Snowden Flood Offers Munich Artists London Inspiration

London is a great city to visit for inspiration.  As we walked down the Thames, we found Snowden Flood‘s studio store at OXO.  Snowden (that is her real name) is an artist in London who decided that visitors to London should be able to find higher end gifts designed and created in the UK.

Snowden Flood in her studio store at OXO

At first, Snowden thought she would use the space at OXO as her studio/store but just like many Munich Artists, Snowden found that a combined studio/store space doesn’t quite work because, no matter how much you plan, the store always interrupts your efforts to be creative.

Now, the OXO space focuses on selling artwork/designs created by Snowden Flood and select UK artists that fit in with Snowden’s overall design/art concept.

Snowden’s Flood’s store is located on the 1st floor of OXO (one floor up from the ground floor.) and is one cosy room with plenty of room to walk around and see the merchandise.


This is the view into her shop space.

View of Snowden Flood’s store from the outside.
View of Snowden Flood’s store from the inside.
Dishes designed by Snowden Flood
Cups designed by Snowden Flood

The prices of Snowden Flood’s mugs start at 12 GBP per cup or 70GBP for a set of six. Snowden said that the mugs sell really well and that buyers are both local residents and international guests to the city.

Snowden has a few screen printed designs on aprons and tea towels and we purchased an “Extremely Nice” apron for the studio for 12 GBP.

Packaged Apron designed by Snowden Flood
Front detail of Screen printed Apron designed by Snowden Flood
Cookbook  written by Jenny Linford and published by Metro Publications

I purchased the London Cookbook because it felt like a neighbourhood cookbook instead of a posh city guide to London Food.

I liked the focus on London residents and small businesses rather than famous restaurants or people. From Mrs. Lim’s Singaporean Laksa to Sini’s Cinnamon Buns from the Nordic Bakery, the book is filled with international people working and living in London and leading London lives.

Interior of The London Cookbook
The London Cookbook Tea Time
The London Cookbook Soho Stories
The London Cookbook London Bakeries

I would have preferred larger photographs or more white space but the colour saturated pages didn’t deter me from purchasing the book and enjoying the contents.

If you would like to visit Snowden’s store, you can find her at the OXO Tower Wharf. You can also purchase her designs online from the Snowden Flood’s Store.


21 Day Hello Art Challenge Has Begun

The theme for this challenge is Hello, Beginnings and Welcome.  We have a Page for this art challenge and we will be sharing our images on Facebook in the Munich Artists group and our BCA Munich Artists Challenge group.

The purpose of the Munich Artists challenges are to provide inspiration and add a bit of fun to our days. This means that Munich Artists wants you to use the list as a guide.  If you get inspired and go in a different direction not directly related to hello, we don’t care.  In fact, if you do the complete opposite of each topic each day, we will applaud your refusal to conform and your creativity at taking the topics and flipping them into the deep and dark recesses of your brain.  If you do either of those things, you will need to explain a bit so that your fellow artists can understand what you are doing but so far, everyone seems to find it cool when an artist goes off tangent.

For the next 21 day,  I’m encouraging you not to plan so much because planning too much drags you down into an area where fun has a hard time surviving. Munich Artists believes it is possible to be professional and have fun at the same time.

The daily topics for this challenge are:

  • Day 1 – A beginning
  • Day 2 – Boxes representing the beginning of something.
  • Day 3 – Welcome Home
  • Day 4 – Welcome the day
  • Day 5- Welcome the night
  • Day 6 – Hello kiss/hug/handshake
  • Day 7 – Beginning of a book/newspaper/magazine
  • Day 8 – Beginning of a relationship
  • Day 9 – Beginning of a meal
  • Day 10 – Hello to a stranger
  • Day 11 – Hello to myself
  • Day 12 – Space to begin something new
  • Day 13 – Welcome to my mind/brain/soul
  • Day 14 – Beginning of the end
  • Day 15 – Beginning Line. (text,visual art, idea, etc.)
  • Day 16 – Words that are Welcoming.
  • Day 17 – Time for Hello
  • Day 18 – olleH, emoclew – words in reverse.
  • Day 19   Hello Work
  • Day 20  Beginning of the blue hour.
  • Day 21  Say Goodbye to Hello.

