Lenbachhaus Goes Yellow with KiCo

After visiting Lenbachhaus, I handed my daughter a very large yellow book and asked her to take a look. “If you like what you see in this book, I will take you to this exhibition at the Lenbachhaus.”

Zoe is wondering why I have a seriously big yellow book

My daughter is a talented artist who is anti-museum, anti-exhibition, anti-viewing other people’s work in traditional settings.  So far in her young life, she’s agreed to visit one exhibition of Maximilian Lückenhaus’s work in Munich and a few exhibitions in while visiting London.    

I kept my fingers crossed that the Big Yellow Book showing the Kico Collection would convince my daughter to visit another exhibition outside of her preferred viewing space (Instagram.)

Daniel Knorr at Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

The heavy yellow book is the catalogue for the KiCo foundations collection which I picked up during the press conference for “Mentales Gelb. Sonnen Höchststand”  an exhibition of artwork from the KiCo Foundation showing at the Lenbachhaus until October 8, 2017.

As I walked through the exhibition, I felt surrounded by artists who were passionate about their art practices— their passion exuded into the museum space and added an energy that made me want to keep walking through the rooms.  I also had an urge to text the artists and send them hand clap emojis and ask them to hang out with me in Munich and create art.  That is how happy I was walking through this exhibition and seeing their finished art pieces.

The creativity, the feeling of immersion and sometimes the humour of the artist is evident in the pieces exhibited and it was exhilarating to walk through the museum with the curator and director who both were overflowing with information and excitement about the pieces from the KiCo Collection.

Olafur Eliasson Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

The KiCo foundation works with the Kunstmuseum Bonn and focuses on the use of colour and light.   As we walked through the exhibition with the collectors, you could tell how happy they were with their art collection and, their love of collecting art is a bonus for Germany and the global contemporary art audience who have an opportunity to see the art pieces in exhibitions.

Because Kico began their focus in abstract art focusing on light and colour, the collection and exhibition contain, video, photography, digital prints, painting, installations, sculptures, and even spider webs.   Walking from one room to another, I felt like clapping my hands and cheering with what was chosen to be exhibited.  

Selected Art Pieces

Franz Ackermann

Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

I didn’t realize how much I loved this room until I got home and saw how many photos I took of the artwork.   The big wall shows artwork created by Franz Ackerman and the locations where he has traveled. (A wall travel journal) The smaller artworks are his inspiration for his larger pieces.

Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Franz Ackermann- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Wade Guyton

I laughed when I saw this piece because I know what it feels like to print the digital colour field and have it streaked.  This art piece created in 2015 focuses on how a perfect digital piece can be printed multiple times and each time that it is printed it comes out flawed in some way even though the original file is perfect.

On the wall of the gallery, the collection displayed multiple gray colour fields that have all the errors created when the special canvas was put through a large digital printer.

From our own experience, the printing companies ask you not to have colour fields when printing digitally and they told us gray is one of the worst colours.  Knowing this, it was fun to see  Wade Guyton artwork blowing up this flaw in digital printing so we can enjoy the consequences of living in the real world and not in our computer files.


Wolfgang Tillmanns

Gertrud Fassnacht got caught in my shot of Wolfgang Tillmanns’ work. She provides art tours and is involved in the Sendling art scene.

Below are three of Wolfgang Tillmanns Tamayo Lighter art pieces which play with exposing light on paper.

Wolfgang Tillmans- Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Wald by Wolfgang Tillmans-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Daniel Knorr

Daniel Knorr -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

This artist has a sense of humour and the exhibited piece makes a statement about  public art pieces that no one remembers why they exist.

Daniel Knorr-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

The museum has masked the Lenbach bust in the lobby and if you go into the garden you can take a selfie with one of the masked sculptures in the garden.  (You have to be kind of tall. I’m too short to take a good one without a selfie stick.)

