Maximilian Lueckenhaus – Moons Over Munich – For Munich Artists Playing Cards

Today, I’m sharing the artwork created by Maximilian Lueckenhaus for our Munich Artists Playing Card Deck. (Check out the Kickstarter if you want to buy a deck of cards and some bonus gifts.)

One of the cool things about our Kickstarter is that if you pick the 80 Euro option, you can get a limited edition print of one card printed as a giclee A4 print PLUS a poster of all the cards so that you can enjoy all of our artwork on your wall!

We asked Maximilian a few questions so you can get to know this multi-talented artist (He makes music and comics too!)

  • Who are you? Just Maximilian Lückenhaus
  • Where are you from? Munich
  • What brought you to Munich? first time: my birthday, second time: science
  • What place in Munich fills you with joy or inspires you?
  • high rooftops, deep cellar clubs, and the Isar
  • How would you describe your work?graphical, mysterious, and open-minded
  • Who is your favorite artist? too many of them, such as Richard H Kirk, Marcel Duchamp, Rene Magritte, Lorenzo Mattotti, Max Klinger, Loriot, ..
  • What art supply are you never without? imagination

We presented Alexandra Ritter’s cards in this post so go check out her print work and then head over our Kickstarter and purchase a set of cards and support Munich Artists!