Lenbachhaus Goes Yellow with KiCo

After visiting Lenbachhaus, I handed my daughter a very large yellow book and asked her to take a look. “If you like what you see in this book, I will take you to this exhibition at the Lenbachhaus.”

Zoe is wondering why I have a seriously big yellow book

My daughter is a talented artist who is anti-museum, anti-exhibition, anti-viewing other people’s work in traditional settings.  So far in her young life, she’s agreed to visit one exhibition of Maximilian Lückenhaus’s work in Munich and a few exhibitions in while visiting London.    

I kept my fingers crossed that the Big Yellow Book showing the Kico Collection would convince my daughter to visit another exhibition outside of her preferred viewing space (Instagram.)

Daniel Knorr at Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

The heavy yellow book is the catalogue for the KiCo foundations collection which I picked up during the press conference for “Mentales Gelb. Sonnen Höchststand”  an exhibition of artwork from the KiCo Foundation showing at the Lenbachhaus until October 8, 2017.

As I walked through the exhibition, I felt surrounded by artists who were passionate about their art practices— their passion exuded into the museum space and added an energy that made me want to keep walking through the rooms.  I also had an urge to text the artists and send them hand clap emojis and ask them to hang out with me in Munich and create art.  That is how happy I was walking through this exhibition and seeing their finished art pieces.

The creativity, the feeling of immersion and sometimes the humour of the artist is evident in the pieces exhibited and it was exhilarating to walk through the museum with the curator and director who both were overflowing with information and excitement about the pieces from the KiCo Collection.

Olafur Eliasson Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

The KiCo foundation works with the Kunstmuseum Bonn and focuses on the use of colour and light.   As we walked through the exhibition with the collectors, you could tell how happy they were with their art collection and, their love of collecting art is a bonus for Germany and the global contemporary art audience who have an opportunity to see the art pieces in exhibitions.

Because Kico began their focus in abstract art focusing on light and colour, the collection and exhibition contain, video, photography, digital prints, painting, installations, sculptures, and even spider webs.   Walking from one room to another, I felt like clapping my hands and cheering with what was chosen to be exhibited.  

Selected Art Pieces

Franz Ackermann

Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

I didn’t realize how much I loved this room until I got home and saw how many photos I took of the artwork.   The big wall shows artwork created by Franz Ackerman and the locations where he has traveled. (A wall travel journal) The smaller artworks are his inspiration for his larger pieces.

Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Wade Guyton

I laughed when I saw this piece because I know what it feels like to print the digital colour field and have it streaked.  This art piece created in 2015 focuses on how a perfect digital piece can be printed multiple times and each time that it is printed it comes out flawed in some way even though the original file is perfect.

On the wall of the gallery, the collection displayed multiple gray colour fields that have all the errors created when the special canvas was put through a large digital printer.

From our own experience, the printing companies ask you not to have colour fields when printing digitally and they told us gray is one of the worst colours.  Knowing this, it was fun to see  Wade Guyton artwork blowing up this flaw in digital printing so we can enjoy the consequences of living in the real world and not in our computer files.


Wolfgang Tillmanns

Gertrud Fassnacht got caught in my shot of Wolfgang Tillmanns’ work. She provides art tours and is involved in the Sendling art scene.

Below are three of Wolfgang Tillmanns Tamayo Lighter art pieces which play with exposing light on paper.

Wolfgang Tillmans- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Wald by Wolfgang Tillmans-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Daniel Knorr

Daniel Knorr -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

This artist has a sense of humour and the exhibited piece makes a statement about  public art pieces that no one remembers why they exist.

Daniel Knorr-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

The museum has masked the Lenbach bust in the lobby and if you go into the garden you can take a selfie with one of the masked sculptures in the garden.  (You have to be kind of tall. I’m too short to take a good one without a selfie stick.)

Daniel covers the faces of the statues to make you pay attention to the sculpture. Who is it? Did you even know that the sculpture was there?  Many of our public art pieces blend into the scenery.  When the sculpture is gone, they know something is missing but they don’t quite remember what it was.  This is what Daniel is focusing on with his masks and the sculptures.   A grouping of Daniel Knorr photographs showcase the forgotten subjects and artists found by the artist.

Daniel Knorr-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Daniel Knorr-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Ceal Floyer

The Ceal Floyer piece combines colour in the electrical cord and light in the projection and the bulb.  A part of the installation is up on the corner of the ceiling and not in this shot (a looping video of hands). Ceal Floyer asks you to take a moment and look for the deeper meaning in the work.    Another piece entitled “Monochrome Till” also asks you to see the deeper meaning.  (The meaning has to do with colour.)