Daniel covers the faces of the statues to make you pay attention to the sculpture. Who is it? Did you even know that the sculpture was there?  Many of our public art pieces blend into the scenery.  When the sculpture is gone, they know something is missing but they don’t quite remember what it was.  This is what Daniel is focusing on with his masks and the sculptures.   A grouping of Daniel Knorr photographs showcase the forgotten subjects and artists found by the artist.

Daniel Knorr-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Daniel Knorr-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Ceal Floyer

The Ceal Floyer piece combines colour in the electrical cord and light in the projection and the bulb.  A part of the installation is up on the corner of the ceiling and not in this shot (a looping video of hands). Ceal Floyer asks you to take a moment and look for the deeper meaning in the work.    Another piece entitled “Monochrome Till” also asks you to see the deeper meaning.  (The meaning has to do with colour.)


Monochrome Till Receipt (White) 1999 by Ceal Floyer born 1968
© Ceal Floyer, courtesy Lisson Gallery, London

Katharina Gross

Katharina Grosse -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Katharina Grosse -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter is the inspiration for many German artists.  The large Glitch art piece to the right was created using a portion of one of his abstracts.

Gerhard Richter-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Gerhard Richter -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Gerhard Richter -Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Tomas Saraceno

I know a few Munich Artists obessed with nature and would be fascinated with these art pieces created with spiderwebs.  In this piece below, the artist dipped spider webs in ink. The spider web is inside a box so the artwork doesn’t get damaged by the lights.

Here is a link to more of his spider work. but his focus is not on spiders. the artist is “exploring sustainable ways of inhabiting and sensing the environment.”   

Tomás Saraceno at Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo

Olafur Eliasson

“Round Rainbow” is Lovely.  I could have stood in this room for hours.  I did catch a bit of video of it rotating. you can see that on our facebook page.

Olafur Eliasson-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo
Olafur Eliasson-Lenbachhaus – Mentalies Gelb- SonnenHöchstand Die Sammlung KiCo


When I arrived home, I found the book on the dining room table.  Walking over to my daughter, I unplugged her ear bud and asked if Sunday was a “thing.”  she nodded and put her earbud back in.

The Big yellow book contains all of the artworks in the current foundation and is available for under 40 Euro at the Lenbachhaus bookstore.

2016/2017 Munich Artists Projects and News

All our upcoming projects are located on our 2017 project page. 


  • As you know from this update post, I closed the Facebook group because members were not getting the information they needed and it really bothered me.
    • The group is still on FB BUT THERE ARE NO MEMBERS. I’ve been told that Facebook will eventually delete it but there is no way for me to erase it from the earth.
    •  All the people who were in the group can still be part of Munich Artists, you just need to sign up for our newsletter to get information.
  • One Munich based artist complained that there was now no informal way to connect with artists. The informal way is to come to our events and meet the artists and then connect personally to each other on FB.
  • If you want to share information, please email hello@storeytarris.uk
  • (Update: The Spas was a success.) If you are in Sendling on Saturday, stop by the Klohaeuschen Spa between 1800 to 2100. We are taking appointments to fill our calendar for the six weeks KloHaeuschen Spa installation.  This is a good opportunity for you to meet Anja and enjoy this creative location in Munich, Germany.  Spa treatments start on November 9th 2016.

The Way to Neuperlach Zoo

On June 19, 2016 the Neuperlach Zoo opens to the public and Munich Artists wants to make sure you make it down to Quiddestr 45 for a street art photo safari.  To make sure you don’t get lost in the jungle of 8 story high rises, we documented how you get from the Subway to the Zoo (This takes about nine minutes from subway to the Neuperlach zoo.)  Please add the ten minute walk to your travel time so you don’t miss the festivities.


Wherever you are in Munich, you will find your way to the Subway Line U5/U8 heading towards Neuperlach Sued and get off at Quiddestrasse.

Below is what you will see when you are about to leave the subway.  If you go Left, you will see street art by the same artists but not the zoo.  


If you go left, you will see this which is a different street art mural created by Der blaue Vogel


If you get there a bit early, I encourage you to go left and see this wall mural that takes up the whole underpass before turning around and heading in the other direction.

