Inspired? Munich Artists Shares our Inspiration 2016 Book & the Different Forms of Inspiration


We started a project last year called inspired.  For 2016, we used a piece of artwork by Brigitte Pruchnow as inspiration and artists were asked to make a piece of art influenced by the specific art piece created by Brigitte.

After the artists arrived at the studio to pick up their inspired books, I realized that the artwork meant more to these individual artists than I could grasp through the visual.

When they explained why they created their art pieces, I had a deeper appreciation for their individual art pieces and the book we created.

This lapse between the visual art pieces and the artistic meaning imbued through inspiration made me think about inspiration and how we are affected by the different forms of inspiration that surrounds us.

For the Inspired project 2016, we used this visual art piece by Brigitte Pruchnow.  It is a mixed media art piece shared with a group of artists chosen by Brigitte.

The artists spent weeks creating art pieces and then submitted their work digitally for publication.  The works were combined to create the Inspired book 2016 which was published in December 2017 by Munich Artists.


Active Vs Passive Inspiration

Looking at artwork is a passive form of inspiration.  Looking at artwork inspires us in the same way as reading a good story or listening to music.  In all of these activities, we are not actively doing something to receive the influence, it is just there seeping into our subconscious and changing how we create or explore our creative worlds.

If we wanted to provide active inspiration, creatives need to be creating together and making mistakes together. The process of creating, the process of production would propel the artists forward and in a direction, they may have not been exploring.  The failures would guide them and inspire them to move on towards creative endeavors untapped and unexplored.  This active inspiration can happen alone or in a collaborative environment.

Active inspiration can also be found when artists are actively observing their environments or finding new ways to create out of necessity.  One artist from France, who showed at the Friday gallery told me to relax and work with what I had in my hands. No need to run out and hunt and gather.  I watched and was inspired as he looked around and created a clever fix.  This attitude shows creativity and inspiration by what is there which is they type of inspiration we hope the Say Hello 2017 box will inject into the artists participating.)

Negative Influences

Sometimes artists use drugs, emotional conflicts and physical reactions to spark inspiration.  The problem with this form of inspiration is that the flow of inspiration is dependent on negative influences and the artist requires the negative inspiration to produce and be creative.  This dependency has destroyed many artists and gets in the way of productivity and healthier inspirational influences.

Suggestions and Brainstorming

Conversations can be a passive or active for of inspiration depending on how involved the artists become.  We can sit in a space and listen to what is being said and be inspired to create something  or we can engage in an active discussion over a topic and find ourselves inspired to pursue a new body of work.


A conversation is the inspiration for Inspired 2017.   During an open studio, I talked with a doctor about her practice and why she chose to specialize in Pain management.

The doctor stated that Pain is what helps us feel alive. Without feeling (Pain) we die.  The doctor shared a story with me about a person whose pain was removed, and without being able to feel, the person died.

Her words made me think about Pain. It startled me that the pain I’ve felt in my life has helped keep me alive and it made me think about how past pain has shaped me as a person.

Her words inspired me to think about creating a book based on the idea of pain and the process of creation.  I wanted artists to delve down and share an emotional experience that influences them and their artwork. I wanted to have artwork that reflected pain as an acknowledgement of life.

For the Inspired project 2017, we will be focusing on this idea of pain.

Inspired 2016 Installation at MA-Window

Starting on Sunday, the 2016 Inspired book is in the MA-Window at Odeonsplatz showing the artwork projected on the wall.


The artists who participated in the 2016 book are:


If you are interested in the artwork created for the book, some of the artists still have their pieces available. Contact the artist directly for more information.  If you would like a copy of the book, we still have a few copies available for 50 Euro.

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