Inspired 2016 Book—Inspired by Brigitte Pruchnow

Munich Artists created an art book called Inspired 2016.

For the first book, artists created an art piece inspired by this artwork by Brigitte Pruchnow.

IMG_2807 (1)
Inspiration art piece by Brigitte Pruchnow

A group of around 26  Munich Artists created art pieces based on Brigitte’s artwork.

The following is the tentative list of artists involved (A final list will be shared on the project page when all artwork has been submitted):

Hazel Ang
Anna Blumenkranz
Devaney Claro
Britta Eriskat
Christine Friebe
Emmy Horstkamp
Elizabeth Hughes
Manuela Illera
Angela Josupeit
Christina Corell
Anette Koch
Maximilian Lueckenhaus
Corinna Naumann
Berit Opelt
Niala Orsmond
Simona Petrauskaite
Brigitte Pruchnow
Elke Reis
Alexandra Ritter
Isidora Romani
Gabriele Rothweiler
Rainer Schmitten
Ines Seidel
ursula Singer
Allun Turner
Michaela Wuehr
The book will be published as an A4 Landscape. If you are interested in a copy of the book, please let me know.  We are only printing a limited number.  You can email me if you are interested. The cost per book will be 50 Euro.  We will only print one run per Inspired book.
If you are interested in purchasing an original piece of artwork from the book, please contact the artists directly.
We will continue working on the inspired series.  For 2017, we will be inspired by a physician’s comment about pain.

Absolute Truth – Munich Artists Summer Installation #2

Collaborations are important to Munich Artists and for the summer we asked artists to collaborate on installations at the window at Odeonsplatz that interact with the people in the subway and/or reflect the subway station space.

For our second installation, Michaela Wuehr and I (Emmy Horstkamp) created the Absolute Truth installation which you can read about on the installation page. which is a photo booth of the absolute truth.

The installation will be at the window for two weeks and we hope you will go check out the installation.  If you are interested in purchasing the artwork, you can let us know. The contact information is on the installation page.

Emmy Horstkamp and Michaela Wuehr in front of The Absolute Truth Installation
The installation is located in the Odeonsplatz subway station near the cash machine. On the other side of the cash machine is the underground garden and to the right you will see a store and a bakery.
Two of the triplets arrive!  Michaela and Martin Wuehr bring the freshly painted triplets to the Odeonsplatz window for the absolute truth installation.


This video doesn’t exist


Pizza Delivery by Michaela Wuehr? What’s in the Box?

While I worked on the booklet for our 500 Artists Say Hello event,  Michaela Wuehr knocked on my door and walked in with a pizza.

“Pizza!  I love pizza but I thought you wanted to go have a juice?” I said jumping up to grab a piece of “Buena Pizza!”

Pizza delivery by Michaela Wuehr

“No, Emmy. There is no pizza.”

No Pizza? Lunchtime hunger clouded my eyes.  I looked suspiciously at Michaela as she smiled and lifted the lid. The smell of oil paint hit my nostrils.


oh! It’s a 500 Artists Say Hello art piece!

500 Artists Say Hello art by Michaela Wuehr.  The above piece was still wet and Michaela wanted to make sure the piece stayed safe as she made her way from her studio in Maxvorstadt to my space at Frauenstrasse.

I love it!  The packaging was so urban just like the NYC scene depicted in the art piece. They belong together. I promise, if you buy her piece, you can take home the pizza box.

I told Michaela she needed to incorporate pizza boxes into her marketing plan cause I loved getting her art piece in a pizza box.

Michaela also had a cool idea where she would say the box was her piece and that orange was blue and green was black – mix it up a bit. I love that idea but I am really happy she decided to make an oil painting for our event.

Hopefully I will have a surprise for you tomorrow/Wed. Please feel encouraged to find fun ways to surprise Munich Artists. We enjoy positive surprises especially when we are stuck on the computer working all day.

Artwork by Michaela Wuehr (Oil painting)

Munich Artists Hanging Out at Stroke Ltd.

