Guest Post: Manuela Illera – The Gardner

Munich Artists Manuela Illera Portrait Gardner
Franco -The Gardener
I’ve met a lot of people here in Germany, the most of them always give me nice comments about my art.
The other day some months ago, speaking in my primitive german, I showed the gardener my work while he was working on the plants. He liked it a lot and insisted he wanted a portrait of himself. That day I took a picture of him.
The time passed, I got busy and forgot to paint him. Some days ago he came back and insisted he wanted to buy the painting. He told me he knew that “art costs” and he wanted to give me “ein bisschen geld”.
I met his family, he helped me installing some things for one of my exhibitions, he has two small girls and I can tell he works really hard.
Of all the people I’ve met, I believe he’s a person that really knows the meaning of sowing, patience and flowering. And to me that sounds like art. I gave him the portrait as a gift last week, “kein geld” I said. He was very happy, and me too.
Munich Artists Manuela Illera Portrait Gardner
If you would like to see more of Manuela’s work, please like her Facebook page.

The last self portrait

Dear Munich Artists,

I will miss seeing your faces but it feels great to be done!!!!!!

Thank you so much for creating photos with me for thirty days. I am really lucky to be surrounded by so many creative Munich Artists.
The next challenge starts August 31st. I will post the challenge page next Monday so you can mentally prepare yourself. 

Have an awesome creative break. I hope you will join me starting on August 31st.


Emmy horstkamp

Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge – The Theme Today is Museum – Are You a Work of Art?

Munich Artists Nina Schmid Museum
Munich Artists Nina Schmid Museum
Munich Artists Nina Schmid Museum

Nina Schmid is an Insomniac and spends many late nights creating art.  For today’s museum theme, I assumed photos would trickle in when the museums opened but Munich Artists are more creative than that.  When I woke up this morning there was already a photograph by Nina Schmid posted at 4 a.m.  No musuem is open at 4a.m.  Nina used her creativity and made herself one of the art pieces in the Schmid Museum of art.  I like how she has all the angels pointing arrows at her head and how she incorporated the one element that goes against our whole challenge – the do not take photographs sign.

Nina has been setting the bar high for the other artists during this challenge which is exactly what I want artists to do.  I want them to push each other and me to make more interesting artwork.  Jeffrey Ely, Katrin Klug and Berit Opelt also excelled with the self portraits challenge sending in very unique shots and compositions.  If you are new to our challenges, we post the challenge themes on a challenge page and then the artists share their work with us on our closed Facebook group.  We have one day left in this challenge but you can still send in a photo if you want.  I don’t mind people catching up, I just don’t want them working ahead or digging in their archives. If you are creative, you can be creative everyday for 30 days.

The last day to send in photos is tomorrow which is the last day of the challenge.  I will be taking the challenge photos and creating a Munich Artists 30 day self portrait challenge book.  I want to thank all the artists who participated in this challenge and their great contributions. I look forward to seeing more museum photos as the day progresses. (Now I’m going to head off and rethink my shot for this theme!)

One of Nina Schmid's nocturnal art pieces. Ladybug is watercolour the background is a print created using wallpaper and acrylic.
One of Nina Schmid’s nocturnal art pieces. Ladybug is watercolour the background is a print created using wallpaper and acrylic.

Day 26 – 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge – Tor Tor Tor

munich artists Emmy Horstkamp Tor

Today’s Munich Artists 30 day Self Portrait theme is TOR.  We have only four days left in this year’s 30-day self-portrait challenge.  If you want to follow along for the last few days, please check out our challenge page.

Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge Day Day 25 – Subways

Munich Artists Angela Josupeit Subway

Subway, Tube, Underground. Whatever you call it, we want you to think about the subway today as you create your self portrait. If you don’t live near a subway, you can go to a subway restaurant like Jeffrey Ely or take a ride in a car or taxi.  We have only five days left in our challenge. If you would like to play along, the themes are located here.

Munich Self Portrait Challenge Day 26! Trams

munich artists katrin klug tram

Trams is the theme for today’s Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge.  The challenge goes on for 30 days so we have 4 more themes before we celebrate the end of the challenge.

We will be selecting images from the 30 days to be included in our Munich Artists Challenge book.   It has been great to see how creative Munich Artists are with photography and I hope they continue to experiment with photography as a source of inspiration for their other artwork.

This morning, these shots came through my feed from Katrin Klug, Angela Josupeit, Nina Schmid and Jeffrey Ely.  I look forward to seeing more images as the day progresses.

Day 19 Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge – Square

Munich Artists Katrin Klug Square

The theme challenge for today is square. If you are following the Munich Artists self portrait challenge or would like to participate, check out the themes on our theme page.    Here are a few squares that filled my inbox this morning.

I’m still working on my idea for square.  I took the photo this morning but I think I’m going to snap a few more throughout the day.  If you are a Munich based artist, you can share your image in our closed group.

My initial idea for square was a city square or  German “platz” but I know that we have artists living outside of the city limits who may not be able to find a city square to photograph. As you can see, leaving the interpretation open allows artists to get creative and send in some wonderful photographs to share with you.

Note:  During the month of August, I will be working on our  Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge book and setting up the next challenge which Starts in September.  If you have something specific you want to focus on, please let me know.  We will have one or two more 30 day challenges this year and then we will do a few shorter challenges during the holiday season. (Maybe make them group photo events at different Christmas markets.)

Day 18  Munich Artists self portrait challenge – paper

I laughed when the photos started coming in.  Here is Gabriela Popp wearing a paper hat and hiding behind her morning read. I thought about making myself a paper smock but decided to bury myself in paper instead.

  Brigitte Hoppstock chose to share a Haiku  

I will add more photos after lunch.

If you are doing our 30 day self portrait challenge, the themes are on the challenge page.

Have a great day gathering paper and snapping photos. Maybe it will spur you to do a bit of good old fashion German cleaning.(Germans clean 2-4 hours a day. I would rather make art.)