14 Day Munich Artists Colour Challenge

Welcome to the Munich Artists 14 day  Colour Challenge.  For this challenge we will focus on creating artwork that plays with the meaning of the colour picked for the specific day.

Here are the colours:

Day 1 – Blue -Intelligence or Trust (doubt or ignorance)

Day 2 – Black – Drama or Grief (delight or Joy)

Day 3  – Green – Lucky – Healthy  (bad)

Day 4 – Orange – Vibrant or Courage (Timid or Fear)

Day 5 – Purple – Dignified or Luxury or Royalty (misery or sorrow)

Day 6 – Red – Anger  or Danger and Love ( peace or safety)

Day 7 – Yellow – Happiness or Creativity (Reality)

Day 8 – White – Purity or Fresh ( old or warm)

Day 9 – Silver – Reflection or Wisdom (ignorance /stupidity)

Day 10 -Turquoise – Healing or Protection (attack or Doubt)

Day 11 – Pink – Playful or Sweet (depressed or sad)

Day 12 – Brown – Security or Reliability (peril)

Day 13 – Gray – Security or Reliability (danger)

Day 14- Gold – Traditional (Modern)

The artwork you create must use the colour but you can play with the meaning of the colour and flip it to the opposite meaning.

For example, Gold means traditional. If you want to challenge yourself, try using gold and infusing the image with the idea of modern.