Yesterday was an opportunity for me to catch up with lots of Munich Artists who are spending the weekend selling artwork at Stroke Ltd.   If you are at Stroke this weekend and I didn’t say hello to you, I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional. I was in like some kind of time sucking vortex.  Who knew four hours could go by so quickly on a Friday afternoon.  Next time I will bring my Boston terrier, Winston, with me so he can tell you how wonderful your art is and then may I can stay a few extra minutes to chat about your artwork.

Here are some of the artists and artwork at Stroke.  I think I got everyone off the invitation list from Monday. If you sent me an invitation and I did not stop at your booth, please hunt me down next time.  If you did not send me a invitation and you wanted me to talk to you… well, then we need to fix that before the next Stroke in the Spring.

Munich Artists nina schmid at stroke ltd
Nina Schmid exhibiting her 30 day Munich Artists challenge at Stroke ltd. Love seeing all her hard work displayed together at the art fair. She will sell you individual prints in whatever size you want just ask her! You can find the Munich Artists Challenge here.
Munich Artists Bianca Artope
Munich Artists Bianca Artope. Bianca is currently working on canvas and LED screens. You need to see these in person. Still love her process and the way it looks on canvas. Miss the copper but love the new work.
Munich Artists Mr. Woodland
Munich Artists Mr. Woodland. He has been busy creating his motifs on canvas which is good luck for anyone who likes his street/urban art. The pieces all have a story. I love stories. Ask Daniel and he will tell you all about why there’s a girl with her head in the clouds.
Munich Artists Ines Seidel
Munich Artists Ines Seidel. I collect Ines. I can’t help myself. We have an affinity for words. Luckily we express ourselves in a differently way which means I can have her hanging around. Last time I bought a necklace. This time a photograph cause right can be soooooo wrong.
Vinicius Caps and Gallerist Philipp Dziersk
Vinicius Caps and Gallerist Philipp Dziersk…. aaaaaaaaaall the way from Brazil. Ask to see Philipp’s black portfolio. He has some pretty cool Brazilian artwork tucked away.Vinicius Caps is on the wall… football isn’t my thing but if it is yours, you may enjoy the sports theme.
Ray Moore and Brigitte Pruchnow at stroke ltd
Munich Artists Ray Moore and Brigitte Pruchnow at stroke ltd. Ray is hanging out in the front of Stroke  next to the heater which is the perfect spot to be on such a chilly weekend. Brigitte is tucked way in the back so make sure you go say hi to her if you are there this weekend.
Who doesn’t love NYC. Max Ott was very busy using digital manipulation to make these images. Photoshop and some other program are the lucky charms he used to prism NYC. Interesting to look at and makes me even more excited about going to NYC next week.
Brigitte Pruchnow, Andrea Peipe and Michaela Wuehr are showing artwork together again at Stroke. It’s like a thing. Three girls on a wall.  Michaela’s artwork is painted, pixelated and better looked at from a distance. Can you guess what this image is. (Hint there is a little boy….)
Munich Artists at stroke ltd
Synapsenballet. These are great. The postcards are 2 Euro each. I can’t find my postcard 😦 Where did it go?
Munich Artists
Glad I took some photos because I can’t find my freaking postcard of synapsenballet. I really like these pieces created with a sense of humour.  Art doesn’t have to be heavy and depressing. Sometimes it is fun to have an art piece that makes you laugh.
Berlin artist The Art Ko
Berlin artist The Art Ko. Ok. Here is what he does… it is kind of Miro – ish. He throws paint on the paper. Lets it dry. Waits a few days and then paints with black acrylic the details. Unconscious abstract art. He won’t tell you what it is because he doesn’t want to impress you with a specific image… He kept telling me what this image was… but I don’t see it so I won’t tell you.  I keep seeing a map. Imagination fail on my part. I did see barb wire in another piece but he said I was the first person to see that….. dark soul am I. Yes. dark and scary.
Angela Peron
Angela Peron I love this series. Who would not love having one of these. Maybe True and 12 should put one in their shop.
 This artwork is by Christina Rupp.
Luckily I took a business card and shot a photo of the business cards so I could match the card with the images.  This artwork is by Christina Rupp. I did not speak with this artist. No clue what is going on here other than the obvious. I guess you will need to talk to her.  Go ahead, I dare you.
Munich Artists Modge Podge Wall
I don’t know what is going on here. I took a photo of it b/c of the artwork waaaaay to the right. It looks like my daughter’s room and I think that is why I ran away without grabbing a card or a sheet telling me who made the drawing to the faaaaaaar right. Modge Podge wall. Does this help sell more work?
Munich Artists
I like these. Did not talk to anyone. I think I was running out of steam. Four hours is a long time. I see the little house in the corner… I see the name Frank… I think you need to help fill in the blanks for me.


