2016/2017 Munich Artists Projects and News

All our upcoming projects are located on our 2017 project page. 


  • As you know from this update post, I closed the Facebook group because members were not getting the information they needed and it really bothered me.
    • The group is still on FB BUT THERE ARE NO MEMBERS. I’ve been told that Facebook will eventually delete it but there is no way for me to erase it from the earth.
    •  All the people who were in the group can still be part of Munich Artists, you just need to sign up for our newsletter to get information.
  • One Munich based artist complained that there was now no informal way to connect with artists. The informal way is to come to our events and meet the artists and then connect personally to each other on FB.
  • If you want to share information, please email hello@storeytarris.uk
  • (Update: The Spas was a success.) If you are in Sendling on Saturday, stop by the Klohaeuschen Spa between 1800 to 2100. We are taking appointments to fill our calendar for the six weeks KloHaeuschen Spa installation.  This is a good opportunity for you to meet Anja and enjoy this creative location in Munich, Germany.  Spa treatments start on November 9th 2016.

Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris Creates 4 Munich Artists Playing Cards


Munich Artists – Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris 

We are very lucky that Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris agreed to use her talents to make four Munich Artists playing cards.  I met Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris at a workshop in North Schwabing where she showed us the marbling technique used in Turkey (She was born in Istanbul.) Süyümbike joined Munich Artists at the Food Lover’s Market and 500 Artists Say Hello and now she is one of the first set of artists to create Munich Artists Playing Cards.

If you would like to see more work by this Munich based artist, please visit Suyumbike’s website.




Our Kickstarter for Munich Artists Playing Cards is over 60% funded. We are so happy that people are supporting this project and would love for you to buy a deck of cards and join us at 500 Artists Play cards.  Funding starts at 30 Euro and gets you lots of good Karma points. If you are a performer, you can also attend by sharing your talents.  Email emmy at emmy at kyfio dot com and I will schedule you a time.

Munich Artists Playing Cards

To help us reach 100%, we added the printer proofs to our backer gifts. The proofs are the only ones we will have from the printer for this deck of cards.  We have 1 proof left if you are interested in this type of collectible.  (First proof of the first product by Munich Artists Playing Cards series will be worth something someday.)  I will post a photo of the remaining proof in our Kickstarter so you can see what is still available.

Lueckenfuelle – A New Meeting Point in Munich Looking for Art Events (Actions)

Oh Hello. Did you forget about me already?  I’m still on Staycation but Munich doesn’t grind to a halt just because most of the artists have left for vacation. The Art must go on so when you get back into the groove of Munich living, go visit Lueckenfuelle before it gets turned into a construction site.

Lueckenfuelle is located at the corner of Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmannstrasse.  It is a temporary idea space where artsy ideas can become artsy realities.

Lueckenfuelle – Gespraeche in der Stadt – Gespraeche fuer die Stadt (Translation: Discussions in the city – Discussions for the city) is a corner where you can go meet and be creative and share your creations.  This is NOT a graffiti corner so don’t bring your spray cans. The mural created by HNRX was by invitation and shall not be morphing into anything else anytime soon unless approved by Lueckenfuelle.

Here is a photo before the HNRX mural…

13833253_1373360992680872_1881834375_o (1)
Lueckenfuelle – Munich, Germany Art Spot (photo thanks to HNRX)

Here is a photo after the HNRX mural…

13844069_1377149628968675_484247641_o (1)
New artsy meeting spot in Munich Germany  Schleissheimerstrasse/Rottmannstrasse (photo by HNRX)

I could give you all the artsy language of why this space exists but the nitty gritty is that a group of Minga architects decided that the empty lot was a horrible thing to have in this neighbourhood and they decided to do something about it.

IMG_7105_2 (1).jpg
The visionaries for Lueckenfuelle

Maria, Leila, Sophie & Nick are the main contacts for the space and the visionaries who decided that this neighbourhood could have a cool space to meet and share art, conversation and ideas with other Munich residents.

If you are a planner and a creative with something to share, the space is currently looking for art events “actions.

If you  have:

  • An temporary art installations involving film or music or sculpture
  • A idea for an outdoor lecture
  • A book readings, poetry slam, flash fiction evening
  • A public concert
  • An art gathering of super cool creatives
  • An idea not mentioned above that would fit within the confines of a neighborhood corner space and would be interacting with the neighbours in a creative and positive way.

Please take the following into consideration:

  • The neighbourhood has lots of children and young families.
  • The architect quartet made wood furniture in the space that is modular and can be moved around but, it is always in the space. If you wanted an empty corner, you should have made your way over there before they created Lueckenfuelle.   Please plan your idea using the furniture that is in the space.  Don’t be a diva. This is not the neighbourhood for divas.
  • The location is near Stiglmaierplatz. Easy to reach from all areas of Munich. (Subway U1)
  • It is an outdoor space.  Please plan for an outdoor space.  Please remember it is outdoors.  There is nothing to shelter you and your art from the elements. Did I mention it was outside?

Contact:  Please email your idea to inderluecke@gmail.com

NOTE: International artists and ideas are welcome. Come to Munich and be super creative in this new artsy Munich space. Lueckenfuelle will be happy to receive your email and have you share something that fits with their concept.

Please don’t forget to tell me if your idea gets accepted. I want to make sure we keep this little space filled with creative talent from around the world or maybe just around Munich but around the world would be amazing for me and Munich Artists!









