Ines Seidel – Ways To Wear the News – Munich, Germany

Ines Seidel worked with Allun Turner on an installation at the Friday Gallery in February during Munich Creative Business Week & Munich Jewellery Week entitled “The Talk.”

For the installation Ines Seidel created several large organic pieces that she playfully wrapped around herself as we were installing them in the space.  I told her that when the weather was warmer, we should have a walk around Munich with her creations and yesterday, we realised this idea.

“The Talk” Ines Seidel

For the walk, Ines turned her Talk artworks into a wearable garment.

Ways To Wear the News – Ines Seidel – photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Here are a few shots from our photo/video shoot through Munich.

One thing that surprised me during our morning out and about the city, was how many people loved what we were doing and were willing to ask us questions.  I don’t know if it was the art piece, the fact that we were two female artists or the absolutely beautiful day that created such a positive energy filled experience but we were very grateful for the kind words and positive feedback.

I’m doing a computer upgrade while I’m away so videos for this project will be available when I return in September.   I look forward to sharing with you Ways to Wear the News.

Ines Seidel- Ways to Wear the News Walk through Munich July 19, 2016 photo by Emmy Horstkamp

PS… If you are not in our Facebook group you may not know  that we will have guest posts for six weeks while I’m working on Lifelines. 

Guest posting starts on August 1st and ends on September 12, 2016.  During this time, I will be posting Munich Artists Posts from artists involved in our 500 Artists Say Hello Project.  If you were involved and would like to make a guest post, please email me at   All guest posts must be submitted to me by July 30th so I can upload them to the website and schedule them to publish.

I will still be posting on our instagram account and answering questions on Facebook and posting in our August Munich Artists photo challenge so away is not really away but as close as it’s going to get for now.

If you are going to be in Munich during August and want to meet, we can do that, I just won’t be at Frauenstrasse 18 since I’ve agreed to have a Spanish artist during the month using the space for an installation and studio space.





Feb Installation Day 1 Process Video

2016 is the year of installation for Munich Artists and the Friday gallery .

We started the year with at installation by Emmy Horstkamp & TMNK at Odeonsplatz and continue our exploration of collaborative installations with Ines Seidel and Allun Turner at the Friday Gallery.

We will be sharing Their creative process As They work within the Friday Gallery space.

All the videos will be on our website for you to watch and, I want to edit them together at the end of the installation. This is not a classic documentary but a recording of how the three of us are dealing with the creations process within the Friday Gallery – two artists and the owner of the space.

Now, please watch Ines Seidel & Allun Turner talking and creating art.