Because our website changed format a bit, we will be talking about the challenge on Facebook and Instagram and will be referring back to the challenge page instead of daily challenge posts so that the visual front of our website isn’t overwhelmed by challenge posts.

The challenge began two days ago so you still have time to catch up. As always, we will be happy if you participate and there are no bad feelings if you can’t do all 21 days. Do as much as you want and share your work with us on Facebook. I create a photograph each day and I look forward to seeing what you decide to create.

The 21 day Hello challenge is a great opportunity for you to create an art piece for our 500 artists Say Hello Event. If you are interested in joining our event, please let me know by emailing If you don’t know about our April 23, 2016 500 artists say Hello event, please read the open call page.



Feb 2016 Munich Street Art

HNRX – Tumblingerstrasse
HNRX- Tumblingerstrasse
Match on Fire – HNRX Tumblingerstrasse
HNRX Tumblingerstrasse
HNRX Tumblingerstrasse
HNRX Tumblingerstrasse
HNRX Tumblingerstrasse
HNRX Tumblingerstrasse

Ingrid Mueller is a Munich Artist Exploring “Home”

Ingrid Mueller with a two sided screen -Original artwork mixed media acrylic and paper collage on canvas – For Sale: 1500 Euro inc. VAT

Yesterday I visited Ingrid Mueller at the Kunsttreff Quiddezentrum to see the exhibition space that Munich Artists will be using from April 20 until May 5, 2016 for a TBA group exhibition/party.

The space is located in Neuperlach in a deserted shopping center.  My first thought was “How cool! I want a studio here.” That was a gut reaction without my brain joining in on the discussion because I live in Sendling and work near Viktualienmarkt so a studio in Neuperlach would make no sense whatsoever but, I do have a car and a love of oldish buildings where I can make artsy messes and where I can see street art everyday.

This building reminds me of my deluxe lego set which I played with for hours building square buildings with little windows for my matchstick cars.  The building also feels hipster and cool and a great place to kick back with a coffee and a camera and a few Munich Artists. (Bring your own thermos because the place is empty except for art studios and the gallery spaces. There are no hipster coffee shops here BUT maybe we can do a popup Foodie event on the evening of our gathering?)

Heading to Kunstreff-Quiddezentrum
Quiddezentrum – balconies perfect for coffee drinking or Graffiti art.


an artists studio at Quiddezentrum
Inside Kunsttreff

Getting out of my car, I glimpsed this art piece on the side of the building:

street art Neuperlach

and then this one:


and then this one!


After snapping the three art pieces, I wondered where the other street artists were hiding? Why was this building naked? In other cities this building would have been coated with art because the walls can be reached without a cherry picker and everybody knows the building is eventually going to be torn down.  Hello? Street artists? Anybody wanting to go pimp this building before the exhibition in April?  The building is going to be torn down this year. Time is running out!

Ingrid Mueller

Ingrid Mueller is a Bavarian artist. Here is all the bio stuff that might interest you. Her website is called “Moments of Human experience.”  Don’t Google for an Ingrid Mueller website because that does not belong to this Ingrid Mueller and I don’t want you to be confused between the two Ingrids.  The bavarian Ingrid Mueller has a website entitled “”

I met Ingrid Mueller at the Kunsttreff to see the exhibition space and then we walked over to her studio and she showed me her current work which is very different from her prior work. (I took not a single photo of her older work.)

The photos below are of my favourite piece. It is two sided and Ingrid used acrylic on canvas with these cutouts she made from books.  The cutouts on this piece are cut from the text of an art encyclopedia.  I like that German artists are treading into old book manipulation & using them as raw art material. Books are much more valuable to Germans than to Americans so this seems to mean more for some reason. German artists are now willing to destroy a book to make something new from it.  I wonder what dark and dingy trail art historians will go down from this observation.


