Light Up Love With a Lightbox by

Yesterday I went to Zuckerschnuerl.

I pass this store as I drive downtown in my little mini but there isn’t parking in this area of town so I never stop by and check out what is there.  Yesterday, I walked along the Isar and decided to take ten minutes to go inside and see what they offer at this local store with stroller friendly planks on the stairs.


Right near the Isar go by public transport or walk. There is no parking in this area of town and there are two one-way streets.

My initial thought before entering the store was that the zuckerschnuerl would be a cutesy store because the side window is filled with kids things and the name has sugar in it.  Each time I whizzed by in my car, my brain registered “baby store, I don’t have a baby.”

My brain was partly correct.  There are baby things in the store and the store is children and dog-friendly.  A little baby was toddling around touching everything and the owner was not having a meltdown. 

Although there are lots of kids things scattered around the store, the first thing I saw when I entered was the lightbox sign.


Lightbox signs and letters by

The signs come in all different sizes.  I bought the A4 and one package of letters.


I paid for this lightbox to support Munich based stores. If you read this post, please purchase this product through Zuckerschnuerl so she stays in business. She would not let me take her photo. The owner is a very nice woman who speaks English.  We started talking in German and then as always ended up taking in English.  (I call this the Emmy Syndrome.)

What will Munich Artists do with the light box?

First, we made our Instagram posts today for Munich Artists and TrefuChallenge.


Yes that is what I look like with glasses and my hair done nicely at Graham and Graham.  Most days, my hair looks a bit more wild and the glasses are like real glasses so I can read stuff.

Munich Artists Valentine’s Instagram post-2017
Trefuchallenge post for  the 14 day Love is like Challenge
After today, I will make some signs to share on the website and for my own personal art projects.  The letters are printed on plastic that is the same thickness of an overhead projector plastic BUT you could also use the plastic that we used during our print workshop at Gabriela Popp’s studio.  I will try both and share my experiments with you on Instagram and our Youtube channel.


Do you want to make something for my lightbox? The dimensions are:

  • Individual Letters – 3.5cm W x 6.5cm High (for each letter)
  • Each Shelf –  6.5 Cm High x 30cm Wide (to use up the full space )

If you make something, I will meet with you and we will take a photograph with my lightbox.  The box uses batteries so I can go anywhere (ring 1/2) with the box.   You can use the photo for whatever you want.  You do not get the lightbox and it does not leave my control. (I’m a little bit of a control freak.)

As you know, I’m not a fan of the burbs. You can only get me out there when I have nothing to do (never happens) or when there are so many of you that I am compelled by the universe to go say hello.  I will travel to the mountains because I love nature even though I hate getting little stones in my boots but that happens in the city too so no strike against nature but the space in between is not my domain.

If you have questions about the Say Hello 2017 Event, I will be posting a video about the box tomorrow along with some answers to questions I’ve received in my message box.  The answers will only be posted in English. If you are German and want to translate them for me, that would be super cool of you.  I don’t know if Holger has time this week to deal with this. He is super busy doing serious non-artsy work. (He loves Munich Artists but there are some serious people relying on his very smart German brain so he can only dedicate a few minutes a week to this project and I tapped into those minutes for a space proposal.)

If you do visit Zuckerschnuerl, check out this weekly calendar. I almost bought it but wasn’t sure where I would put it.  I could see using something like this. You get 50 sheets. Each sheet is one week. (I don’t remember the price.)


weekly desk calendar available at Zueckerscnuerl.


PS: Bee in My Bonnet this Week:  I’m having issues with the terms concept store and pop-up store. If you are at a location for more than a very short period of time (weeks) you are not a popup store.  For me personally, a concept store shares products in a novel way that adds to the experience of shopping.  When I see a store for a year at a location, it is no longer a popup store.  When I see the same merchandise in a store over and over, then it is not a concept store.   What is your favourite place to find popup stores in Munich?  What is your favourite concept store in Munich?  Do you shop in Munich?  If you have merchandise in a store, let me know so I can share.  You know I like letting people know how they can support Munich-based creatives.