling a little bit like I’m in some kind of twilight zone where the expectations of a Colombian/German child to take care of her parent are in conflict with her personal feelings.  I’ve followed my social/cultural obligation just like the daughter in the story and now, this piece resonates even stronger with me than it did before I created it.

The installation has two video components which have not been shared on the website but you can see them in this photo.


If you would like to read more about the installation, you can read about it on the Will God Leave Me Alone installation page.





Rochelle Feinstein -I Made A Terrible Mistake Exhibition

Until September 18,2016, the Lenbachhaus will be exhibiting artwork by the American artist Rochelle Feinstein. The exhibition entitled “I MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE,” shows artwork from the 1990s until the present day.  The artworks and art projects share Rochelle Feinstein’s thoughts about her surroundings and the world in which she lives.

Love Vibe Series- Love Your work – 1999-2014 – Artwork by Rochelle Feinstein – Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016

In her Love Vibe series, Rochelle Feinstein focuses on what New Yorkers say to each other when they see an artist’s artwork.  The art pieces are large but the words are all cropped so that you get to see only a portion of the phrase, “Love your work.”  What phrase would Germans use at an art exhibition that would be equivalent to “Love your work”?

According to the Lenbachhaus curator, Germans would be loudly critical of the exhibition logistics rather than the art. One journalist sort of proved this point when she commented about the location of the text associated with one painting. “How are people to know what the art is about?” the head curator started explaining how modern art can be enjoyed at different levels but, the journalist stopped him. “I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about how should the people know that the artwork belongs to this description on the other wall.”

This made me laugh because I understood her practical German brain.  I’m constantly looking for the plaques to describe artwork and understood that the distance between the trilogy on the wall and the description would not benefit the art piece.  I understood that for visual purposes, it was better that the reading material be on a side wall.  For practical purposes (ie sharing information), it was better if the writing was near the art piece so you could immediately read about the art.

Ideally, this whole issue would be resolved by requiring everyone take an audio tour which used augmented reality so that when you looked at a painting, the audio for that painting would start and the viewer would have the explanation of the artwork.  No reading, no worrying about where the plaque should be located and nothing competing with the artwork.  The walls would be without numbers, without signs.   If someone absolutely needs to read something, they could buy the catalogue or download a PDF version to flip through on their ipad. (This is my geeky nerdy techie self shining through. Disregard this paragraph if you are a traditionalist with no interest in technology in a museum.)

Happy Birthday Rachel -2009- Artwork by Rochelle Feinstein  – Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York – Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016

Rochelle Feinstein artwork ” I MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE,” combines audio, video and paintings. The installation focuses on the fall of Michael Jackson. You can see to the left of the photo an image that says Auditorium. The two sections above this word are Michael Jackson’s name covered up. (Read more about “I made a terrible Mistake.”)

 “I Made a Terrible Mistake.” Artwork by Rochelle Feinstein -Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York – Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016
Estate of Rochelle F. -2009- Rochelle Feinstein – Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016

When the financial crisis hit the US, Rochelle Feinstein decided to use the materials and artwork that she had in her possession to create new works which she then catalogued recording what materials she used for each art piece.

If you are a working artist, you will immediately understand morphing old work into new pieces.  The curator told us that at the time, Rochelle Feinstein was merging two storage spaces and her studio was overflowing with work. This fact along with current events at the time, ignited the idea to create the Estate of Rochelle F project using “assets’ with unrealised potential.” (This will now be the byline of my personal blog.)

If you have never been to the Lenbachhaus, you can find it at Luisenstr. 33. Tickets are 10 Euro for adults and free for anyone under 18. You have until September but you know how life is in Munich, you better go now before the holidays start. Once you leave for vacation and start vegetating on a beach somewhere, you will forget all about Rochelle and her American opinions.  If you go and see her, you may understand my humour a little more and that is well worth an hour of your time and ten bucks.

Find Your Own Damn Voice-1994- Rochelle Feinstein -Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016
Soon 2 (Joy Ride) 2000-2001 – Rochelle Feinstein – Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016
Travel Abroad -1997-1998- Rochelle Feinstein –  Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016

Open Call: My True Self Event and Installation for Odeonsplatz Subway Station Window

Open Call Deutsch is here.

