Munich Art Market – Curated Art & Design

Munich Art Market

One of the benefits of attending the 500 artists Say Hello event is registering for the Munich Art Market.

After 3 years of motivating artists and creatives in Munich, Kyfio UG is ready to launch the Munich Art Market as an e-commerce site.

The Munich Art Market will be curated and focused on fine art & design products from Bavaria Germany (and our neighbours closeby.)

Each artist will have the opportunity to present their artwork/product lines and explain their concepts.

What are we looking for in products? We are looking for artwork and design that say:

  • European
  • German
  • Bavarian
  • Minga
  • Hey! I’m unique… as in you don’t fit in the above categories but you are so cool  I’m lucky that you live in my city. (In a modest way of course.)
  • Urban ( I love urban and street art).
  • Munich without shouting Munich at me. Your artwork/design can shout Munich but I also need artwork that shouts just you and not the city. We need both cause some people like wearing Munich on their sleeve and others just want Munich in their hearts.

Selected products will be showcased at our space downtown and people will be encouraged to reserve pieces online and pick them up in person.

The application fee for artists and designers will be 20 Euro. The artwork and design items for sale will be Curated by Dr. Emmy Horstkamp, Founder of Munich Artists. If you like our Munich Artists site, you will be happy with Munich Art Market site/store.

The application fee for the website is 20 Euro. Each artist who participates in the 500 Artists event will be submitted for review.  Artists without work on the walls of the event are encouraged to come on April 23, 2016 and register for the Munich Art Market.

Registration for the website will only happen during a 500 artists say Hello event.  We will not accept applications outside of the event.  No exceptions.

Being accepted to the Munich Art Market is a non exclusive representation by the website. We encourage you to continue selling your work around town but ask that your work presented to Munich Art Market not be sold in another location downtown.  (sell other designs not the ones you give us to sell.)

We may offer licensing arrangements for art/design that we think would be great as a Munich Artists product.   All  other work presented in the Market will be offered on a commission basis which means you bring it to us, we sell it and take a commission from the price.  Prices for your products will be discussed during your portfolio review so that the commission doesn’t hurt so much.


  1. Munich Art Market is for Artists living and working in Germany and neighbouring regions.
  2. Registration fee is 20 Euro.
  3. Registration occurs only in person and only during 500 artists say hello event(s).
  4. Curated. artists will be added to a database but only selected works will be chosen for the Munich Art Market website and for display in our space.
  5. Admission to the market is for 1 year.
  6. Artists can sell work everywhere else. This is a non-exclusive representation of the artist.  Artwork representation will be dependant on the art.  (Yes, we will agent an art piece for licensing.)
  7. We will be offering consulting services to collectors wanting artwork from Germany.

Open Call: 500 Artists Say Hello

German Version of Open Call

500 Artists Say Hello

Hi my name is Emmy Horstkamp and I’m the founder of the Munich Artists Group.

In 2013, I decided to create Munich Artists so that I could meet more artists who wanted to collaborate on projects and have fun being artists, while building a serious art practice and developing a unique artistic voice.   Over the years, I’ve worked to find ways to connect with fellow artists and celebrate their art creation in motivational and community building ways. This year we are having 500 artists say hello.

Save the Dates:

  • April 22 – May 2nd Exhibition
  • April 23rd Munich Artists Event from 1400 to 1800

Open Call: 500 artists say “Hello”


As the name suggests, “500 artists say Hello,” will show 500 participating artists. The selected artists will be featured on the Munich Art market website for the whole year 2016 and beginning of 2017.  This opportunity will facilitate artists to connect and be visible within the city structure.

The directory will only be open to artists who attend the event so admittance to this directory will happen once a year. I will have forms for you to fill out at the exhibition event.  Only these forms will be accepted for the art market website.  Munich Artists will add photos of your work we photograph throughout the year to this site.  The cost is 20 Euro.

Here is how the “500 artists say hello” art event will work:

All artists will create an art piece 30cm x 30cm which says hello in your art style. It can be a photograph, painting, sculpture, ceramics, video, art jewellery, flash fiction etc.  The art piece will be blue, shades of blue or monochrome (black and white).  I will not accept pieces with other colours.  Your piece must be mostly blue. You may use black, gray & white as the neutrals.  The colour blues you use is up to you.

Your art piece can use the words “Hello” in any language and in any medium or symbol that says hello for you personally or abstract that is entitled Hello. It can be sculpture, ceramic or video but please keep in mind that the space we will not insure your at piece. If you use a video screen it must be photo frame size. (I have four at the studio we can use.) 

The 500 art pieces will be used as part of an installation. If someone asks to show the installation again, you must allow us to use your art piece in the installation.  

How to apply

By March 10, 2016, you will send the following content by email:

  • Two 300 DPI images of your original artwork:
    •  1 of your hello art piece
    • 1 of your favourite art piece.
  • A photo self portrait – Front view so people can see your face please like driver’s license or a profile photo. (for the video so people can see you. If you are unsure, look at my Mingapill portrait I used in the video. (It was shot with my ipone.)
  • A word you feel represents you.  One word.

Artists will be contacted by Email.  The accepted artists will deliver artwork to the Friday Gallery by March 20th:

The Art piece must be maximum 30cm x 30cm. Larger pieces will not be accepted. If you frame it the piece must be a maximum of 30cm x 30cm

The artwork must hang on a wall and must be finished to hang on a gallery hanging system.

You will bring your artwork to:

  • the Friday Gallery, Frauenstrasse 18, 80469 Munich, Germany.  
  • Monday – Friday 10 until 1500.  Saturday 1 – 1500.  
  • I will be take the work to the exhibition space and hang it.
  • The curatorial responsibility for how the artwork is shown remains with the organizer (Munich Artists) for the sake of the exhibition/installation unity.

The German version of this post will appear on Sunday/Monday.   

The cost:  20 Euro per artist paid at the time the artist brings their artwork to the gallery.

PS.  I have the Odeonsplatz window again in July and will be creating a video installation using your artwork photos, words and self portraits.  Because it will visible to many people I want to make sure you pick:

  • your favourite art piece,
  • your favourite self portrait
  • Your favourite word. (You can explain if you want.)

Only the 500 artists from the exhibition/installation will be included in the video installation.


  • The total size of the piece is 30 x 30 including framing if framed.
  • If you frame, use black/white/gray/blue. No browns will be accepted.