ProMarkers Are Back in Production – Melted Word Series May Continue

This is what Santa brought me. He brought Promarker Back from the dead.

Yesterday, I went to Gerstaecker to pick up a 10M roll of drawing paper and right in the front of the store, there was this display.12388269_947120048676476_706881864_n

I’m in heaven.  Promarker went out of business awhile ago and I stopped making my melted words series because I didn’t have the right markers to melt with the acetone.  If you ever wondered why an artist changes their focus in art, sometimes it is because the supplies they were using no longer exist or are unavailable. That is what happened with “melted words.” Promarker disappeared from Munich.

“P. She’s Always in Between 2014,” Oil paint with promarker on top smeared with acetone. By Emmy Horstkamp

Now, Winsor & Newton purchased the intellectual property  for Promarker and reincarnated my favourite markers so I can continue this series of oils with promarker and experiment making large paper pieces like the “Crush” installation for January 4th.

Most German artists who use these Promarkers create Manga art but Promarkers were designed to work on all surfaces including metal. You can remove the promarker ink with acetone and I will test the new markers after the holidays to see if they still work in the same way.


The most exciting thing about the spinning display at Gerstaecker was the Pigment markers I found on the opposite side.

I’ve never used Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers. I’m going to try them out over the holidays and show you what I create in the new year. I bought only four ( 5 and 6 Euro each) because my cart was already full of  Promarkers (around 3 Euro each) and I wanted stay within my art supply budget.


When I give the splanning for “Plan B Dorothy II” on Monday, I will share with you all the materials that I used to create her.  If you want to explain how you made an art piece, please read my splanning post and email me at

Happy holidays!