JC Leopold Installation at Das KloHaeuschen – Grotta di Stalattiti

I love living in Sendling and having the opportunity to see the installations at Das KloHaeuschen.

Das KloHaeuschen #83 will be on display until the middle of February 2017 which gives you two more weeks to see this art piece by  JC leopold.

(Here is JC Leopold’s website. At this time, the website just has his name and address on it so if you want more information click his name above or click right here to go to JC Leopold’s Facebook page. On his Facebook page you will see images of his sculptures and of JC himself.

The “cave” is a place of refuge for men just as the toilet may be and both are moist dark places with maybe a feeling of home?  What do you think?  Here is the description of the Grotta di Stalattiti in German.  Go check out the installation and all the phallic sculptures filling the interior. (or maybe they are just phallic for me as I think about a men’s restroom that used to be a space for men to meet and connect and you know…)

JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen
JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen
JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen
JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen
JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen
JC Leopold at Das KloHaeuschen




Susanne Wagner – A Conceptual Munich Artist Creating Public Art -Inklusionspunkt

“Emmy, what is that art piece at Viktualienmarkt?”

“I don’t know but I want to know  who created that cool piece of art up on the wall!  How did they get it up there? It is official right, that isn’t street art?  What are those round circles made out of? Why is there a new piece of art on the wall downtown? Why only until November?”

See, this is the mind of this Munich Artist.  Something new shows up and my brain starts spinning and asking questions and wanting to know the answers.  For the art piece at Viktualienmarkt, the city helped answer some of the questions by putting out a utilitarian yellow box that screamed official paperwork rather than get your cool artsy info here.

Because I was hunting for information about the art piece and, I’ve lived long enough in Germany, I knew that I needed to read the label on the box and there it was.  The artist’s name was Susanne Wagner and the name of the art piece was Inklusionspunkt.


But, when I looked up Susanne Wagner on the internet, I found a website full of really well made video art and no sculptures.

Was the video artist Susanne Wagner, the sculpture artist Susanne Wagner? I sent her an email to find out and a few days later, I had my answer.  Yes!  Susanne Wagner is a conceptual artist working in video and 3 dimensional objects.

Here are a few examples of Susanne’s Videos:

For Susanne’s video art, she focuses on portraits of herself and other people.  The first video is Susanne, the second video is a video of an abstract artist, and the last video is about a stuntman falling down lots of stairs.

Susanne does not shoot her own videos or throw her own ceramics.  Susanne Wagner hires craftsman to help realise her sculptures and cameramen to shoot her videos.

For the last few years, Susanne has been creating different types of sculptures including a few Alters for Bavarian churches. In my hunt for Susanne Wagner, I found this interview with her which added to my confusion. Was she a religious artists?

Luckily for Munich Artists, Susanne had time to stop by Frauenstrasse 18 for a chat and she explained that she enjoyed making videos but was drawn to making sculptures and commissioned alters (she has made 3).   No matter what idea she is working with, her main focus is conceptual so she does not feel confined to a specific medium.

For Inklusionspunkt, Susanne Wagner worked with a ceramic studio to create circular ceramics that hang in a circular pattern on the wall near Viktualienmarkt.


The art pieces on the wall is temporary and all of the disks are for sale for 290 Euro each on the Inklusionspunkt website.

Because Susanne was paid to create the art piece, she decided that the funds from the sale of the individual ceramic pieces would go to fund Including WG am Kegelhof which is a housing development where young people with disabilities will live with young people without disabilities.

If you have not seen the art piece, you have until November to make your way to Viktualenmarkt 6 to see the disks colouring the wall.

Now, the question is, will they make this firewall a rotating exhibition space with different artwork every year?

If that is not the idea,  I think the public art piece by Susanne Wagner would make an excellent addition to the downtown area and should remain. Maybe people can buy the individual disks and then they just remain on the wall (Like when you buy a star in the sky.)