To get to quidesstr 45, I would like you to turn right when you get off the subway.  This is what it will look like except those people will not be there.


Then, you will walk until you see this.


Don’t fret.  Turn to your left and walk up these stairs.


Walk straight until you reach the end of the playground and then turn right and head in the direction of the Joey’s pizza (If it is still a pizza place.)


Keep walking straight but not into a pole.


When you reach these red and white poles, veer to your left and walk on the lovely path through all those big 8 story buildings.  This space reminds me of Berlin or part of Singapore so if you have never been to East Berlin or Singapore, you can sort of feel the vibe of all those communist styled block apartment buildings as you walk to the Neuperlach zoo.

Follow the well maintained path until you see this. This is the Neuperlach zoo waiting for you to come and enjoy a photo safari.  Please do not add any animals when you go. The Zoo is a curated project sponsored by the city of Munich and we want you to respect the work of the artists who have donated their time and artistic skills to making this fab street art project in Neuperlach.


I have it on good authority that the theme song for the zoo is in the making so, at the zoo opening, you may hear a rap song dedicated to the zoo….lets keep our finger’s crossed that the Musician is able to debut the song in time.  I promise to share the song and the artist’s name on the website once the song is published.

Pssst…I’ve heard there may be a  Neuperlach Zoo rap song.  


NOTE:  This is worth seeing but plan your day accordingly if you are coming on a day other than June 19th.  Bring a thermos of your favourite drink, some lunch and a blanket so you can enjoy a wild adventure in Mingaland.

Silke Wagner Wall Installation – 8.November 1939

Sometimes  you are so busy in Mingaland, that you forget to look at the art gems right in front of your face. Yesterday, this fact was brought to my attention when a childhood friend asked me where he could see the Georg Elser memorial.

“What memorial?”

“The one that lights up every night.”

“I have no clue what you are talking about.”

Finishing our diner, my friend asked if I would go with him to watch the memorial light up. Since I had no clue what he was talking about and I hate not knowing what people are talking about,  I wandered with him up to Maxvorstadt to visit the memorial at 21:20.

This is what we saw:

This video doesn’t exist

Silke Wagner created the installation in 2009 memorialising Georg Elser’s attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler. The 5.1 meter art installation hangs on the wall of a building and remains unlit except for one minute each day at the moment the explosion.

I looked around at the people eating dinner and chatting at the local bars surrounding the memorial and wondered if we were the only ones that understood why the lights were flashing for the one minute shortly before half past nine.

If you are in the area, please go check out this wall installation dedicated to a very brave soul and created by an artist who wants you to pay attention to your past and Germany’s present.


Georg Elser Platz  – Tuerkenstrasse, Munich, Germany (Near Schellingstrasse)   If you still can’t find it, hunt down Cafe Zeitgeist. It is on the building right before this cafe.


A little bit of this. A little bit of that. A whole lot of Munich Artists.

2016 Projects

I’ve submitted four proposals to the city of Munich for our 2016 projects. I have a fifth project which has not been submitted because I’m thinking it will be able to support itself but we will need lots of artists who like doing workshops and a big enough space to hold the event and there will be a charge to artists and to workshop participants to cover fees and materials.

For our 2016 projects, we asked Munich for funding and assistance and some resources because we need a place to plunk down installations & popup studios. Keep your fingers crossed that Munich says yes.  We would love to be able to offer Munich Artists the opportunity to share their artistic talents and create some participatory artwork and Installations and experiment with how artists can interact more openly with Munich.

If funding is approved, the open calls for our projects will be posted in November. Made Your Bed, Up in the Air, Life of a Munich Artist and Popup Studios are very different projects with different motivations.  I have an art historian curating the Made Your bed installation series, so please do not send me emails. All information will be on the website in November and we will be choosing 10 of the 12 artists in December 2015.

All projects will have Kickstarter campaigns and if you know someone who wants to help support our projects, please ask them to email me at emmy@kyfio.com. (We asked for assistance from the city but their help will not cover all the costs.)