English Version is below:

My True Self – Art Event – Installation 
Filming Event – Sunday July 10, 2016
Window installation at Odeonsplatz – July 17th – July 31st

Ines Seidel shared a video with me today and it inspired an idea for an installation so now I have an opportunity for you to participate in another installation/event that will use up two of the available window weeks.

Exhibition of video installation: July 17 – July 31st. Installation using masks at the Window at the Odeonsplatz Subway stop for two weeks.

Sunday July 10th from 1000 to 1400 we will meet for the installation video taping.

Installation Brief

My True self is a video installation / Event.

Artists will create two masks.  A tutorial video will be uploaded to the website within the next two weeks and we will have a workshop at the Friday Gallery on June 4, 2016 where you can make a form from your own face to make the masks. (50 Euro for supplies and Allun’s time.)

MASKS: The first mask must only be white on the outside. It represent Fear/security/conformity.  You can do whatever you want to the inside of the mask which represent your inner desires/feelings/self but no colour must show through or be seen when the mask is on.

The second mask will represent the inner self/desire/feelings being shown outwardly – Courage.  You will make this mask similar on the inside and outside to represent what you feel is your true self – the one that you may be hiding or feel unable to express.

For the video installation, we will wear the white masks going down the escalator at the subway station.  This will be our outer persona going down into our subconscious and tapping into our true selves.  Upon reaching the bottom, you will take off the mask pause for a second, and then put on the second mask and go up the escalator.

Our faces will be painted so you don’t have to worry that someone will recognize you. You can paint your face anyway you want or leave it just white. I like the idea of the inner part of the mask being a transfer from your face but I will not force you to do this for the video.

We will have a video camera at the bottom of the stairs filming the masks descending and we will film the masks going up the stairs. So the filming will have everyone do a loop between the two escalators at Odeonsplatz – the escalators that are in front of the window where the installation will be displayed.

All artists are welcome to participate in the creation of masks and the installation video.   If you want to offer me your white mask to place on the bottom of the window box, I will pile the white masks under the video.  It would be cool to have 100 masks at the base of the video.   All masks will be returned after the installation is finished.

What do you think?

I’m announcing this to you today and you have until May 30th to say Yes I will make 2 masks.

  • Deadline for submitting photos of your masks is June 20th.
  • Installation filming will occur on July 10th. 
  • The installation video will run from  July 17 – July 31st 
  • You do not have to wear your mask. You can have a volunteer wear your mask.
  • All masks must be hand made. If you don’t want to create your own form, you can visit me at Frauenstrasse with your materials of choice and make masks using my face. I’m having my form made next week so that we can make a tutorial video on how to make the form… we are also having the workshop by Allun Turner on June 4, 2016.


  • 20 Euro fee for Artists in Bavaria
  • 40 Euro for artists outside of Bavaria
  • Fee waived for artists already on the list.

Your costs to create the masks are not covered by Munich Artists. We will help you make the mask forms if you don’t know how at Allun Turner’s workshop (50 Euro) or on a video we are posting this week on our website (free video tutorial.)

The installation will be added to my installation book. The book will not include photos of all the individual masks except when placed in the window installation.  I will take photos of all masks and create a PDF which will be added to the website as I did with the Hello 2016 book.

I look forward to hearing from you at Reference line must say  Masks so I don’t miss your email.

Open Call: 500 Artists Say Hello

German Version of Open Call

500 Artists Say Hello

Hi my name is Emmy Horstkamp and I’m the founder of the Munich Artists Group.

In 2013, I decided to create Munich Artists so that I could meet more artists who wanted to collaborate on projects and have fun being artists, while building a serious art practice and developing a unique artistic voice.   Over the years, I’ve worked to find ways to connect with fellow artists and celebrate their art creation in motivational and community building ways. This year we are having 500 artists say hello.

Save the Dates:

  • April 22 – May 2nd Exhibition
  • April 23rd Munich Artists Event from 1400 to 1800

Open Call: 500 artists say “Hello”


As the name suggests, “500 artists say Hello,” will show 500 participating artists. The selected artists will be featured on the Munich Art market website for the whole year 2016 and beginning of 2017.  This opportunity will facilitate artists to connect and be visible within the city structure.