Munich Artists Andrea Peipe Printed by Dinkela
Andrea Peipe’s artwork printed by Malte Dinkela. Nice work both of you!
Two guys and light bulbs. One side of the display has lightbulbs painted with a special paint. I have no idea which business card goes with this display. If you see this photo, please claim your artwork. Thank you.
Christopher Kieling
Christopher Kieling? I need to go check the website to make sure. A larger image is to the right but I guess I got busy talking to someone and forgot to snap both.
Artwork by Kai H. Krieger and 3 Steps from Giessen, Germany
I had fun talking to 3 steps artist Kai H. Krieger. He comes from a family of artists… his twin brother is also one of the painters and they have a third unrelated painter working on the pieces. They started with street art and have wandered indoors. Some of their piece are kind of big 2M but not at Stroke ltd. This is one of the larger pieces. Still kind of big over 1M but doable. They are from Giessen. They made this series just for Munich… See Munich in the background? Is the book Bayerish?
Ronit Wolf
I love these. I didn’t get to talk to Ronit Wolf. Maybe next time. Love your stuff Ronit.
Munich Artists Miriam Ganser
Happy and Bright. Miriam Ganser This artist makes street art which is more edgy. Maybe Miriam thought that wasn’t appropriate for the walls of an art fair. The artist wasn’t there when I stopped by so no photo of the artist. It happens… I get busy talking and forget to snap the photo or the artist runs and hides from me so I can’t get a candid shot. Whatever the reason, I can’t tell you anything about these images… sorry.
Munich Artists Tanja Hirschfeld
Tanja Hirschfeld. I like this series of masked individuals. I love the small paintings of the mouse. I thought about getting one but my daughter is scared of clowns and I could see it giving her nightmares. They are really cool and look great together. I’m pondering the small rabbit head. All the pieces are monochrome. Tanja and two of her artists friends are opening a small gallery called Frida. Please check out our Facebook page for the event notice. They open sometime in November. I forgot to take a photo of Tanja. Sorry Tanja. I will take one at your gallery opening.
Miss Van cat people
I added this one for my daughter. Cat people by Miss Van. A french artist living in Brazil. The artist makes some really cool art with her boyfriend . Ask the Brazilian galleriest Philipp Dziersk to show you on is ipadish thingy. Wait, I have the internet, let me show you….

Brothers and Sisters and Triptych at Stroke Art Fair

Last night at Anne Trieba’s vernissage, I talked with Petra Beeking.  Petra is a Munich artist who will be at both Stroke and ArtMUC this year.  Petra will be attending Stroke with an art group called Brothers and Sisters whose members include:

Petra Beeking

Petra Beeking

Tanja Hirschfeld

Tanja Hirschfeld

and Bryan Moore

Bryan A. Moore

I’m curious to see Petra’s work in real life.  Her portraits are so different from Anne’s and I like how she is using sewing on old photographs (No clue if those are included in her presentation at Stroke).

Because we are focusing on product and not selling original artwork, we decided not to show artwork at Stroke.  Luckily, Brigitte Pruchnow, Michaela Wuehr and Andrea Peipe decided to go show their original artwork at Stroke Art Fair under the name Triptych.

I will be going on Thursday @1300 to snap some photos of Munich artists.  If you have a booth at stroke and want me to stop by and say hi, let me know. I’m always up for meeting talented Munich Artists.

Art News From Everywhere But Munich – Can Your Art Last Half a Million Years?

First piece of art was Graffiti

How did a piece of art last half a million years without being in a museum? The artwork was on a shell that is how.  So artists Go!  Run out and buy some shells or add shells to your artwork. That way you know your work will last more than a hundred years even if your name may fade into oblivion.  According to the article, the first “artists” etched zigzags onto shells. How do we know this wasn’t done by a monkey?  This image also makes me think. Maybe this shell originally was painted like the Greek Statues and over the centuries the paint flaked off.  Maybe this art piece was covered with jewels or, maybe, those zig zags were created by a child waiting for its mother to finish cooking oyster soup.

