Artsy Events for October 9,10 & 11 – Get Your Sneakers on for a Marathon Weekend of Art

I don’t know why they do this…. have so many open studios in one weekend in October before the long night of the Museum but they do and I’m always scrambling to see as many as I can. Hopefully you will have time this weekend to visit some Munich Artists studios and see their current work.


Here are a few Munich Artists showing their work in Sendling this weekend.


  • Ulli Schmeling will be showing some of her photography and sculptures at Kidlerstrsse 3.
  • Katrin Nodop will be at the SPD Bürgerbüro located at Daiserstrasse 27.

Einladung KiS 2015

  • Berit Opelt will be showing her artwork at the SPD Bürgerbüro in der Daiserstrasse 27

After you run around Sendling, head over to Neuhausen and check out the artists opening their studios for the weekend.  Here are a few of the Munich Artists showing their works in Neuhausen:

Brigitte Pruchnow Swimmer

  • Brigitte Pruchnow will be showing her artwork at München leuchtet, Landshuter Allee 39, 80637 München


For a full list of artists showing their work, download the Kunst in Sendling Flyer and download a flyer for Kulturen in Neuhausen here.

Einladung LANDLUFT-1
C. Kirmse, Elsass & B. Auspitz, Chiemsee
  • If you like landscapes, you will enjoy this exhibition of Contanze Kirmse’s artwork at Vergolderei Ehmer, Notburgastr. 6, 80639 Munich, Germany.  Constanze and Brian Auspitz will be showcasing their artwork starting this Friday October 9, 2015 until January 2016.  The vernissage starts at 1830 and goes until 2100.
  • On Sunday, if you can still see straight, sit down and have a chat with Dinkela and Corinna Naumann, they will be having an artists talk on Sunday @ 1600.

If you are an artist and you want me to share your events, please make a Facebook event and invite Munich Artists or Emmy Horstkamp and I will add you to our event list. Make sure the event is public. I can’t add private events or events on private pages. (Create an art page for your art practice please.) I try and add the events to the website but that is a hit or miss depending on how busy my week is and how zen I am finding data entry.  This week data entry is a nice excuse to get away from the “Made Your Bed” installation which is overtaking my living space while I figure out the best way to “install” it.

NOTE: I will be at the FotoDoks Munich Raw workshop this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Here is a link to Fotodoks. They will be having a documentary photo festival from the 13th -18th October. I will make a separate post later this week. I’m so excited about this workshop.  They have a waiting list so it is too late for you to apply (I did mention this earlier … maybe just on social media.. which is another reason for you to join us on Facebook.)  Fotodoks offers other workshops that may interest you. Let me know if you sign up for one.

I Stumbled Upon an Artist – Munich Neuhausen – Mercedes Felgueres

The sign that took me into Mercedes Felgueres Gallery Space
The sign that took me into Mercedes Felgueres Gallery Space

There they are in the background wondering why I’m taking a photo of their sign on the glass door.  After opening the door and walking in, the first question out of the owner’s mouth was “Why did you take a photo of my sign?”

The answer was easy to give. I wasn’t sure I read the note correctly and I wanted to take it home and read it slowly to make sure I understood it correctly.  The Gallery space sign said art gallery but the space was filled with designer labels.

This is what happens when you have children. You bend over backwards to help them… especially if you are Spanish. Mercedes is Mexican and she decided to give part of her space to her daughter, Mercedes, to start a fashion line. (They have the same name because it is family tradition.)

The artist, Mercedes Felgueres, flipped her paintings over to the restaurant next door (owned by the family) and the front of her gallery now displays young fashion designers.

After a nice chat with the two women, where I ended up buying a spiderweb type sweater by a local designer (no label on the garment),  I walked with Mercedes next door to the restaurant to look at her artwork.  This is what I saw:

small artwork by mercedes felgueres
small artwork by mercedes felgueres
Encaustic artwork by Mercedes felgueres
Encaustic artwork by Mercedes felgueres
artwork with chairs by Mercedes felgueres
artwork by Mercedes felgueres
artwork with people by Mercedes felgueres
artwork by Mercedes felgueres

I was happy to learn that Mercedes  does encaustic. She is now the 3rd artist I’ve met in Munich working with this medium Nicole Boots and Emmy Horstkamp are the other two. ( Yes, I can meet myself and talk about myself in the 3rd person.)

The restaurant is called Volk Art and is located at Volkartstrasse 15, D-80634. The restaurant is a tapas bar which is an excellent excuse to head over to Neuhausen to see Mercedes artwork and have some yummy food.  Mercedes is Mexican and you can talk to her in German, Spanish or English.  She knows all three languages which is helpful for this creative but language challenged Munich Artist.

After leaving Mercedes to deal with the lunch rush at the restaurant, I walked into Perlerie.

perlerie alles run um die perle
Perlerie alles run um die perle

I had no reason to walk into this store except that it was next to the gallery and I like windows that are a bit too busy.  Upon entering I found lots of this:

detail of merchandise available at perlerie
detail of merchandise available at Perlerie Neuhausen

and bought this:

beads for around 2,50 Euro
String of beads for around 2,50 Euro

Ah.  Lovely. Five strands of golden beads for 2,50 Euro each (You do the math)  I also bought the ribbon chains to hang a pendant that Angela Smets made. Angela lives in Neuhausen but her studio is at the WiederFabrik. You can see her work at the Affordable Art Fair this fall or make an appointment with her at her studio.

Today, I’m heading over to check out a new art store in town. I will give you a heads up tomorrow as I add more artsy places to my list.