The directory will only be open to artists who attend the event so admittance to this directory will happen once a year. I will have forms for you to fill out at the exhibition event.  Only these forms will be accepted for the art market website.  Munich Artists will add photos of your work we photograph throughout the year to this site.  The cost is 20 Euro.

Here is how the “500 artists say hello” art event will work:

All artists will create an art piece 30cm x 30cm which says hello in your art style. It can be a photograph, painting, sculpture, ceramics, video, art jewellery, flash fiction etc.  The art piece will be blue, shades of blue or monochrome (black and white).  I will not accept pieces with other colours.  Your piece must be mostly blue. You may use black, gray & white as the neutrals.  The colour blues you use is up to you.

Your art piece can use the words “Hello” in any language and in any medium or symbol that says hello for you personally or abstract that is entitled Hello. It can be sculpture, ceramic or video but please keep in mind that the space we will not insure your at piece. If you use a video screen it must be photo frame size. (I have four at the studio we can use.) 

The 500 art pieces will be used as part of an installation. If someone asks to show the installation again, you must allow us to use your art piece in the installation.  

How to apply

By March 10, 2016, you will send the following content by email:

  • Two 300 DPI images of your original artwork:
    •  1 of your hello art piece
    • 1 of your favourite art piece.
  • A photo self portrait – Front view so people can see your face please like driver’s license or a profile photo. (for the video so people can see you. If you are unsure, look at my Mingapill portrait I used in the video. (It was shot with my ipone.)
  • A word you feel represents you.  One word.

Artists will be contacted by Email.  The accepted artists will deliver artwork to the Friday Gallery by March 20th:

The Art piece must be maximum 30cm x 30cm. Larger pieces will not be accepted. If you frame it the piece must be a maximum of 30cm x 30cm

The artwork must hang on a wall and must be finished to hang on a gallery hanging system.

You will bring your artwork to:

  • the Friday Gallery, Frauenstrasse 18, 80469 Munich, Germany.  
  • Monday – Friday 10 until 1500.  Saturday 1 – 1500.  
  • I will be take the work to the exhibition space and hang it.
  • The curatorial responsibility for how the artwork is shown remains with the organizer (Munich Artists) for the sake of the exhibition/installation unity.

The German version of this post will appear on Sunday/Monday.   

The cost:  20 Euro per artist paid at the time the artist brings their artwork to the gallery.

PS.  I have the Odeonsplatz window again in July and will be creating a video installation using your artwork photos, words and self portraits.  Because it will visible to many people I want to make sure you pick:

  • your favourite art piece,
  • your favourite self portrait
  • Your favourite word. (You can explain if you want.)

Only the 500 artists from the exhibition/installation will be included in the video installation.


  • The total size of the piece is 30 x 30 including framing if framed.
  • If you frame, use black/white/gray/blue. No browns will be accepted.

Feb Installation Day 1 Process Video

2016 is the year of installation for Munich Artists and the Friday gallery .

We started the year with at installation by Emmy Horstkamp & TMNK at Odeonsplatz and continue our exploration of collaborative installations with Ines Seidel and Allun Turner at the Friday Gallery.

We will be sharing Their creative process As They work within the Friday Gallery space.

All the videos will be on our website for you to watch and, I want to edit them together at the end of the installation. This is not a classic documentary but a recording of how the three of us are dealing with the creations process within the Friday Gallery – two artists and the owner of the space.

Now, please watch Ines Seidel & Allun Turner talking and creating art.


Friday is For Finding Something Purple

Day 5 and the color is purple.  I played with my camera and made something with purple. This is not high art. There is no deep meaning other than taking an ugly stylized fish from the side of a building and adding some color and playing with my iphone and finishing today’s challenge. It is an example of how you can use your creativity just to play and have fun because…

Sometimes this girl just wants to have fun and playing with my iphone is fun and a great way to start the day.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check out our 14 day Colour challenge here. 


The reason I’m not going heavy duty with purple is because I’m preparing my installation for the Odeonsplatz Window for February 2016.  My inspiration for this installation is Alice in Wonderland (rabbit’s hole), the Matrix (red/blue pilll) & This display at a sock store.