Susanne was telling me that they can make more disks to sell and raise money for the housing facility.  I thought Susanne Wagner should take her disks around to other cities as a traveling public art piece.  She could make different size circles depending on the space given to her by the host city.  Wouldn’t that be cool? If you have a city with a blank wall that you would like to use to host an Inklusionspunkt, let Susanne Wagner know. You will need to fund the creation of more disks and maybe Susanne’s time to create the new installation to fit your special wall.

I can see Inklusionspunkt being a “thing” can’t you?


Ring by Mauro Staccioli-Munich Public Art

On the way back from visiting the Lenbachhaus, I passed this very large, very red sculpture and decided to hunt down the sign which shared the name of the artist.

Created in 1996, the Ring by Mauro Staccioli is a public art piece located next to the old botanical gardens in between the main strain station and the Museum district.  (Corner of Elisestrasse and Luisstrasse)

Mauro Staccioli is an Italian sculptor who was one of the founding members of the gruppo di Iniziativa in Sardinia.

At the end of the 1969s Staccioli decided to focus his art practice on sculptures and delve into the relationship between art and society. Staccioli’s sculptures place an extreme importance on the location where the sculpture will be placed.

Mauro Staccioli prefers to use concrete and steel for his sculptures.  In 1978, Staccioli created an 8M high concrete wall which hid the entrance to the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennial.

The red rust Ring is part of a series of ring sculptures created by Staccioli which underline aspects of the landscape. The ring sculpture in Munich is positioned at the gateway to Munich’s museum district.  The ring has a diameter of 12 meters, weighs 14 tons and is located in a field of gravel.  The sculpture was a gift from the Munich Stadtsparkasse and cost approximately 80k Euro.

Staccioli is known for his environmental sculptures and sculptural interventions which look to transform the usual perceptions of people who come across them.

The Ring Sculpture by Mauro Staccioli
Ring by Mauro Staccioli

I always wondered why the ground in this area was just gravel and not paving stones or grass.  Now we know.  The gravel is part of the environment for the sculpture.

Notice how many people are ignoring the sculpture as they walk by, if this is you, pause next time and enjoy the view.

Stroke Art Fair 2016 – Part II

PART II go here for Part I

Walk past the ISPO installation and enter the Ponyhof artclub room Displayed on the back wall are a few very large pieces. The one below is priced under 7000 Euro.  All the pieces by the artist Jakub Hubalek are monochromatic and I took a photo of the female portrait and a group scene. They both look like they are based on old photographs.  They look pretty straight forward but if you need more of a story, talk to the gallerist.

Artwork  by Jakub Hubalek Stroke Art Fair 2016
Artwork by Jakub Hubalek Stroke Art Fair 2016

In the same room, there are these two concrete blocks that I would have lugged home if I was looking for big sculptural pieces for a larger flat.  I like Valentina Murabito’s technique and the way she executed the work.

Stroke Art Fair 2016 – Valentina Murabito – Analog photograph, photoemulsion on Concrete



The artwork below is by Innerfields and I love Innerfields’ work.  Innerfields is a group of three street artists with a studio practice.  The cool thing about this group is that all three work on the artworks together and it really is seamless.  The work isn’t a collage of styles together but an Innerfields style.  The collection this year seems to be focused on the absence of the technology gadget – Let your brain insert the data.  Please don’t miss them.  The three artists are present I think. I saw two of them wandering around yesterday so I’m assuming the trio made the trip down from Berlin.

Innerfields – Stroke Art Fair 2016



We saw his work in two locations.  We’ve talked to HNRX and we want to make sure he continues making art so go buy some of his artwork.



Provenzano Fine Art

Below is an artwork brought all the way from Brazil.   The gallery is on the bottom floor of the main building in a corridor gallery space.  I really liked the work of Nick Alive but he didn’t fly to Munich from Brazil. You are welcome to talk to the two very friendly gallerists who are present and the other artists in the booth. I don’t have a price for you.. I think this piece was under 1k Euro.


FullSizeRender (5)
Nick Alive -Brazilian Artist at Stroke Art Fair 2016

For the Artists.  If you are part of Munich Artists or a Munich Artist and I didn’t capture your pretty face, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise there would be so many of you!  I went on the press tour and you or your artwork were not there yet or, you were so busy I didn’t get to talk with you, or, you didn’t scream at me to stop and pay attention.  I’m sorry. I love all Munich Artists and I’m encouraging people to go find you at the fair but, because of International Print Day, I don’t know if I will make it back out to the Island so we will have to do a little game planning for next year.