Munich Artists Made Your Bed Installation Series.

Munich Artists Installation “Up in the Air”

Pop Up Art Studio

Life of a Munich Artist – Photo Art Book Series

Art Challenges

Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp Daisy

We have two challenges coming up. One challenge is in November 22nd at my studio.  This will be a chance for artists to come together and create something in one day as a group.   (Note: This has been cancelled. )

The second challenge will be for Advent so it will be 24 days long. It is a bit different than our other challenges because you can take a photograph or do the tutorial and share the results. I will be posting the themes for the 24 days when I return from NYC so you have a few weeks to prepare for the start of the challenge.  This challenge will go public on December first, but if you want to try working on them ahead of time, you can email me emmy@kyfio.com and I will share access to the page with you.

Why do a challenge? Why not ask Nina Schmid about her self portrait challenge photos.  Nina Schmid just quite a few of her Munich Artists photo challenge portraits at Stroke Ltd and is super happy about the work she created in 30 days. Below are a few of the photos from the challenge.

Munich Artists Membership

We will offer membership options for artists and people who appreciate Munich Artists. More information will be posted in December (so you can buy a gift card for your Artist friends.)

Munich Artists Monthly Artist Gallery

Artists are allowed to submit an application to have a gallery of their artwork on the front page of the website. The artwork is curated and must be from working artists who are located in Bavaria.  The slots are filled until early 2016.    We also have a gallery of artwork by artists in their different neighbourhoods. email emmy@kyfio.com if you are interested in being one of the artists.

While I’m Away, Munich Artists Will Play

I will be gone next week hunting for street art in NYC so Munich Artists have volunteered to share their work with you for one week.  Each day an artist will share their work.  I will be having one writer in the mix so If you like having some English fiction to read, let me know and we can add a bit more in 2016.

Events starting today – PlanYour  Weekend Accordingly 

Birgit Abt – Abstract Art Installation and Exibition @ Steinstrasse 59.   Here is a link to Birgit’s website. 


The Weider Fabrik.  Angela Smets and Simon James have their Studios open for you to see their new works and buy some great pieces for your collections.


Artists at Wieder Fabrik
Artists Working at the Wieder Fabrik – Photo shared by Simon James

Elke Reis I Liz Walinski I Verena Friedrich Will be having an exhibition until July 12th.  Their party is tonight. Here are the details:

“zwischen Himmel und Erde” – Malerei und Objekte
 Ausstellung geöffnet von 3.7. – 12.7. , Sa, So. 12-20h
 Vernissage am 2.Juli’15 von 18-21h
 @künstlerprojektLOT62, Schleißheimer Str.62, München
 Die Vernissage findet im Rahmen der Gemeinsamen Abendöffnung der Galerien in der Maxvorstadt statt. Außerdem ist die Ausstellung im Rahmen der Offenen Ateliers ‘Kunst im Karrée Schwabing”  am Wochenende vom 11./12.Juli’15 von 12-20h geöffnet.  das KünstlerprojektLOT62

Ray Moore has an exhibition starting this evening.  If you are not out at the Wieder Fabrik or in Schwabing, this is an option for you.  Munique Art, Schleissheimer Strasse 26, 80333 Munich, Germany




Long Night of Architectural Offices is tomorrow.  Here is a link to more details.  The offices will be open from 1800 to 2200.



Anton Kammerl is hosting a photo exhibition for Fotografin und Grafikdesignerin Rosi Offenbach at Cafe Kosmos, Dachauerstr. 7, 80335 Munich, Germany.  July 4, 2015 starting at 1900.


Ahhhh and this is how I will be sharing exhibition information.  Eventually it will be moved someplace else but for now, I need to try and share as much information as possible. 

 This is:


Please be patient with me. If your event did not get posted and I know you, I’m sorry. If your event did not get posted and I don’t know you, maybe you should think about this… I’m located at Frauentrasse 18 @BCAMunich, The Friday Gallery.  Please come by and say hello.