The installation is titled “You pierced my heart and shattered my soul.”  My tribute to Valentine’s day.  I will give a “splaining” of the piece after it is created.  Right now, I’m experimenting with hanging the pieces at the Friday Gallery and figuring out how to deal with those bright lights in the space.

There are 23 pieces in the process of creation but maybe I will reduce it or mold it into one assembled piece.  We will figure that out when the artwork is installed on January 31st. (Great Sunday Morning activity.)  I still have not decided if I want to add a video component to this installation but I might experiment with how to add it this weekend when I take a break from Alice.

The Friday Gallery will be closed until February 1st as I use the gallery space to work on the installation. If you need to meet with me, please make an appointment.

Friday Gallery February Installation

Ines Seidel and Allun Turner will begin installing their “Talk” installation at the Friday Gallery in February. I will post the days that they are at the gallery installing pieces.  The gallery will be open Monday – Saturday from 1100 to 1500 during February so you can come see their installation and I will post when they add new elements along with an explanation of their talk.


You have one more week to see the January Crush Installation at Odeonsplatz.  In a few days it will be crushed into storage tubes and moved to the Friday Gallery.

Here is a video of the installation( In case you have no desire to visit Odeonsplatz but are curious about our first installation of 2016.)  Want to read a little about this installation, you can go visit the Crush splaining page.




“Crush” Installation by Emmy Horstkamp & TMNK January 2015

We installed the artwork  by Emmy Horstkamp and TMNK “Nobody” at Odeonsplatz this week.

Crush Installation January 2015
Artwork by Emmy Horstkamp and TMNK ” Nobody”
TMNK “Nobody” in front of Crush Installation

There are a total of four art pieces on paper and a video art piece included with this installation.  Ideally, the back two pieces will be seen slightly through the front artwork. This worked perfectly when I tried it at the studio but, the lights in the display window are scorching bright so the LEDs don’t have a chance.

I debated turning off the overhead lights but the window is in the subway and the brightness of the window does draw your attention to it and the pieces tucked inside.

I discussed with TMNK moving the back pieces but I’m leaving the two back pieces where they are behind the two individual figures because the images change the Crush story if they are shown next to the individual figures instead of behind them.  Below are the two TMNK pieces which are not really visible but are on the walls at the subway:

All artists want their art in front of the public but street artists only get this opportunity for a short period of time before the art piece is covered over by another art  piece or painted over white/gray/beige.  Sometimes when you walk by a graffiti wall you see a fragment of what was there before but the viewer has no way of flipping the front piece up to look what is behind.

In the Crush installation, the front pieces could be flipped up if presented in a gallery space.  The viewer knows there is another piece and will be tempted to look at it. I know from a prior experience with multiple layers of canvas that viewers will flip to see what is behind even when the art piece is presented in a gallery space and there is no signage saying flip or keep your hands off.

TMNK Adding to Emmy’s Artwork

TMNK  is known for marking over other artist’s street art with his X, Crown and Love.  I found the following manipulation of another artist’s street piece in my photos from November 2015.


Although artists are creating street art which is “temporary,” there is a feeling of ownership even though the piece is not legal. The owner of this piece would be the city of NYC.  Neither TMNK  nor the Pandabear artist would be able to say, “it’s mine” because the canvas they chose to use was not owned by them… such a lovely legal argument regarding intellectual property and property rights. In my conversations with TMNK, he admitted that artists got upset that he changed their work but that possessive energy belong only in the gallery on personally owned art materials, not on the streets.

Experimenting with this idea, I asked TMNK to work on top of my photographs in a continued effort to bring a sense of reverence to my digital photography.

Here is an example of the two pieces he created last week:


The artwork has the feel of graffiti from the streets but is totally legal because I allowed TMNK to manipulate my photographs. This is unlike the other American artist who forget to communicate with the photographer before  using his artwork. TMNK cares about how other artists feels in the studio and he asked before drawing on the photos. I wasn’t sure how I would feel when he was done but at the moment I offered, I was curious and happy to experiment BECAUSE IT WAS A PRINT OF MY DIGITAL artwork and I could print another.

When he finished drawing, I liked what he did and decided to take the idea one step further. I asked TMNK to work over two of my digital prints on canvas from my Project T series.

