MJW2016 Exhibitions in Sendling and Westend

When you show your atwork in Sendling, a neighborhood of Munich where I live, you are definitely going to get your artwork looked at ( If I know where the exhibition space is located.)


Das KloHaeuschen


This weekend, I visited Das KloHauschen which is an art project by Anja Uhlig.  For Munich Art Jewellery week 2016, Anja has Krista Ruohonen in the space interacting with it.  What do I mean by interacting with the space? Please read my post about Anja for an explanation of the KloHaushen and Anja’s art projects.

For MJW16 Krista Ruohenen accepted anja’s invitation and created “Eau de Toilette,” the jewellery collection for the Klohaushen (toilet house.)  The space is not open except through at the vernissage but you can see everything exhibited in the space through the door. (This is intentional.) If you would like to know more about the artist presenting her art jewellery in the space, you can visit Krista Ruohenen’s website here.



Eau De Toilette by Krista Ruohonen
Eau De Toilette by Krista Ruohonen


Welserstrasse 11 -29

This small street houses quite a few workshops turned galleries for Munich Jewellery week.

Invisible Wall Exhibition
Artist Panjapol Kulpapangkorn


Artist Jo Pond
Artist Deborah Rudolph photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Deborah Rudolph was in the exhibition space when I arrived so I asked her some questions about her work.  Here are a few points for you to know:

  • Deborah’s work uses stone and rope.
  • The stone is inspired by geological drilling machines used for exploratory boring into the earth.  The machines allow us to reach areas unaccessible by other means and to bring materials to the surface.
  • The rope used in her jewellery is climber’s rope.
  • Her artwork appears heavy because of the stone but the pieces are light because they have their interiors drilled out.


Deborah is a German artist working near Frankfurt. If you would like to see more of her work, please visit her website.

Invisible Wall Exhibition

UNOSTO – UNOSTO is an exhibition curated by Tereza Volna.   Tereza focuses on artists from her region but is willing to collaborate/exhibit other artists for specific curatorial projects.The artists in this exhibition are: Natassia Aleinikava, Klara Sipkova, Lucie Houdkova, Martin Verner, Marketa Richterova, Karla Olsakova (all accents ommited due to keyboard challenges.)

Exhibition UnoSto
Artist Karla Olsakova
Artist Lucie Houdkova
Artist Martin Verner

Martin Verner explained that his artwork is inspired by the street artists he knows and their tagging. You know how much I like street art.  I really like the pin pieces below.  If you would like to see more of his work, please check out Martin Verner’s website.

Artist Martin Verner
Artist Marketa Richterova


Junk: Rubbish to Gold : Gabi Green in Westend


Laura Bradshaw-Heap
Rubbish Jewellery coated in gold (each piece is for sale.)


Junk: Rubbish to Gold – pieces that have been altered slightly.

Watch the video for more information about the project and don’t forget, the jewellery is being auctioned off as part of the project.  Check out the Rubbish to gold website for more information


The Talk Art Jewellery Installation by Ines Seidel and Allun Turner

Allun Turner and Ines Seidel have been working on an installation at the Friday Gallery during the month of February 2016.

The artists were asked to develop an installation that incorporated their art jewellery and the idea of a conversation.

Over the month, the two artists emailed, met in person, worked in their own studios and at the Friday gallery.   Emmy Horstkamp videotaped the artists discussing their installation and their artworks and asked the artists to share how the other artist influenced their work in the space.

If you would like to visit the gallery, one of the artists will be there each day from  900 to 1700. Please remember that the Friday gallery is in the courtyard. You will need to push open the green doors and walk into the courtyard where you will then see a big pink sign designating the Friday Gallery as one of Munich Jewellery Week’s galleries.