For collectors. I did a quick breakdown of the galleries present.

  •  14 galleries/art collectives are from Munich.
  • 10 galleries are from other areas of Germany.
  • 2  galleries are from Switzerland.
  • 10 galleries are from Turkey, UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain and the US. (Numbers are approximate, I’m an artist not an accountant.)

You will find excellent artwork at the fair and I’ve shown you photos of some of my favourites that were hanging or displayed when I walked with the press tour.

You will be happy with most of the prices. I’m not a big fan of paying high prices for unknown artists even those I love.  When you go, buy what you love and can afford. There is plenty of artwork to choose from and many of the artists have created artwork that is small and can be carted home on the subway without leaving you with a hole in your pocket. (Except for Valentina Murabitos Cement rectangles. You will need a forklift to get those home.)

If you are looking for more international artists, you may get a tad grumpy.  I pointed out the artists from Paris, Brazil, Turkey and Spain and you can hunt down the Polish and British  & Dutch artists.

If you are a street artist and I didn’t say hello, please email me and I will go photograph your work on the streets of Munich, Germany and share it on the website. If you are a street artist and you didn’t create street art pieces while in Munich…. shame on you.

Have fun everyone this weekend.  I wish the artists amazing sales and I wish the collectors a good art hunt.






Reasons To Say Hello on April 23, 2016

_MG_1025sw4 x
Artist Anni Riek photo by Roland Schmid

Dear Munich Artists, here are a few reasons to join the 500 artists say Hello:

  1. You will get to meet Anni Riek who created a 30x30cm box with her artwork tucked inside!  See, you can put put your artwork in a box… just make sure I can hang it with gallery hooks and that everything is securely inside. We have liability insurance but your piece is NOT insured (if you want insurance, please insure it yourself.)
  2. You get a chance to show your work to 500 other artists and be part of an event that has everything to do with being an artist, being creative and talking with other creatives and seeing what they make.

We will be picking artists for specific projects including:

  1.  Munich Artists Book – We will pick 75 artists and you will be picking 25 for a total of 100 artists to be featured in the book.
  2. Munich Art Market (You must be actively selling and looking for clients/commissions and consider art something you could never live without as in, you would die if you did not make art. That is who we want on the Munich Art Market.
  3. Friday Gallery installations.   A few of you will get to hang out with me for 30 days as you create an installation based on an idea of mine or one of the curators I know.
    • Ideally one guy and one women or a collective of artists
    • Not sure? Ask Ines Seidel and Allun Turner how much fun they are having working together  on “The Talk” installation at my downtown space.
  4. ArtSeeTalk – We have been approached by curators who want to curate you. We will let them hunt for artists at the event and then help them get the exhibition off the ground. We will also let them talk about art stuff on Artseetalk.com (a domain we own.)

Those are some very good reasons to join us on April 23, 2016. If you need some more, I will think up some more reasons and give them to you next week.  Look forward to seeing your submissions.  Mail them to Emmy@kyfio.com Re: Hello Event. If you forgot what the hello open call says, here is the link to the open call.

Goetz Collection – Sammlung Goetz – Munich Gallery Showing Contemporary Artwork

Today is the last day to see the exhibition of Cindy Sherman’s work at Sammlung Goetz.   I went to get some inspiration for our Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge and enjoyed the visit.

Here are the details:

Goetz Collection
Oberföhringerstr. 103
81925 München
Tel. 089-95 93 96 90
Fax 089-95 93 96 96 9


If you have not visited this gallery, here are a few visual impressions of the building. (You can’t take photos inside the building.)

There are two exhibitions at the gallery right now, the Cindy Sherman show that ends today and Nathalie Djurberg.  I would suggest going to see both shows today if you have time.  Well worth it especially if you live in the neighbourhood. Afterwards you can head down to Schwabing and see me. I will be at Calientefest around 1700. Then I’m heading home to hide from the heat because I’m not a fan of summer.