TMNK “nobody” Working over my T Series art pieces

How did I feel when he worked over the pieces which were digital with a bit of my own original artwork?  I felt happy.  No issues whatsoever.

BUT, I realised that I didn’t want TMNK touching my Plan B Dorothy art piece in the installation window. In fact, I didn’t let him see it until I was getting ready to hang the piece.

Why do I have this gap in my emotional attachment to my different art forms?  When I create the artwork with my two little hands, I’m very possessive of the piece and I don’t want it altered unless I trust the artist to complement my style and not overwhelm it.

After watching TMNK work on the four art pieces for the installation, I realized that his style was not really adding but reinventing the piece and taking it over.  By taking it over, it was no longer mine or ours… it was just his and that made me possessive of Plan B Dorothy.

I did not have this feeling with my digital work.  When I look at the above image of our combined work, I see them as our combined work and  I’m happy with what he decided to create. I had no say in what he created except by offering him the initial composition of Project T Banker and Project T Intellectual.

I especially love what TMNK decided to create with my street photographs.  Those images made me very happy. I’ve been trying to get Munich Artists to think like TMNK in regards to my photographs but they can’t. The idea of drawing all over my photographs is very stressful for a German artists and only Brigitte Pruchnow has been able to do it.

If you are interested in seeing what TMNK created while he was in my studio, please visit the Friday Gallery.  All his works created during his visit to Munich will be for sale at Frauenstrasse 18 which looks like this now:


The Gallery will be officially reopened next week on January 11, 2016.  I still have to put a coat of white paint on the walls but all my studio materials are now contained and separated from the gallery space by these lovely dividers.


Street Art Collaboration Inside The Friday Gallery

Art Collaboration

This week we started the non video segment of our window installation. The installation will be installed on January 4th at Odeonsplatz, Munich, Germany.  I will make a tiny video showing you exactly where it is so you can visit it on your commute through town.  The two artists creating artwork for this installation are Emmy Horstkamp (me) and Street artist with a cool street art name. ( I don’t have a cool street art name.)

Initially, the installation was planned as a continuation of the madeyourbed series, but on Monday, I had a surprise visit from an American Street Artist at the Friday Gallery and after an interesting conversation my plans for the installation changed.

I didn’t tell the street artist what I was calling the installation nor did I tell him what to draw on the different segments of the installation.  I wanted the pieces to feel like the a graffiti wall and be filled with a collaborative synergetic energy.

To inspire him, I made the first layer by transferring my photographs of Munich  onto the paper so the paper was no longer blank. From the abstracted shapes on each art piece, the street artist began painting with black and red ink using his iconic motifs to fill the space.

Below you can see the street artist adding the second layer of drawing to one of the art pieces.


A friend helped us by adding some colour to one of the art pieces. (Bonus for hanging out with us for HOURS.)

This week I will begin layering the  paper pieces at the Friday Gallery to see how they overlap and where I need to make cuts and add encaustic medium.

I want to make sure that the top layer integrates our styles and the feeling of a graffiti wall so I will be adding shadows around the main figures, some stencil work and some collaging … along with the word CRUSH.

The idea of this installation is to share the feeling of a graffiti wall dissected.  The artwork of some of the pieces will not be fully visible as if the artwork was done on a graffiti wall.

Wax will be used to add structural elements to the pieces and also to make the paper translucent so you can see parts of what is on the piece behind. Without being backlit, the wax will just add a texture to the piece.  With backlighting, the paper will be see through allowing you to see the piece behind.

I started cutting holes in the pieces and will walk by Tumblingerstrasse all week to get inspired by the layered graffiti and street art so that I capture the graffiti wall feeling in the installation.

I decided to name the installation CRUSH to represent not only the the love themes of this street artist but the actual crushing of artwork by layering the pieces closely together, pushing them together and crushing two very different art styles into one space.

The video part of the installation  will share a word story called Crush.

I will post an update of the installation at the end of next week. If you have any questions, you can email me


Our Feb Installation will be Ines Seidel and AllunTurner entitled “The Talk”which they will start at the beginning of Feb and will be ready for  Jewellery week at the end of Feb beginning of March 2016.

If you have a window you want to share with Munich Artists for an Installation, please let me know. We are looking for a space for March 2016.













