Invitation to Say Hello 2017 – Box Melody

I am very lucky that we have a great group of creative artists willing to tackle a box for this year’s Say Hello installation.

r-box-melody-invitation copy.jpg

The following artists are showing their art objects during our 2.5  month Window Installation in Munich, Germany.

Inge Frank

Nino Khunadadze

Gabriela Popp

Markus Ziegler

Barbara Süßmeier

Christine Friebe

Maximilian Lückenhaus

Alexandra Simon

Isidora Romani

Daniela Elger

Benjamin Elger

Katrin Klug

Verena Friedrich

Lana Sarajlic

M.S. Sarma

Katrin Grubert

Corinna Naumann

Sabine Oecking

Liz Walinski

Rose Slater

Nir Avner

Brigitte Hoppstock

Anne Schmidt

Lukas Mletzko

Angela Josupeit


Susan Robare

Christine Corell

Angelica Zeller-Michaelson

Süyümbike Güvenç-Noris

Elke Reis

Marlon möltgen

K.Di Parenzo

Petra Winter

Verena Trautwein-Maranger

Elke Lindwurm


Dorothea Grimme

Emmy Horstkamp


Bobbie Dunn

Michael Pitschke

Birgit Moser

Angela Smets

The Box Melody Installation combines the art objects and sound art.  Each time we move the installation, the installation will change and we look forward to sharing these changes with you.  The element that remains for all three installations is the art objects. Munich Artists have worked hard to share their creative talent and I am absolutely going to showcase their art during the installation rotation.

If you have any questions, you can email me .

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