Day 13 and Munich Artists are into Music Big Time.

Day 13 and Munich Artists dug deep into their treasure troves and dusted off instruments, records and even some cassette tapes.  If you want to follow along with our 30 day photo self portrait challenge, you can find the list here. 

Today the weather is beautiful outside. If you want to take a little excursion, go GEMA’s office in Haidhausen and take a selfie with enormous instrumental sculptures in their courtyard outside.  I’ve never been inside so I don’t know if they have sculptures inside.   Directions are below our music photo gallery.

Gema where are you?  In Munich, GEMA’s instrumental sculptures are located here.  Rosenheimer Str. 11, 81667 München. It is behind the Gasteig heading into Haidhausen.  There are a few sculptures so go have fun snapping photos.

photo by Alessandro hansschnier

Alessandro took this shot.

Public Art in Sendling, Munich – A pair of lost wings?


This week we started a Public Art Photo Challenge on our Munich Artists Facebook page/group.  Munich Artists are posting in our closed group public art they find in their daily lives.  This piece of Munich Public artwork is located in Sendling.  It has a matching wing on the other side of the highway. Do you know who created it? If you do, please let me know so I can share the information.

Helmut Lang is a Self Taught Artist – Art News From EveryWhere Else

Dr. Nicholas Cullinan

Dr. Nicholas Cullinan jumps over the pond to become the new director of London’s National Portrait Gallery.  If you are an artist and you don’t know who this is, don’t worry about it.  This is a curation geeky news item that I found interesting and wanted to share.

Helmut Lang artwork

For the artists who are self taught, here is an interesting article in the WSJ about Helmut Lang, Mr. Lang is an Austrian self-taught artist who shares information about his current work created in a barn on Long Island.   What I love most about this article is that he shredded up his past work to create the new.   This seems to be a very strong urge for artists and each time I find one that does this, I must share them with you.  Your past art is your past.  Feel free to destroy it so that you can create something even more wonderful.

Picasso’s granddaughter is getting ready to let go of her past by selling 290 million dollars of her grandfather’s artwork.  Ms. Marina Picasso will not be using an auction house so if you are interested in any of the works, you must contact Ms. Picasso’s representatives and schedule a personal meeting with her in Geneva.

gun totting lego man

In the US, a museum apologised when a firefighter spotted a lego man pointing a lego gun at a lego police station.  According to this article, the offending lego piece was not a part of the original exhibit and may have come from the play area where visitors are encouraged to play with legos (and cause mayhem for museum curators and PR departments.)

After reading the short post, I thought the following:

  • Should they not also remove the lego gas truck?  The lego gas truck could be considered a potential bomb located right in front of the lego police station.  If you remove the lego gunman, you should also remove the lego gas truck and the lego trashcan.  Both are very dangerous to lego police station safety.  A lego barricade would also be a good addition to the display for added safety of the lego policemen.
  • Good Job Museum!  Not only did you make sure your website offered a contact email address that could be easily found but you responded promptly to your museum patron and resolved his issue.
  • Good job firefighter!  You took your daughter to a museum.  You looked closely at the displays.  You interacted with the museum staff using technology.
  • This would not happen in Germany. A German firefighter would have seen the character and then started discussing it with his daughter.  Was the lego character a commentary of American culture referencing American wild west history and liberal gun laws?
  • If I was at the museum, I would have asked my daughter if the little gunman was an undercover policeman running back to the police station for backup after having jumped out of the gasoline truck on his way back from saving a huge airliner that was targeted by lego terrorists at the lego airport. (Bonus points if you get the pop culture reference.)



photo of pablo picasso

photo of newspapers

Munich Project Updates

This Week’s Project Updates:

  • B/W artists book:

Last Saturday, Munich Artists started a project for an artist’s book focusing on black and white ink on paper.  The artists have now collected their supplies and are in the process of making their art pieces.  As the weeks go by, I will share more images of the artwork.

