Say Hello 2017 will be at Freiraum 16 Art Gallery, Munich Germany on April 22, 2017

  1. First Installation Location
Artwork in this photo is by Artist Andreas Jungk
Artwork in this photo is by Artist Andreas Jungk. I was focusing on the ceiling where the installation will hang during the event.

Our Say Hello 2017 installation will be shown From April 13 – April 24, 2017 at Oefelestr. 13a, 81543 Munich, Germany. (We install the installation from April 10 – 13th. Boxes need to be at Frauenstrasse 18 by April 4, 2017 because I need to see how many I have AND photograph them.)

Gallery Owner Angelika Baumgartner asked that we extend the hours for the event so Say Hello 2017  will start at 1400 and go until 1800 but, if you want to stay later, we have the luxury of staying until the stars begin to twinkle in the sky.

The gallery space is 100 sqm so there is plenty of room for the installation and for the artists, family, friends and other Munich Creatives.

2. More Information About the Say Hello Event

Video FAQ. I am making a video right now with more information about the box and the installation. If you have any questions, you can email me

EXPLAIN YOUR ART.  This year, I will make a list of artists who want to explain their art pieces.  I found from the Munich Inspire book, that there were some great stories of why the pieces were made for the book and I only found out about the stories when the artists came to my studio to pick up their books.  Short talk.  Keep it to 5-10 minutes. You do not have to talk about your piece but I want you to know that Say Hello 2017 is a safe place to share your artwork and your stories. Everyone who comes to Say Hello is happy that you are being creative and wanting to share.  We will set a timer for you so that everyone who wants to talk has the opportunity.

Be on Time.  Like last year, I would like everyone to be there at 1400 so we can introduce each artist this year and at that point the artist can talk about their art pieces.  This will start at 1430.

3.  Our Event Book – Munich Look Book

We will have a book again this year. It will be called Munich Look Book.  It will have your boxes in the first section.  The second section of the book, you can have one page to show a variety of your work or Create a unique page of art (like a journal page).  I will be sharing more details about the Look Book tomorrow.  The Look Book costs is included in the 50 Euro fee so there is no additional fee.  

NOTE: If you want to be in the book but you don’t want to be in the installation, the fee will be 100 Euro.  No explanation for the cost. That is just what you have to pay not to be there on April 22.

We will have a second look book in the fall based on the playing card artwork and Munich Stories artwork.  Cost will be 30 Euro for artists who participated in Say Hello 2017 and 50 Euros for everyone else.

4. Selection for Future Munich Artists Projects  (Munich Artists Playing Cards, Munich Stories, MA-The window, Inspire project)

  • Say Hello 2017 will be where we select artists for our visual projects this year.  If you want to participate in the Munich Artists Playing Cards project, you will need to be at the event.
  • We will be expanding the number of artists to 108  and the number of decks to two so that people can play rummy. 1 deck will be photography.  1 deck will be figurative, mixed media.   More information on the Munich artists Playing Cards will also be posted this week. There is a small 20 Euro fee this year for each artist but you get a deck of cards and Elizabeth H., Holger K. and I have less stress. (Cards are expensive to print, we are still in the red from last year.)
  • If you would like to participate in our Munich Stories project and you are a visual artist, please let me know. I’m starting to make the teams next week.
  • If you would like to be involved in the Inspire Project 2017, you can let me know at the event. I will have a signup sheet.  This year, the inspiration will not be an artist but the feeling of pain. This topic was inspired by a talk I had with a German medical doctor who said that pain helps you know you are alive. Without pain, you die.   The inspire project will be an open call project open to all artists and creatives with no geographic boundaries or medium. If you can photograph or write it, it can be in the book.  I will make a separate post for this with more details.  This book will be print on demand and offered as a kindle version.  The submission fee will be 20 Euro. No physical book included.  You will get a PDF version to share.
  • Christmas Ornaments – If you have an idea you want to share or want to hold a workshop, please let me know.  I want a Christmas tree full of hand made ornaments/ artist ornaments. Ideas for this project are appreciated.  We have one artist, Rainer Schmitten, who will be doing a lino cut workshop for us.    Artists have been asking me for a fundraiser project. We can make this the fundraiser if you want with all proceeds going to charity or we can make it whatever you want artists. I just want some ornaments on my tree this year.

Did I forget anything? Probably.



Munich Artist Stammtisch and other News for Artists and Designers

For the next phase of Munich Artists, I’m asking artists to step forward and actively help organise events under the Munich Artists Umbrella.  The events must be approved by Munich Artists before using our name or social media resources and must meet the overall concept of promoting artists and artwork from Bavaria.

The Stammtisch is an opportunity for artists to approach Emmy Horstkamp with suggestions and to hear about projects that are being organised.   We will be having one Stammtisch a month for this purpose.   The first Stammtisch will be at the Friday Gallery, Frauenstrasse 18 on Friday May 29, 2015.  I will have food, please bring your own alcohol.

Topics for Discussion:

• An exhibition of 500 artists to show the prismed zeitgeist of Munich.

• An exhibition called “Kimono Project” which is a project with a Japanese/Singaporean creative.

• Art in the Park for 2016. Art in the Park will be on June 12 -18th in Sendling during the City Festival. (This is a test to see if Munich likes this kind of concept)

• Munich Art Market – This is a website we want.  For this project we will be having an open call for locally produced products by artists and designers for the Munich Art Market website. The website will NOT focus on original art pieces.

If you are an artist/designer/art historian who would like to work on the organising side of these projects please attend the Stammtisch.  If you are an artist or designer with a project idea please attend the meeting. (Ideas must be related to Germany we are not interested in projects focusing on other countries).

Organising does not mean you will be picked for the Kimono project or Prismed Zeitgeist.  These two projects will be juried and open to German based artists (Kimono Project) and Munich based artists (Prismed zeitgeist -Munich).


  • Because of the way our group is evolving, we feel that our resources are better used for a monthly Stammtisch. We have asked artists this year to create their own parties for the exhibitions hosted at the Friday Gallery which we share in the closed Facebook group and on our social media accounts.   The remaining exhibitions for this year include:
    • Andreas Hirsch May 22nd – June 11th. Vernissage May 22 @1900
    • Nina Schmid June 19th – July 8th Vernissage June 19th @1900
    • Gunther Meliton – July 9th – 23rd, 2015
    • Katrin Klug – August 16th – September 3rd
    • Julie Olsson September 10 – 24
    • Christ Tomas September 25 – October 7
    • Ines Seidel October 8 – 22
    • Munich Artists Book – October 23 -November 5
    • Andrea Peipe – November 6 – 17
    • Jenny Schminke November 18 – December 3
    • Munich Artists Christmas Market – November 27 – December 18
  • In 2016, the Friday Gallery will be focusing on installation work which will be broadcasted online on our website with a webcam and through social media.  We will only pick artists we feel are up for this challenge.  You are welcome to submit an installation idea. There will be 12 installations in 2016 which will be group installation and individual depending on the idea. This is not open to all artists and we will only pick ideas that I can handle living with for a month (I am working in the space full time now).
  • Our newsletter has been on hiatus while we make changes to Munich Artists and shuffle around where content will be shared. The newsletter will start again on June 1, 2015 with a new look and purpose.
  • Starting in July 2015, our Munich Art Market will be opened for artists to sell their designs/products.   This market is not open to original artwork. We will continue to share original artwork on Munich Artists and the Friday gallery but our e-commerce site focuses on selling items between 10 -800 Euro.(retail price) We will be placing an open call once the website is completed. All work must be manufactured in Germany and be designed by artists living and working in Bavaria.