Munich Artists Project Update June 2016


Toot. Toot. Toot my own  horn.

I own munichartists.com and spend lots of time writing about other artists but I’m also Emmy Horstkamp, the artist.  Keeping my distance and not making Munich Artists my own personal PA system is important but so is sharing my artwork and making sure the artists who work with me don’t get overlooked as I try to walk that tightrope between Munich Artists the group and Emmy Horstkamp the Munich Artist developing the Munich Artists Brand.

This year,  you will be seeing my name on lots of posts along with Munich Artists who are collaborating with me on different art projects including:

The Odeonsplatz Window Installations

My True Self,

500 Artists Play Cards

Inspired art book

Now, let me give you a tiny update about the projects before the posts in the next few weeks.

My True Self Installation Event

My True Self is a collaborative installation between myself and a group of Munich Artists. On July 10th, we will be filming Munich Artists wearing their masks  at the Odeonsplatz Subway. If you are a Munich Artist who is participating, please let me know. I will be making a specific post about this project next week.  If you want to be involved, make two masks as explained in the open call!

500 Artists Play Cards

Elizabeth Hughes is the project manager for the card creation and I’m one of the artists and managing the 500 Artists Play Cards event on November 19, 2016.

14 Munich Artists have been chosen and are creating a playing card deck which will be printed and then used during the event on November 19, 2016.   We ask you to reserve the date November 19, 2016 to be in Munich, Germany for this event.  (We are still looking for a location that can hold 500 Artists sitting down to play cards.)

The cost of this event depends on the location. If we need to take this into a hotel setting, the cost will be 150 Euro per seat (expensive option) If we use a public cafeteria, the event will cost 60 Euro and include a set of cards.  More information will be posted in two weeks as we get ready our Kickstarter campaign. The more funds we raise, the more options we will have for event locations.

Inspired Art Book

Brigitte Pruchnow wanted to create a sketchbook that traveled between artists. The artists would draw an art piece based on the art piece on the page before theirs.  I really liked this idea but managing the project would have taken two years so I altered the idea and now, 28 artists have been chosen to create artwork based on a Brigitte Pruchnow’s first art piece.

The book will be an A4 and will be published later this year.  The book will cost 50 Euro or less depending on how many orders we receive.  If you would like a copy of this book we will be sharing a few images and taking pre-orders later this summer. I will post the list of artists next week so you know who is involved and how many books you need to buy.  We may do a kickstarter campaign for this project so that we can have an exhibition of the original works.






A little bit of this. A little bit of that. A whole lot of Munich Artists.

2016 Projects

I’ve submitted four proposals to the city of Munich for our 2016 projects. I have a fifth project which has not been submitted because I’m thinking it will be able to support itself but we will need lots of artists who like doing workshops and a big enough space to hold the event and there will be a charge to artists and to workshop participants to cover fees and materials.

For our 2016 projects, we asked Munich for funding and assistance and some resources because we need a place to plunk down installations & popup studios. Keep your fingers crossed that Munich says yes.  We would love to be able to offer Munich Artists the opportunity to share their artistic talents and create some participatory artwork and Installations and experiment with how artists can interact more openly with Munich.

If funding is approved, the open calls for our projects will be posted in November. Made Your Bed, Up in the Air, Life of a Munich Artist and Popup Studios are very different projects with different motivations.  I have an art historian curating the Made Your bed installation series, so please do not send me emails. All information will be on the website in November and we will be choosing 10 of the 12 artists in December 2015.

All projects will have Kickstarter campaigns and if you know someone who wants to help support our projects, please ask them to email me at emmy@kyfio.com. (We asked for assistance from the city but their help will not cover all the costs.)

Munich Artists Made Your Bed Installation Series.

Munich Artists Installation “Up in the Air”

Pop Up Art Studio

Life of a Munich Artist – Photo Art Book Series

Art Challenges

Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp Daisy

We have two challenges coming up. One challenge is in November 22nd at my studio.  This will be a chance for artists to come together and create something in one day as a group.   (Note: This has been cancelled. )

The second challenge will be for Advent so it will be 24 days long. It is a bit different than our other challenges because you can take a photograph or do the tutorial and share the results. I will be posting the themes for the 24 days when I return from NYC so you have a few weeks to prepare for the start of the challenge.  This challenge will go public on December first, but if you want to try working on them ahead of time, you can email me emmy@kyfio.com and I will share access to the page with you.

Why do a challenge? Why not ask Nina Schmid about her self portrait challenge photos.  Nina Schmid just quite a few of her Munich Artists photo challenge portraits at Stroke Ltd and is super happy about the work she created in 30 days. Below are a few of the photos from the challenge.

Munich Artists Membership

We will offer membership options for artists and people who appreciate Munich Artists. More information will be posted in December (so you can buy a gift card for your Artist friends.)

Munich Artists Monthly Artist Gallery

Artists are allowed to submit an application to have a gallery of their artwork on the front page of the website. The artwork is curated and must be from working artists who are located in Bavaria.  The slots are filled until early 2016.    We also have a gallery of artwork by artists in their different neighbourhoods. email emmy@kyfio.com if you are interested in being one of the artists.

While I’m Away, Munich Artists Will Play

I will be gone next week hunting for street art in NYC so Munich Artists have volunteered to share their work with you for one week.  Each day an artist will share their work.  I will be having one writer in the mix so If you like having some English fiction to read, let me know and we can add a bit more in 2016.