Art Supplies – Gerstaecker

Gerstaeker opened a store in Munich, Germany.  It is located at Truderingerstr. 265 which is near the Trudering Sbahn stop. Get off at the stop and walk to your right a few feet and you will fall into the store. Gerstaeker has a parking lot in case you want buy some large canvases or pottery clay or a new easel or most of the store.

Go with a budget in mind.  The store has a little bit of everything so as long as you are looking for mainstream, you should find it.  I’m working with encaustic and found some pen tips, pigment and wax sticks. Gerstaeker did not have the right encaustic medium so I will keep buying that online.

If you get a membership, Gerstaecker will email you discounts when they have them and they give you a little paper membership card with an ID number.  If you want to grab a catalogue, they have them by the front door.

Note: The staff was kind of funny.  I was looking at Japanese pens and a woman came over to me and told me that the German pens were just as good and cheaper.  I ignored her because I really wanted to replace my Japanese drawing pen and already had the German version. Even though I believe in buying German and Bavarian, I’m up for a few exotic pens for my studio.   I liked that the staff wanted to help but I was not prepared for this.  I guess I’ve been in Germany long enough that it was a shock to me that someone wanted to spontaneously help me find a good deal.

Also, there is no coffee shop inside the store.  I went across the street and had a coffee with another Munich Artist after shopping. The ambience was not as nice as in the store but the coffee was very good for a grocery store cafe.  I think they had a coffee machine inside Gerstaecker but it is one of those automatic ones.

What is the fun of that? They need to add a little coffee kiosk with a barrista for tired artistic shoppers.

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