February Installation: Ines Seidel and Allun Turner

I invited Munich Artists Ines Seidel and Allun Turner to create an installation called “The Talk” during Feb. 2016.  Both artists create art Jewellery and I asked them to incorporate art jewellery into the installation.

If the artists get into the swing of things, their artwork & jewellery will interact and expose how the different sexes use jewellery to communicate ideas, emotions, status etc.

I will be documenting the installation and sharing it with you on the website. The two artists have started working on an idea and I can’t wait to hear/see/experience their “talk.”

Munich Artists Ines Seidel
Munich Artists Ines Seidel


“Splaining” Let’s Go home – Photograph

I am working on an idea that would be  a continuation of the installation I created for the Long Night of the Museum.

As I sat down in the subway car, I tried looking out the window and noticed it was terribly dirty but dirty in a beautiful way so I snapped a photo and there was my self portrait.

“Let’s go home.”  December 2015 by Emmy Horstkamp

I was not in the mood to look at myself especially when it was an unintentional selfie showing a woman who was tired and wanted to go home.  I took another shot and another until I got a shot without anyone looking out the window and without my reflection.

Reflecting on a Friday by Emmy Horstkamp December 2015


I fell in love with this composition.

I edited the photo slightly and placed it in my portfolio. It represented for me a moment of time in Munich captured with my iphone 6 plus. It was created because I saw how a dirty window made an interesting composition.



“Splain” is an oversimplified explanation of the process of artists in Munich.  If you want to read about splain, you can read about this new word here.

Made Your Bed

Emmy Horstkamp - Installation - Made Your Bed
Emmy Horstkamp – Installation – Made Your Bed

Below is the installation website.  On October 17th, the site will go live. The installation includes an audio/video component and an opportunity to share with me your story of a bed you made.   I look forward to sharing this art piece with you and hope you can visit me at the Long Night of the Museum.  Goethestrasse 53  Stop #17 on the bus route.   More information about the Long Night of the Museum can be found here.

Artist: Emmy Horstkamp

Installation – Made Your Bed

Metal, paper, Encaustic medium, Wood, Ink, Digital Prints, Video, website.


Click here to visit the Installation Page – Installation begins on October 17, 2015.

Munich Artists Installation at the Off Festival Munich June 19 – 21, 2015

Today is day 2 of the Off Festival.   Munich Artists will be represented by Dora who will be bringing our installation back to Arnulfstrasse 62 starting at 1800.  The exact address is:

Die Säulenhalle
Arnulfstraße 62
80335 München

Dora and Ursula Singer Represented Munich Artists during day 1 of the festival.  The two Munich Artists invited people to get down on the floor and doodle and draw their dreams with them.   Here are a few photos from Friday’s installation:

Off Festival – Lets Create an Organic Installation


There will be an opportunity to create an installation at Säulenhalle, München next week after the Sendling Festival.

I think this will be a fun opportunity to create something together in a 6 to 12 sqm space (maybe larger?). The installation will not be on a wall but will be between columns. There will be no wall space to use and we will not be showing already made artwork. (The walls are already filled with photographers and video artists so I want to stay away from having to use a wall.)

This is not a paid event. The organiser is doing this just to get artists together which is something Munich Artists always supports.

Think about this as a place to meet other artists and create something prepping for next year’s installations at the Friday Gallery which will be installations that exist only for a specific timeframe and that are created and destroyed/dismantled over a month.

I would love if we started this installation and photograph its creation and destruction/dismantling during the event. I don’t want it to stay put but to morph over the weekend and then for everyone to take pieces away with them including the green chairs. I would love for that to be videographed so we can put it on the website.


I will be going to the space on Sunday to talk with Christian Oettinger, meet more of the artists. If you want to go with me, just email me

For the installation, I will be supplying raw canvas, coffee cans & green chairs which were donated to me. Artists are encourage to bring supplies they feel would add to the installation.

I still haven’t given a name for the installation, I was thinking to call it “finding my place. This is absolutely open for suggestions.

Look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in just showing up and enjoying the artwork, here is the FB event page for this event:

Monday Thoughts – Installation updates and Fair Use in Germany

Welcome Monday. I’m so glad you are here and that I don’t have to be wait for you anymore.  Here are some links and thoughts about art from the weekend and why I am saying fair use is an American fairytale based in no German reality.