  • Long Night Of the Museum Connected Installation:

The centrepiece of our installation is a zoetrope which now has a physical form thanks to the Werkbox 3. I will be picking up the skeleton for the zoetrope today and will post an image next week of the finished piece.  Katrin Vogl is currently at the space working on her sculpture and our floor stickers will be printed next week.

If you want to take a peek at what we are doing, you are welcome to stop by and see.  We will be at Frauenstrasse 18 M-F from 830 until 1600 until October 16th.

  • Free Art Friday Munich 

Katrin Klug has been putting her small pieces out every friday.  Last week, Katrin left a piece of art in a cafe and it was snatched up! If you decide to participate in Free art Friday, please do not to put your art in a store or someplace difficult for people to reach.   If you do put outwork out for Free Art Friday, please let us know so we can write about it on the Free Art Friday Munich Facebook Page and on the Free Art Friday Munich Blog.  On new media, we share where each piece of art can be found and the artist’s name if they want to share it.

  • New Projects:
    • 1.  Artists book with Brigitte Pruchnow.  We have set down the parameters for the book and the project will begin in January 2015.  This is a unique project and may turn into a series.  The project will be open to all Munich/Bavarian artists but you cannot apply. each artist is picked by the artist before them. I will only be choosing artists if we end up getting stuck because an artist did not finish their art piece in the designated time.  If you are a Munich artist you may submit your name to the list of standby artists but I can’t promise that you will be picked. I will post the name of the artists as they complete their art piece and show on a map where they are located. This way you can see how the project is working its way around the city and how the artists decide who to pick as the next artist in the chain of artwork.
    • 2. Artists book/zine with Andreas Hirsch.  This project is starting in November 2014. It is open to illustrators and writers.  I must meet you before I will put you on the team.  We are looking for visual artists who love to think outside of the box, have their own illustrative style that is not Manga related and flows well with the other artists involved. For Writers, we are looking for writers interested in a magazine/zine/graphic novel and able to write flash fiction that translates well into English.  All the artists for this book series must want to work in a group, must be able to meet deadlines, and must be interested in long term group project.  We are looking for a group of like minded artists with a sense of humour so that the project stays fun and professional.  We want the first product from this group to leave the nest in March 2015.



Big Bales Are All Over Munich Thanks to Michael Beutler

Bale Harvest Pinakothek Munich Michael Beutler Pink and Purple Bales

Art in Munich:

Last weekend Bales rolled their way onto the meadows of Munich.   Five million straws were used by Michael Beutler to create his installation Harvest Bale.

One of the formations can be found between the Pinakothek der Moderne and the Geological Museum.  More bales will be installed on the weekend of July 12 and 13th. Each green space gets its own bale formation which will remain until the bales are gathered to create a large bale castle.  The installation will remain until harvested on October 9th in a big art event/celebration.

Michael Beutler creates large scale sculptures and exhibited at Haus der Kunst.

Munich Artists Behind the Scenes:

  • One of our Munich artists exhibited in NYC and has been an Ebay artist before Martin Potsch.  This German artist who loves printing said he had a very positive Ebay experience.  I’m not sure if Ebay had any influence on the NYC thing but you are welcome to ask the artist for more of the story.
  • One of our talented artists has the opportunity to exhibit in Japan.  I can’t tell you details until they receive a confirmation letter from the gallery but how cool is that!   The Japanese gallery requested smaller pieces from the artist and I’m very curious to see what their work looks like small.  Will it feel the same?  You better think about buying some of their art before Asia gets a hold of them.
  • A Schwabing artist has met a Schwabing artist/gallery owner.  The two have spaces very close to each other and both own dogs.  Thanks To John Bernad and his desire to photograph Munich art dogs, the two creative Germans met which is what Munich artists should do more often.
  • Two Munich writers will have a reading at Frauenstrasse 18 on August 9th.
  • A Munich artist found a mattress box spring on a walk through Munich and will be creating a sculpture entitled “Make one’s Bed.”

Box Spring Sculpture Munich Germany

(All the information shared today has been given to me directly. It should be pretty accurate. In the future, if the information is something I’ve heard or read or wished would happen, I will mark it as gossip and you are welcome to prove it right or wrong.)