Munich Artists Challenge Starts Monday August 31st

Are you Ready?  Below are the photos for the challenge.  You can download the photos from the Munich Artists Photo Inspired Art Challenge page.

Please read through the challenge.  

We are using creative commons photos so you have permission to use the photos to create artwork without referencing the artist.  There is only one image by a German photographer in the extra photos where you will need to reference the German photographer in the final art piece you create. She is the only photographer you need to specifically reference.  Everyone else has released their rights to the images so you can play with them as much as you want without using their names.   I picked the photos from the Creative Commons on Flickr and from a weekly email I get from Unsplash.   We will be doing this challenge again next year so if you want us to use your photos, you can send them to me and I will put them in a special file for the challenge.

All finished art pieces which are sent to me, may be shared on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest and other social media channels and associated websites.  If you do not want to have your artwork shared, please do not send it to me.  If you have any questions, you can email me at with the subject line – photo inspired art challenge.