Monochrome Till Receipt (White) 1999 by Ceal Floyer born 1968
© Ceal Floyer, courtesy Lisson Gallery, London

Katharina Gross

Katharina Grosse -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Katharina Grosse -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter is the inspiration for many German artists.  The large Glitch art piece to the right was created using a portion of one of his abstracts.

Gerhard Richter-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Gerhard Richter -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Gerhard Richter -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Tomas Saraceno

I know a few Munich Artists obessed with nature and would be fascinated with these art pieces created with spiderwebs.  In this piece below, the artist dipped spider webs in ink. The spider web is inside a box so the artwork doesn’t get damaged by the lights.

Here is a link to more of his spider work. but his focus is not on spiders. the artist is “exploring sustainable ways of inhabiting and sensing the environment.”   

Tomás Saraceno at Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Olafur Eliasson

“Round Rainbow” is Lovely.  I could have stood in this room for hours.  I did catch a bit of video of it rotating. you can see that on our facebook page.

Olafur Eliasson-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Olafur Eliasson-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo


When I arrived home, I found the book on the dining room table.  Walking over to my daughter, I unplugged her ear bud and asked if Sunday was a “thing.”  she nodded and put her earbud back in.

The Big yellow book contains all of the artworks in the current foundation and is available for under 40 Euro at the Lenbachhaus bookstore.

Rochelle Feinstein -I Made A Terrible Mistake Exhibition

Until September 18,2016, the Lenbachhaus will be exhibiting artwork by the American artist Rochelle Feinstein. The exhibition entitled “I MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE,” shows artwork from the 1990s until the present day.  The artworks and art projects share Rochelle Feinstein’s thoughts about her surroundings and the world in which she lives.

Love Vibe Series- Love Your work – 1999-2014 – Artwork by Rochelle Feinstein – Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016

In her Love Vibe series, Rochelle Feinstein focuses on what New Yorkers say to each other when they see an artist’s artwork.  The art pieces are large but the words are all cropped so that you get to see only a portion of the phrase, “Love your work.”  What phrase would Germans use at an art exhibition that would be equivalent to “Love your work”?

According to the Lenbachhaus curator, Germans would be loudly critical of the exhibition logistics rather than the art. One journalist sort of proved this point when she commented about the location of the text associated with one painting. “How are people to know what the art is about?” the head curator started explaining how modern art can be enjoyed at different levels but, the journalist stopped him. “I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about how should the people know that the artwork belongs to this description on the other wall.”

This made me laugh because I understood her practical German brain.  I’m constantly looking for the plaques to describe artwork and understood that the distance between the trilogy on the wall and the description would not benefit the art piece.  I understood that for visual purposes, it was better that the reading material be on a side wall.  For practical purposes (ie sharing information), it was better if the writing was near the art piece so you could immediately read about the art.

Ideally, this whole issue would be resolved by requiring everyone take an audio tour which used augmented reality so that when you looked at a painting, the audio for that painting would start and the viewer would have the explanation of the artwork.  No reading, no worrying about where the plaque should be located and nothing competing with the artwork.  The walls would be without numbers, without signs.   If someone absolutely needs to read something, they could buy the catalogue or download a PDF version to flip through on their ipad. (This is my geeky nerdy techie self shining through. Disregard this paragraph if you are a traditionalist with no interest in technology in a museum.)

Happy Birthday Rachel -2009- Artwork by Rochelle Feinstein  – Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York – Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016

Rochelle Feinstein artwork ” I MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE,” combines audio, video and paintings. The installation focuses on the fall of Michael Jackson. You can see to the left of the photo an image that says Auditorium. The two sections above this word are Michael Jackson’s name covered up. (Read more about “I made a terrible Mistake.”)

 “I Made a Terrible Mistake.” Artwork by Rochelle Feinstein -Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York – Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016
Estate of Rochelle F. -2009- Rochelle Feinstein – Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016

When the financial crisis hit the US, Rochelle Feinstein decided to use the materials and artwork that she had in her possession to create new works which she then catalogued recording what materials she used for each art piece.

If you are a working artist, you will immediately understand morphing old work into new pieces.  The curator told us that at the time, Rochelle Feinstein was merging two storage spaces and her studio was overflowing with work. This fact along with current events at the time, ignited the idea to create the Estate of Rochelle F project using “assets’ with unrealised potential.” (This will now be the byline of my personal blog.)