  • Creating floor stickers takes twice as long as I estimated. In my project timeline for the long night of the museum, I reserved two days for the sticker creation but the process is taking four days. We will be printing the floor stickers today. They look great at 6 inches but will the artwork look great at 1.5 metres?
  • I don’t know what two sculptures look like for the installation. (No reference shots from the artists and no time to go check them.)  Should this drive me crazy?  The artists have set rules that the pieces must be 2 metres high, vertical and light fixtures but I’ve left it open how they created the piece so that it would reflect their style and whatever ideology/process they wanted to highlight. When I walked into the gallery space this morning, I found Katrin Vogl’s piece waiting to be transported to the exhibition space. Katrin’s sculpture fits perfectly with her focus on Afghanistan and is very different from and Malte Dinkela’s art piece or mine.  This is what I wanted and the reason we have a floor sticker to bring the art pieces together as an overall art idea hopefully reflecting what I wrote about the installation.

Here is a photo of Malte Dinkela’s sculpture which he posted on his blog

Malte Dinkela - Sculpture Long Night of the Museum
Malte Dinkela – Sculpture for Long Night of the Museum

For the installation, we have videos which will be available through augmented reality and on a screen in the space (In case people are unable to access the online version.) One of my videos focuses on Russia and I wanted to have it timed with the light in my sculpture so that the light moves with the music on the video. Because it is not part of the overall installation, I can’t play the music out loud but the lights will be moving to music you can’t hear unless you are standing next to me and I turn on the phone sound up loud enough for you to hear.


  • Below is the initial music I wanted to use for the light dance. It is available on youtube for remix but because the performer did not email back and the composer has not been dead long enough, I decided it was safer to use a Billie Holiday song available through the Creative Commons for the online video.
  • Although the song by Paul Ben Haim is exactly what I wanted, I’m not interested in complicated licensing for this installation or dealing with a German artist who may not want their work remixed. The reality of being an artist in Germany is that fair use is not a feasible option like it is in America. In Germany you must pay or have explicit permission to use another artist’s work.
  • I watched the video below so that I could comment about it while discussing street artists. If you would like to talk about it, please watch the video and then meet me so we can discuss street art hype and what should still be considered street art.

Big Bales Are All Over Munich Thanks to Michael Beutler

Bale Harvest Pinakothek Munich Michael Beutler Pink and Purple Bales

Art in Munich:

Last weekend Bales rolled their way onto the meadows of Munich.   Five million straws were used by Michael Beutler to create his installation Harvest Bale.

One of the formations can be found between the Pinakothek der Moderne and the Geological Museum.  More bales will be installed on the weekend of July 12 and 13th. Each green space gets its own bale formation which will remain until the bales are gathered to create a large bale castle.  The installation will remain until harvested on October 9th in a big art event/celebration.

Michael Beutler creates large scale sculptures and exhibited at Haus der Kunst.

Munich Artists Behind the Scenes:

  • One of our Munich artists exhibited in NYC and has been an Ebay artist before Martin Potsch.  This German artist who loves printing said he had a very positive Ebay experience.  I’m not sure if Ebay had any influence on the NYC thing but you are welcome to ask the artist for more of the story.
  • One of our talented artists has the opportunity to exhibit in Japan.  I can’t tell you details until they receive a confirmation letter from the gallery but how cool is that!   The Japanese gallery requested smaller pieces from the artist and I’m very curious to see what their work looks like small.  Will it feel the same?  You better think about buying some of their art before Asia gets a hold of them.
  • A Schwabing artist has met a Schwabing artist/gallery owner.  The two have spaces very close to each other and both own dogs.  Thanks To John Bernad and his desire to photograph Munich art dogs, the two creative Germans met which is what Munich artists should do more often.
  • Two Munich writers will have a reading at Frauenstrasse 18 on August 9th.
  • A Munich artist found a mattress box spring on a walk through Munich and will be creating a sculpture entitled “Make one’s Bed.”

Box Spring Sculpture Munich Germany

(All the information shared today has been given to me directly. It should be pretty accurate. In the future, if the information is something I’ve heard or read or wished would happen, I will mark it as gossip and you are welcome to prove it right or wrong.)