Would you recognize this missing masterpiece? I’m guessing the art historian’s child really liked watching this film about a little mouse.

Thank you set designers for having good taste and sharing it on the big Screen.  One US set designer found a missing Hungarian masterpiece which was “discovered” by an art historian while watching the movie Stuart Little.  In the Article,  it states that the missing art piece was purchased for 500 USD at a local antique store by a set designer. Now it is in the hands of a collector who returned the art piece to Europe where it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. With this nice story attached, I’m thinking the art piece will be sold for much more than 500 USD.

Art Basel Miami

What are you still doing here? You should be on a plane for Art Basel in Miami. Here are some parties you may want to attend or crash if you are down in the southern US where it is hot and muggy and filled with people looking for your artwork (which is stored in Munich, Germany).

I will be hanging out in Munich with Michaela Wuehr and Martin Potsch on Friday showing images of recycle bins.  I’m sure they would sell well in Miami but the cost of the flight and hotel would be more than the art pieces combined.  Better to stay in Munich and bring Art Basel here don’t you think?

ArtMUC Starts Today! May 29, 2014

ARTMUC starts today.  If you are interested in going, Here are a few of the Munich artists who are going to be at the event and the Floorplan so you can find them.  (floor plan is a pdf – Standplan ARTMUC)

Munich artists – Susanne Margarete Lutz

Munich artists – Stefan Bircheneder:

stefan ircheneder yellow line across manhole

Munich Artists – Paintblotch:


Munich artists – Ines Seidel:


Munich artists – Michaela Wuehr:


Munich Artists – Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow


Munich artists – Eva Hartmann:

Munich Artists – Corinna Naumann

Munich Artists – Andrea Peipe:


More artists will be added in a post tomorrow after we visit the show.  If you have a favourite artists showing their artwork at ARTMUC, please let us know and we will go visit their booth and take some photographs of their current work.

Good Luck Munich Artists!  Have a great time over the next couple of days and we wish you much success!




Stroke Art Fair 2014 Recap

This was the first year that the Friday Gallery invited artists to share a booth at the Stroke Art Fair.  Here are some immediate thoughts about our experience:

  • It was very smart to have a talk with the creative director of Stroke about how we should use our limited space with five artists.  His advice was excellent and very helpful to a novice art fair booth organizer.
  • I’m very happy we showed original work. The artists were able to sell originals which brought in more cash. I would have loved to have limited edition prints of Mr. Fox and will focus on having limited edition prints of our showcase piece next year.  It was funny to hear people say “There he is!” as they rounded the corner and saw the fox painting.  People were happy to see the fox and we enjoyed hanging out with him for the fair.
  • There was no price point that sold best.   The artwork displayed ranged from 170 to 800 and we sold artwork at all price points.  We found the grid installation worked really well for each artist.
  • Each artist that actively participated sold their work.   Michaela Wuehr, Brigitte Pruchnow, Jenny Schminke and Emmy Horstkamp sold work, were present everyday and were happy to talk with people interested in their artwork. (most of the artists are introverts so talking to strangers for five days was a big thing.)

  • The buyers really liked being able to go pick up artwork at the artists studios.  Only two people picked up artwork at the fair.  Most the other buyers put down deposits and made appointments with the artists to pick up the artwork.  

  • Five days at stroke meant five days away from the computer. This made it difficult to share information about Munich Artists especially from a concrete cellar.  Sorry about the internet silence.  Hopefully next year we will have staff who can help report back on a more regular basis.
  • I must remember that we live in Germany.  I ordered a catalogue for Stroke within the appropriate amount of time but forgot the holidays which closed down business for many days.  The catalogs arrived today which is two days after Stroke.  The catalogs are nice and I have a large box of them sitting in my living room waiting to be sent out to collectors and anyone else who we think might be interested in a catalog.
  • We plan to attend Stroke 2015.  I’m looking forward to organizing Munich Artists for more events like this. If you know of an event that we should attend, please email me at with the subject line: Possible Events
  • Here are a few of the images we took during Stroke: