A Visit to Munich Artist Ina Kaspar

Tschoerten, Tibet by Ina Kaspar
Tschoerten, Tibet by Ina Kaspar
Artist Ina Kaspar

This week I visited the studio of Ina Kaspar in Haidhausen.  Ina is an academy trained artist who creates large textured abstracts which are mostly in a circular format. When Ina showed me her portfolio at The Friday Gallery, I asked her if she knew Simon James (a self trained Munich artist who creates large textured abstracts.)  The two artists have different methodologies and techniques so the similarity ends at abstract, pigment and large but it is interesting to compare the work of the two artists who are of similar age.

Ina wanted to have an exhibition at The Friday Gallery in 2016 but the gallery will be hosting 12 installations which require artwork to be shown in terms of the installation and be site specific.

Each installation will evolve during the time it is at the gallery so for Ina, we decided it would be fun to do an installation where she created a universe in 15 days and then have the universe fade away to nothing so the last day will be an empty dark space.  I will be asking other artists to write stories, poems, songs or dance based on the imaginary planets created by Ina.

What do I mean by installation?  Here is the definition I’m using:

Installation art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are

often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space.

The installations will be created for the Friday Gallery space.   Ina’s challenge is to turn her two dimensional pieces into three dimensional pieces for the installation.  We have some thoughts about this and Ina will be spending some time planning her first installation. If you would like to see Ina’s work, you are welcome to contact me.  Ina doesn’t show artwork to buyers at her studio but will lug it down to the Friday Gallery.

artwork by Ina Kaspar
artwork by Ina Kaspar