If you have never been to the Lenbachhaus, you can find it at Luisenstr. 33. Tickets are 10 Euro for adults and free for anyone under 18. You have until September but you know how life is in Munich, you better go now before the holidays start. Once you leave for vacation and start vegetating on a beach somewhere, you will forget all about Rochelle and her American opinions.  If you go and see her, you may understand my humour a little more and that is well worth an hour of your time and ten bucks.

Find Your Own Damn Voice-1994- Rochelle Feinstein -Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016
Soon 2 (Joy Ride) 2000-2001 – Rochelle Feinstein – Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016
Travel Abroad -1997-1998- Rochelle Feinstein –  Courtesy the artist and On Stellar Rays, New York- Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, 2016

It’s Friday and August and You’re Stuck in Town – What to do, what to do….

I’m guessing you already have an idea but if you are up in arms as to what you might be able to do on a beautiful weekend in Bavaria, here are a few suggestions:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Poetry Festival in Erlangen.  I write for a living so this sounds pretty cool. I’m not sure I would get all the word play in German but 80 creatives sharing their work sounds ideal.  The festival goes on until August 30th so if you can’t make it tonight, you can go over the rest of the weekend.  Here is a link to the event schedule.

For Tonight, this is what is going on (click on the more link to get more information on the specific event).

  • 09:00 clock  –  18:00 clock  / The translators come Twelfth Erlanger Translation Workshop Markgrafentheater, Bühnenhaus  –  Free admission!»More
  • 11:00 clock  –  19:00 clock  / Exhibitions Paradise is a polonaise – Adolf book conductor” Divine Comedy “Thursday, 27 to Sunday, August 30. University Library opening times: daily 11-19 clock University Library  –  Free admission! »more
  • 11:00 clock  –  19:00 clock  / Exhibitions Nicolas Mahler – Party fun with Kant Thursday 27 to Sunday, 30th August Kunstverein – New Gallery opening times: daily 11-19 clock Kunstverein – Neue Galerie  –  Free admission! »more
  • 18:00 clock  / exhibitions reception in the exhibition: Party fun with Kant Kunstverein – Neue Galerie  –  free entry» more 19:00 Clock  / The translators come Erlanger literary award for poetry as a translation Orangerie in the castle gardens  –  Free admission! »more
  • 19:00 clock  / special eventsTillmann Examiner: Saint Bruno. The incredible story of my great-grandfather on Kilimanjaro Palais Stutterheim  –  Admission: 6.00 / ERM . 4,00 € – tickets at the box office or in advance at the box office of the Palace of Art “more
  • 20:30 clock  / The portraits The portrait: Alice Schwarzer Markgrafentheater  – Admission: 5.00 / reduced from 3.50 to 10.00. / reduced 8,50 Euro. »more
  • 22:00 clock  / Special Events Nicolas Mahler – Draw intentionally so bad? Theater in der Garage  –  Admission:. 9,00 / reduced 7,50 Euro» more
  • 22:00 clock  / Film program The alte Affe Angst Lamm-Lichtspiele  –  Admission: 8,00 / reduced 6,00 Euro. »more

Bavarian Market at Wittelsbacherplatz. The market started on August 22 and goes on until September 6, 2015. What will you find there?  A beer garden, some Bavarian crafts, music, traditional costumes.  If you are going to skip the Oktoberfest craziness, this may be a good alternative.

Lea Lublin Retrospective at Lenbachhaus

Lea Lubin Retrospective – Lenbachhaus. There is a movie that accompanies the exhibition.  The next screening of the movie is Thursday, September 3, 2015, @ 19 clock “The proletariat of the sexes: Feminist Positions of the 1970s”.  The exhibition is at the Kunstbau annex (Near the subway).


Fantasy Film Fest at the CinemaxX starts at 1430 today.  Check out there website for film times and more information. I’m not into scary movies so I would have to be very very careful.  If you are into scary this may be just what you need for the weekend.

underground film festival

(Friday only) The underground film festival and afterparty is also tonight.  The festival starts at 1815 at Museum Lichtspiele Lilienstr. 2 81669. You need to make reservations on the cinema’s website.

(Saturday only)

ice cream market munich

From 1200 to 2000 at the Pratelinsel 3-4, Munich, Germany.  I think there will be fashion there too…..  I will go and take some photos and give you feedback. They are doing this event in four different cities.

If you would like me to share your artsy/designy event on Munich Artists, just sent me an email and invite me on Facebook. I like sharing as long as there is some tether to art in any form.  If I miss your event, please do not get offended, A gentle reminder is always a good thing.

Have a great Bavarian weekend!