I really like these monkeys


I love these monkeys.  They are my favourite part of this panel.


Here are a few more pieces in this mixed media style:

Looking at Ingrid’s older works, I could not believe it was the same artist.  I asked her if she had some kind of epiphany but she just shrugged.  That is an ok answer for me. Who really cares why an artist goes from straight figurative to exploring “Heimat” in a mixed media format in a flat two dimensional way that has nothing to do with “real life” figures as long as it is the same artist and it is a pivot in her art production/style development and she continues to explore her theme without falling back into her safety zone classic figurative artwork.

Ingrid has a few pieces where the artwork is based on the text of the book she destroyed. one art piece has Kafka’s cockroach story which I figured out (kind of) because I saw a transformation from human to something else but I didn’t get the cockroach until she mentioned Kafka.

There were lots of A3 collages with animals and flowers done on paper. I thought these would make good collaboration pieces for other people to work on using Ingrid’s piece as a starting point. I also thought Ingrid could work with her husband on these type of collaged art pieces using his nature photography and her new style.

I enjoyed visiting with Ingrid and practicing my German. If you like to see Ingrid’s work or want to meet her at her studio, you can connect with her at the following :

Atelier Müller

Quiddestraße 45, 81735 München

Street Art Collaboration Inside The Friday Gallery

Art Collaboration

This week we started the non video segment of our window installation. The installation will be installed on January 4th at Odeonsplatz, Munich, Germany.  I will make a tiny video showing you exactly where it is so you can visit it on your commute through town.  The two artists creating artwork for this installation are Emmy Horstkamp (me) and Street artist with a cool street art name. ( I don’t have a cool street art name.)

Initially, the installation was planned as a continuation of the madeyourbed series, but on Monday, I had a surprise visit from an American Street Artist at the Friday Gallery and after an interesting conversation my plans for the installation changed.

I didn’t tell the street artist what I was calling the installation nor did I tell him what to draw on the different segments of the installation.  I wanted the pieces to feel like the a graffiti wall and be filled with a collaborative synergetic energy.

To inspire him, I made the first layer by transferring my photographs of Munich  onto the paper so the paper was no longer blank. From the abstracted shapes on each art piece, the street artist began painting with black and red ink using his iconic motifs to fill the space.

Below you can see the street artist adding the second layer of drawing to one of the art pieces.


A friend helped us by adding some colour to one of the art pieces. (Bonus for hanging out with us for HOURS.)

This week I will begin layering the  paper pieces at the Friday Gallery to see how they overlap and where I need to make cuts and add encaustic medium.

I want to make sure that the top layer integrates our styles and the feeling of a graffiti wall so I will be adding shadows around the main figures, some stencil work and some collaging … along with the word CRUSH.

The idea of this installation is to share the feeling of a graffiti wall dissected.  The artwork of some of the pieces will not be fully visible as if the artwork was done on a graffiti wall.

Wax will be used to add structural elements to the pieces and also to make the paper translucent so you can see parts of what is on the piece behind. Without being backlit, the wax will just add a texture to the piece.  With backlighting, the paper will be see through allowing you to see the piece behind.

I started cutting holes in the pieces and will walk by Tumblingerstrasse all week to get inspired by the layered graffiti and street art so that I capture the graffiti wall feeling in the installation.

I decided to name the installation CRUSH to represent not only the the love themes of this street artist but the actual crushing of artwork by layering the pieces closely together, pushing them together and crushing two very different art styles into one space.

The video part of the installation  will share a word story called Crush.

I will post an update of the installation at the end of next week. If you have any questions, you can email me


Our Feb Installation will be Ines Seidel and AllunTurner entitled “The Talk”which they will start at the beginning of Feb and will be ready for  Jewellery week at the end of Feb beginning of March 2016.

If you have a window you want to share with Munich Artists for an Installation, please let me know. We are looking for a space for March 2016.