Ioanna Natsikou – Munich Jewellery Week 2016

At RaumForm 33 Baaderstraße 16 80469 München, Ioanna Natsikou is showcasing her artwork during Munich Jewellery week.  munich-artists-feb-25-2-16-schmuck-munich-jewellery-week12773288_980160805372400_1137035766_omunich-artists-feb-25-2-16-schmuck-munich-jewellery-week12787568_980160755372405_1919545435_omunich-artists-feb-25-2-16-schmuck-munich-jewellery-week12788682_980160685372412_942915320_omunich-artists-feb-25-2-16-schmuck-munich-jewellery-week12767833_980160582039089_2126895754_o

Things you should know about Ioanna and her artwork.

  1. Ioanna is organizing the first Athens Jewellery Week which will happen this summer.
  2. None of the faces in the exhibition have names. They are titled to evoke an emotion or idea not be attached to a name/label.
  3. Focusing on art jewellery, Ionna is interested in finding a way to combine her love of art jewellery and her love of photography.
  4. The faces are smaller than masks and are a point of dialogue, reflection.

Schmuck 2016-Handwerksmesse Muenchen – Art Jewellery

Are you ready?  Here are my photos from the main exhibition space at the exhibition center. If you are going to go there to hunt for these pieces, please be patient.  The artists are not located together but are scattered throughout the space.  I did not like this at all but I hope you have more time than I did today.

The artwork is not in order of gallery or location and I’ve added the name of the artist when I had the information.

Booth Ra Gallery:

Artist Thanh Truc Nguyen
Artist Thanh Truc Nguyen
Artist Noon Passama
Artist Noon Passama

Booth WCC BF

I loved these. They are extremely light weight and textile.  (brooches/pins) A hollow cube. I think hey would look good worn in a grouping.  Cecile Bertrand is from Belgium and you can find her website here. 

Artist Cecile Bertrand

An artist this week told me that they wanted to create a series of penises.  I laughed when I saw this wall full of them.  Sold individually as pins. The artist is Nelly Vanoost and her website is here. 

Artist Nelly Van Oost

I walked into this booth and loved this bug/beetle/winged creature. Here is a nice article about the Thai artist Apinya Oo Boonprakobthis and her process. 

Booth ATTA Gallery (new gallery)

Apinya Oo Boonprakob
Apinya Oo Boonprako

Other Artists:

Artist Heide Kindelmann
Artist Don Friedlich – Paper/wood/laser engraved pearl, gold

I loved this piece above. It is by Don Friedlich Below is how the pin would be worn.


The piece is very different than hisDonald Friedlich’s other work. I wish he would make more like this.  If you want to see his other artworks, you can visit his website and see a large selection of his glass work.

Artist Simon Gruber – Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk
Artist Simon Gruber – Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk
Nina Wiedemann – Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk
Nina Wiedemann – Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk
Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk
Schmuck 2016

I really enjoyed this piece below by Artist Naama Ben Moshe who lives in Berlin and explores textile design.

Artist Naama Ben Moshe
Artist Naama Ben Moshe


Artist Sham Patwardhan-Joshi
Sunke Kosack – Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk
Artist Sunke Kosack – Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk

I don’t have photos of the artwork from the artists below because they gave me a CD of their artwork images but my iMac no longer has a CD drive.   One of the artists, Barbara von Taeuffenbach is a member of Kunst in Sendling and exhibited with Munich Artists at our Art in the Park event last year.   I was so happy to see her and wish her luck this week.

Bavarian Art Jewellery Gallery (Will share photos when I find a CD reader)
Artist Daniel von Weinberger (prints are holograms)
Artist Dovile Bernadisiute – Schmuck 2016
Artist Andrea Maxa Halmschlager
Schmuck 2016 Artist Lotte Buch
Schmuck 2016
Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk
Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk
Artist M. Leuchtenberger Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk
Artist M. Leuchtenberger – Meisterschule fuer das gold un Silbershmiedehandwerk
Artist Edu Tarin
Artist Edu Tarin
Artist Edu Tarin
“showing her age” (Gloves) Artist Victoria Mcintosch
Artist Jennifer Crupi
Artist Jennifer Crupi
Schmuck 2016